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boat and yacht rentals

The summer is fast approaching and as the weather gets warmer, our sights hone in on the different travel experiences that we can try. With Covid19 having been a real issue in the past year, travel is slowly beginning to open again, yet the way we travel is likely to change. We are more likely to want experiences that aren’t shared with others, where we can revel in sunny climes, have a luxurious experience, yet not be surrounded by strangers. And this is where Nautal comes in. A leading boat rental service that is now a part of the Click & Boat Group, it offers all you could need on your next trip away. A new startup, it puts private and professional boat owners in contact with people looking to book a boat all over the world. Put simply, it is the only thing you need for an unforgettable vacation this summer. 

What sort of boats can you rent from Nautal?

With Nautal, you are spoilt for choice on the different types of boats that you can hire. No matter if you are looking for casual sailing for an afternoon or something to stay on for the duration of your trip, you will find just what you are looking for. Their boats include Catamarans, sailboats, pontoon boats, houseboats, motorboats and yachts. You can opt for a truly luxurious experience with yourself and your closest friends or family members and have the best experience from start to finish. 

How do rentals work with Nautal?

When you are looking to rent a boat for your trip, Nautal knows just how important it is to be flexible. This will allow you to make your break exactly what you are after. You can rent a boat on an hourly, daily and weekly basis, as well as choose if you would like a skipper on board or not. This means you can completely tailor the experience to what you and your travel accomplices required.

Why rent a boat on holiday? 

There are so many different reasons that you should rent a boat when you go on holiday. It offers something for everyone. No matter if you like to sunbathe, swim, cook or take in the sights, it offers the perfect way to do so. You also have the freedom to discover magical hidden gems and find places that you might not be able to access by foot or public transport. You also have the flexibility to explore on your own terms, arriving and heading off when you feel like it. You can sail along the waters just by taking in the sights and sunbathing, or you can dock up and explore beautiful sandy beaches and other sights that the destination has to offer. You can bring snorkelling equipment and see the myriad of aquatic life that is around and you can watch some of the most stunning sunsets from an unspoilt viewpoint right on the ocean.

For your next trip abroad look no further for yacht rentals, unforgettable catamaran trips and luxurious experiences on the water.

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