Nationals Park Parking

Nationals Park Parking

Whether you’re heading over to Nationals Park to see the MLB’s Nationals play or witness a live show of your favorite artist, a Nationals Park parking pass is all you need to elevate your parking experience! The baseball stadium accommodating 41,339 guests is located at 1500 South Capitol Street SE, Washington, D.C. It was the first major green sports stadium in the U.S. that got LEED certification.

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Nationals Park opened on March 29, 2008, and has since served as the home of the Washington Nationals of Major League Baseball. It hosted the third, fourth, and fifth games of the World Series in 2019 and the MLB All-Star Game in 2018. Besides baseball events, the stadium has also hosted various concerts and hockey games throughout the years.

If you plan to drive yourself to the stadium for an upcoming event, you’d want to familiarize yourself with the parking structures around it and also get a Nationals Park parking pass beforehand. The stadium features two official parking garages and five parking lots that are accessible to the general public and season ticket holders. 

While Garage C and Garage B (GEICO Garage) open three hours before the events start, other structures open two and half hours before. You can find Lot H, L, T, and U at two to ten-minute walking distances from the stadium. Whereas Lot W is located fifteen minutes away and offers ample parking spaces for buses, oversized vehicles, and limos. 

The cost of general parking depends on when and where you book your spot. Since there are multiple parking pass sellers online, you might also find slight differences in the prices for the same spots. Typically, the closer your parking spot is, the more you’ll need to pay. The official Nationals Park garage parking prices will also be higher during popular games and events.

Visitors looking for affordable parking at Nationals Park can look for areas further away from the venue. There are many self-parking options around the stadium that provide cheap yet safe parking services. If you don’t have a problem walking around fifteen minutes to the stadium, these offsite Nationals Park parking spots should be an ideal choice.

Guests with disabilities can find handicapped Nationals Park parking spaces at parking garages B and C. During game days, season ticket holders can access an ADA parking spot in any official lot. All vehicles searching for a parking spot in these areas should own a valid parking permit, placard, or license plate. Since there are generally fewer ADA parking spaces, it would be best if you reach the venue early to find a spot that you prefer. If you need any assistance, you can talk to a parking attendant present at the lots.

Nationals Park parking spaces do not permit tailgating. However, you can still have a fun and adventurous time with your group by visiting the local bars. Try the Top of the Yard Rooftop Bar and the Bullpen Bar to enjoy delicious food and drinks before the event. 

Nationals Park club parking, VIP parking, and general parking passes are available online. You can choose the most suitable option depending on your preference and budget. Also, we recommend booking early if you want to catch the best deals on the prices. Searching for Nationals Park parking on the day of the event isn’t ideal as they sell out pretty quickly. 

You should know that the Nationals Park parking lots accept only cashless credit card payments. If you’re planning to pay for parking on the event day, ensure that drive-up parking is available for that particular event. It is highly recommended that visitors purchase their parking ahead of time to avoid inconveniences or not finding a spot at all.

You can enter Nationals Park via different entrances depending on the direction you’re coming from. It is wise to check out the venue map to learn about the different entrances and exits to find the nearest and the most convenient option for you. 

Since winning the 2019 World Series, the Nationals games have been some of the most attended events in the ballpark. You can expect crowded game days when teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers, Baltimore Orioles, Philadelphia Phillies, and Houston Astros visit. Nationals Park parking spaces can also get filled soon during games between the Nationals and the Miami Marlins, Cincinnati Reds, New York Mets, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Chicago Cubs.

Besides MLB games, Nationals Park also hosts various exciting concerts and sports events, including hockey and basketball. Even if you don’t have any plans to visit the park yet, you’ll surely find something interesting to see as the venue is packed with thrilling events! Check out the upcoming schedule to learn about them, and book your parking passes as soon as you decide to visit it!

Since there are multiple ticketing websites that provide parking passes for Nationals Park, you shouldn’t have any problem finding one you can comfortably buy. Keep your eyes on the most reliable ones and compare to book the best parking passes at the best prices before your event day arrives!

Nationals Park VIP Parking

While purchasing a general parking pass should be enough to guarantee a convenient parking experience, you can opt for Nationals Park VIP parking passes to elevate it. VIP parking pass holders have an array of amenities to enjoy while visiting the ballpark. A parking spot close to the venue’s entrance and valet services are some perks that usually come with VIP tickets. Check out the parking options for the event you want to attend to enjoy a comfortable parking time.

How Much Does Nationals Park Parking Cost?

Nationals Park VIP parking passes typically start at $22. You can check and compare the prices on different websites to catch the best deals. However, make sure not to wait too long as these passes are usually limited and exclusive and sell out soon. You should book one soon if you are looking forward to an upcoming event at Nationals Park.

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