.Net Development Market Solution

Dot NET is a valuable and effective tool for developers and programmers to develop feature-rich web applications, mobile applications, and websites. Besides, .NET development has not merely contributed to the prosperity of developers but also assisted the modern business in meeting the competitive needs in the form of powerful apps and complex websites. 

To prove the significance of the Microsoft NET Framework, W3Tech presented its usage statistics and market share as a top-level domain on the web. According to the report, Dot NET is harnessed by 3.3% of all websites. Moreover, in comparison to other top-level domains, Dot NET stands on the top and is being used by both low and high-traffic sites worldwide.

Datanyze also proposes to also share the market report about the Dot NET Framework. In line with the results, there are currently 13,603 websites that put the Microsoft NET framework into use. This makes Dot NET sharing 0.06% of the market share in 2021. The top industries that are pumping for Windows .NET Framework comprise manufacturing, business services, finance, education, and retail.

Another factual description listed by Statista in context to .NET development is regarding the utilisation of the framework in 2020. When compared to other frameworks, libraries, and tools, the survey found out that 35.1% of respondents make use of .NET for building websites and applications for various purposes, which is second-highest after Node.js. The surprising fact is that in the concept of .net core vs .net framework, the former comprises more users, thus known as one of the best frameworks for modern developers and programmers.

Competitor Analysis Of .NET Framework

There is no doubt that the .NET Framework latest version is carrying the market by storm in 2021, but this isn’t’ only one framework used by websites. The major competitors of the Microsoft .NET framework are jQuery, jQuery Migrate, Bootstrap, Modernizr, Underscore.js, jQuery UI, fancyBox, React, GreenSock, and jQuery Mobile.

Introduction of .NET Core

Furthermore, the introduction of a cross-platform successor to Microsoft .NET Framework resulted in extensive .NET development. It is a free, open-source software framework for Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems. Though there have been quite a few differences in terms of application, installation, performance, compatibility, and other attributes when it comes to the concept of .NET Framework vs .NET Core, the latter is not non-identical but the implementation of .NET development going forward.

This being the reason, the release of .NET 5 (The major new sequence of the .NET Core) has not replaced the Windows .NET framework. The truth is that .NET Framework 3.5 for Windows 10, .NET Framework 4.5, and later versions are still supported. This head towards a verdict that .NET 5 is an extension to the .NET 3x series and is part of .NET web development. Surprisingly, with continuous innovation and improvement, .NET today is simpler and broader with expanded capability, utility, and credibility, thus giving a tough challenge to its competitors in the race.

Strength of .NET Framework

.Net Framework Windows 10 is a big cheese in the software world as it helps developers build a wide range of mobile and web applications for the business’s productivity. It is not just for its open-source base but extensive security, ease-of-use, and other .NET benefits that make the concept of .NET development a significant matter today. Let’s find out the major strength of the framework that helps it make headway among competitors.

Easy Development And Substantial Language Support

As already discussed, Dot NET supports more than 60 languages, thus allowing programmers or .NET development companies to choose one as per their choice. The whopping set of library classes and resources for application development are other plus points that make users inclined towards the platform even after the availability of several software solutions.

Independent Framework

The best part about Windows .NET Framework is that it lets users create any type of application with utter convenience. Being an independent platform, it supports all types of platforms or possible solutions for which the application is created. This being the reason, distinguished businesses such as manufacturing, corporate, finance, and others consider .Net application development as key to their progress.

Efficient Performance

Reliability and speed are other significant strengths of .NET Framework 4.5 and later sequences that make it capable of providing the ultimate user experience. Businesses lean towards it for its capability to produce responsive outcomes. In short, flexibility and independence are included as top .NET benefits for developers and business users.

Large Community

Windows .NET Framework, because of its reliability, scalability, compatibility, and security, enjoys a large community of Hiring .NET developers. This encourages the aspirants to pump for the framework, thereby resulting in overall .NET web development.

Easy Deployment

.NET application development is more about private components, no-impact application features, and controlled code sharing. With all this, the framework allows easy deployment post-development and lessens the number of problems of interpreted environments.

Impact Of .NET Application Development On Business

Modern businesses need to be innovative and out of the box to be on the crest of a wave. Creating and presenting effective web and mobile applications to customers is considered the finest way to achieve the same. That’s where the role of the .NET Framework enters into play. 

