I have always loved writing – it expresses me as nothing else can. Actually, it is something which I won’t mind doing even at odd hours. My love for writing and editing grew intensely during the first year of my graduation, and I realized that I could try a career in this field. After reading tons and tons of reviews, I have decided to apply for the different positions as an intern, until I was finally selected as an editorial intern at MyPaperWriter.

It was only while reading reviews that I came to know about freelancing. The job of a freelancer is very demanding; you have to continually look up for projects, place your bids, or send proposals. But it was very simple there, and I didn’t have to worry about getting new projects or clients, as work was always available along with a dedicated personal manager to guide me. My primary role was to proofread and edit the papers assigned to me by my manager. I felt that the platform of the company is really reliable and was precisely the same as it was described in the top rated review from the actual writer working at this company. All I had to do was to submit the assigned tasks on time. Moreover, I was allotted tasks according to my convenience.

During the time, I have worked on the various school projects, assisting a number of students in their activities. Since I was a fresher, I started working on some basic projects. It was really fun. I have learned the quality standards of this industry. The most beneficial part was that I had to report to only a single manager, and he really understood my problems and guided me like a mentor.

My Paper Writer is a quality-oriented platform for students, where one finds the convenience of completing one’s essential assignments. Be it college papers, argumentative or persuasive papers, custom essays to be written in fluent English, research papers, or anything else – help is available within a few minutes. Before joining My Paper Writer, I have read a number of reviews of other firms, but most of them were scams, and I felt that they were not legit in what they were claiming. This way, I have even saved many friends from wasting their time and money.

Apart from my personal experience, if you go deep into reading Mypaperwriter reviews, you will realize that they are very particular about deadlines for the sake of their commitment to the clients. If you are working with them, you have to be able to adhere to strict deadlines. To ensure maximum quality, the content is screened by high-profile editors too. All the client’s demands are individually taken care of. As interns, we are always advised to write or edit as per the given guidelines only. If the work is not up to the required standard, you may have to redo it until it meets the client’s specific demands.

While working there, you get a chance to earn along with learning. I have seen a lot of improvement in my style of editing the content over this time. Actually, this is because I’ve got to work on the different types of projects such as editing speeches and essays, proofreading newsletter content, and many others.

My Paper Writer enables you to engage with the client in terms of guidelines laid down by the client himself. Thus, the content reflects the very essence of what the client needs it to be. All through my time as an intern, I have learned that the only aim of this company is providing high-quality content for the clients. Every piece is a result of a lot of efforts and interesting ideas put in by a dedicated team.

Just like everything has a good or bad side, I feel that there are definitely some things the company needs to work on. For instance, one such initiative as even suggested in a review could be to introduce a direct client call facility to discuss the requirement in a more detailed way, in case they are not clear on text messages.

In conclusion, if I am to give My paper writer review, then I can simply say that the experience has been great and I was extremely pleased in the end to receive a token of appreciation directly from the client. Also, the work delivered by the employees here is so professional, that time and again, the clients mention that they remain satisfied which is the biggest asset of the company. I would recommend it to everyone who has a flair for content writing or editing, as well as to everyone who is looking for a reliable platform to get help with their assignments.

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