Multi-service Ecosystem Model Like Gojek: Is it Perfect for Your Business?

Ecosystem Model Like Gojek

Many companies years ago supported a single product or service with mobile apps. As tech and apps evolved, we experienced something that we hadn’t imagined before. Now we have super apps like Gojek, Grab, WeChat, and many more that enable us to have access to more than one service.

One such multi-service platform that encourages other businesses to launch their multi-service venture ventures online is Gojek. If you are wondering why a multi-service ecosystem model like Gojek is perfect for your business, then this article can help get all your queries solved quickly. 

Success Story of Gojek to Have Insight Into!

Launched in 2009 with the aim to connect customers with courier delivery and two-wheel rides, Gojek has gained huge popularity in the market after the pandemic spread. Now, the company offers a broader range of services like ride-booking, hot food delivery, digital payment, and a lot more to consumers on demand. 

Gojek, GoTo finance has experienced an increase in spending during the holy month of Ramadan. Customers purchased a range of products from delicious food to new clothes and more for themselves and their loved ones as well. The increasing online transactions trend resulted in advantages for MSMEs in Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries. 

Gojek merged with Tokopedia to form GoTo Group to provide its customers with easy access to all its services. The multi-service company has expanded its service to more than two hundred cities in Southeast Asia; it serves around twenty services. Gojek has announced its international expansion to boost its business globally and fulfill the demand of more customers globally. 

Multi-service Ecosystem Model Like Gojek: Check Step-by-step Process Here!

Gojek’s impressive business model helps the company to provide a seamless experience to each customer who orders a product or requests a service from its platform. They just need to follow the below-mentioned steps to get their needs fulfilled as early as possible. 

  • Users can install a mobile app on Apple or Android phones or can choose to visit the site;
  • Once finishing the sign-up and sign-in process, users are allowed to explore the list of services and products to find the one they are looking for;
  • Patrons can check the price, reviews, and more before placing the order;
  • After going through each detail, they can add an item to the cart or choose the service they want to request and proceed to further process;
  • Once they order the product or request service, merchants or service provider is notified about the same;
  • Merchants or service providers can accept the request, 
  • Delivery or service provider reach customers location to fulfill customers request;
  • Patrons can settle their bills and give feedback to customers.

Gojek, in short, follows a simple yet effective business model that helps the company manage wider services and activities right through a single platform. You can choose to make a white label Gojek clone with the same flow and provide your potential customers with a seamless experience ever. You can easily customize the solution as per your business need; the powerful solution will surely help you have complete control over all business operations right from one place, be it managing business profit, orders, or more. 

Why Must You Consider a Business Model Similar to Gojek for Your Multi-service Business?

Super apps have gained massive popularity among brands and customers in recent times. Instead of installing multiple apps, most individuals these days prefer to choose to download apps that serve more than one purpose to them. More than 50% of users tend to uninstall the app as it takes up much space on smart devices. While other reasons that result in app installation include apps being outdated, mobility solutions failing to meet customers’ needs, or digital solutions being irrelevant to users.  

The report also shows that more than 56% of app users uninstall the app within the first seven days of installation as it’s of no use for them. Hence if you don’t want to make your app fall into this category, then it’s advisable for you to deploy and launch a multi-service app similar to Gojek because the company operates on an effective business model that helps you win the hearts of lots of customers and be a winner in the super app race. 

Besides the above-listed one, there are a lot more reasons that justify why you must consider a business model similar to Gojek for your business. Want to know which are those? Then keep reading and find out why Gojek’s business model is best to follow. 

Helps You Provide the Best Customer Experience

Gojek’s business model makes it easier for you to provide the best customer experience by enabling them to fulfill their need in the best effective manner. It helps you list lots of services without any issues, be it appointment booking, ride-hailing, or any other. Now you need not have to invest in different apps to manage different business verticals, as a platform similar to Gojek makes everything easier for you. 

Have Insight into Activities

Business owners find it complex when it comes to managing business activities traditionally, as sometimes it becomes impossible for them to manage everything effectively. An app similar to Gojek helps you have insight into orders or requests, profit details, earnings of delivery, or service providers with a few clicks. This can help you make smart decisions ever. 

Track Business Operations

Tracking business operations traditionally is sometimes more difficult than you think. But it becomes systemic when you start offering online business services similar to Gojek, which profits utilizers, vendors, and delivery or service persons. Besides, the easy flow also helps you track every activity of each person involved with purchases or sales through the app. 

Increases Leads and Revenue

Gojek’s business model helps you provide more services through one app, helping you fulfill the needs of more customers. More customers simply mean more business profit, isn’t it? Of course, it is. You can easily list all your business services on the mobility solution to make it easier for your tech-savvy customers to find what they are looking for. 


Gojek’s multi-service ecosystem model is undoubtedly best to consider for your business, isn’t it? Yes, of course. It provides you with lots of benefits, like helping you offer quick access to customers, improving business operations, etc. There is a lot this model has for you; hence it’s a smart choice to stick to it, especially when you’re looking to thrive in today’s competitive market. 

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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