Known as the leading development platform, it encourages business to interact with customers uniquely but efficiently. Simplicity and high-standard are two major .NET benefits that make the platform best to develop web portals. Here’s is a list of applications that different genres of business can develop using Dot NET –

  • Inventory applications
  • Custom CRM systems
  • Business Intelligence (BI) systems
  • Mobile applications
  • Accounting systems
  • Logistic and supply chain systems
  • XML Web services
  • Dynamic applications

The wide range of features and capabilities of Microsoft NET development is why plentiful websites today harness the framework. Moreover, it is astonishing to note that nearly 9% of all websites worldwide prefer to step into the world of .NET software development with the help of ASP.NET. 

What Is .NET Framework’s Future?

Way back in 2019, Microsoft announced the release of the newest sequence of .NET Core, that is, .NET 5. It was said to be the big release in the.NET family after the introduction of the latest .NET framework 3.5 Windows 10 and .NET framework 4.5 as Microsoft intended to bring a handful of improvements with this new development.

Released in November 2020, .NET 5 came up with innovative features such as .NET APIs, runtime capabilities, and language features. Basically, .NET 5 is a major next step towards .NET development. Moreover, .NET 5 also improved code sharing and replaced the .NET standard except in the cases where developers entail working on the older framework for a specific reason.

Will There Be A .NET Core?

Where the enunciation of.NET 5 in 2020 has already carried the software market by storm, Microsoft now proudly hinted at the next big release, .NET 6. In February 2021, Microsoft shared the first preview of.NET 6 and announced that users could soon expect its launch. Below are the state-of-the-art .NET benefits that developers and business merchants can enjoy with the upcoming .NET 6.

Unified And Extended Platform

.NET 6 is going to be the extended platform that will allow developers to build the app for the target platform and operating system. Secondly, the endeavours of Microsoft to integrate Android, iOS, and macOS capabilities is something that users are enthusiastic about experiencing. In addition, the unification process started with .NET 5 is expected to diversify with the upcoming .NET 6, thus providing new opportunities for business users to reach potential customers. This being the reason, in the concept of .NET core vs .NET framework, the latter is said to be more out-of-the-box. 

More Open Planning Process

With the release of .NET 6. Microsoft is going to implement a more open planning process. As a result of which, users can have a deeper insight into the features and engage themselves in new opportunities by making the best decisions. Though Microsoft has not yet beat the drum for .NET 6 introduction, the latest GitHub theme and epic issues of the framework are predicted to show in September 2021. 

Enhanced Support

According to Microsoft, .NET 6 will launch in November 2021. To a little more surprise, it is going to be supported for three years as a Long Term Support Release. Besides, in comparison to .NET 5, .NET 6 will additionally support Android, iOS, Mac and Mac Catalyst, and Windows Arm64. Simply put, the future of .NET software development is going beyond the wildest dreams of developers and interested business enterprises. 


As evident, .NET is one of the expanding technological developments with each passing day. The consistent improvements and introduction of a new version with out-of-the-box features say it all. With this being the reason, there are at a present a wide number of job opportunities for aspirants who wish to make headway in the world of .NET software development . Talking specifically about .NET developers, they were counted to be 6 million in 2004. Today, as per many guesses. 7-8 million .NET developers endeavours to create and work on business applications and websites using frameworks. The fun fact is that majority of them harness C# language. 

Since .NET web development is a continuous process and has now evolved into .NET Core, the most dreaded and wanted framework in 2021, the demand for  Dot NET developers is expected to witness a substantial surge in the coming years. After all, they are the type of web programmers responsible for building assortments of software, websites, and applications that help businesses be innovative in their field. Surprisingly, there were 23,509, and 32,801 .net developer jobs were available on Glassdoor and Indeed in 2016, respectively. 

Considering the results stated by Seek Limited, an Australian employment marketplace, the project job growth for .NET programmers or developers is going to boost by 23.4% within five years. The best part is that the satisfaction rate in terms of .NET developer salary is above average, thus encouraging software industries to explore all avenues when hiring for the same.

Simply put, .NET developers are high in demand in 2021 and employers of the recognized companies are putting their level best in finding the most talented candidate for the role. Be it the high-level MNCs or national level IT companies, the vacancies for the job position is currently tremendous in number. Some of the greatest recognized firms that often put forth the opening for .NET developer’s roles are Deloitte, Mindtree, Globe Life, and various others. At present, thousands of .NET developers jobs are available only on Indeed itself, one of the A-listed employment websites. 

Based on the report by Similar Tech (2013-2021), ASP.NET stands at the second in the list of most used frameworks for .NET software development, with PHP being the first. Above all, with .NET Core becoming the growing technological framework for multi-purpose, the demand for developers is definitely not going to stop any time sooner or later. 


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