Necessary Software Tools For Opening A Daycare

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Opening a daycare is no easy task. You have to get the proper licenses, apply for grants, create contracts, and actually get people in the door. Once you’re able to complete all that, you then have to learn how to manage your new businesses day to day operations.

Child care directors, supervisors, and administrators not only have to care for children, but they have to manage parent communication, budgets, billing, attendance, staff, paychecks, and so much more.

Like many other child care providers before you have learned, you can’t do everything yourself. Luckily, there are several tools to help make opening and successfully running your daycare a little easier.


Top Daycare Management Tools

1. Kinderlime

The amount of paperwork and time that goes into properly managing a daycare can seem endless. Kinderlime is a child care management solution that can make your life much easier by helping providers manage billing, attendance tracking, parent communication, and more.

Kinderlime is an incredibly extensive and flexible tool, making it the perfect solution for nearly every type of daycare program.


2. QuickBooks

If you’re running a small or large daycare program, keeping track of your business budget is absolutely necessary.

When operating a small business, this can quickly become overwhelming. Thankfully, Quickbooks is a great solution when it comes to bookkeeping and can help your business not only survive but thrive.

Quickbooks is a cost-efficient solution to help you keep track of every financial aspect of your daycare program. It provides a manageable way to keep track of your vendors, customers, payroll, and program expenses. Having all of your finances in one place makes it easy come tax time.


3. Buddy Punch

Not only do you have to manage your daycare, but you also have to manage your employees and their hours to remain compliant with labor laws. With Buddy Punch time clock software, you can easily track their daily hours, time off, and overtime.

The time clock software integrates with major payroll providers such as Quickbooks and Paychex, which allows for easy payroll processing.


4. Paychex

When it comes to running a daycare program, payroll is an additional task that takes away from the time you’d typically spent with your customers and their children.

Paychex payroll software helps simplify payroll processes for small businesses. You can transfer in employee hours from your time clock software and process payroll online anywhere and at any time. You can also do payroll with your local Paychex team.


5. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is a great tool to help you gather feedback from parents, teachers, staff, or any other person who is involved in your daycare program.

SurveyMonkey comes equipped with customer satisfaction templates or lets you create your own. It allows participants to quickly respond to your survey with complete anonymity. This will enable you to gather fantastic feedback that can significantly improve your daycare program.


6. Google Drive

Google Drive is the perfect tool for file storage and collaboration. As a daycare administrator or director, you may find yourself having to travel to multiple sites – depending on the size of your operation. With Google Drive, you can access relevant documents from any location and at any time.

Google Drive is also an excellent tool for collaborating with other users. You can share Google Spreadsheets or Docs to collaborate on your daycares activities for the day, month, or year, adjust your budget or generate new ways to improve daily operations.

In addition to using Google Drive, you may find other useful Google tools such as Hangouts or Calendar. These tools are simple to use and completely free.


7. HelloSign

While getting your daycare up and running, you will likely have to deal with the daunting task of getting documents and paperwork signed.

HelloSign provides a secure and straightforward e-signature solution. E-signatures make completing program applications, hiring new staff, and signing reports much more straightforward.

When opening and running a daycare center, each of those tools can significantly improve your daily processes. While you may have to spend a little money to use these solutions, the amount of money you save in the long term will be substantial.


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