Most Popular 2021 Living-Room Trends

Living room

Your home is your sanctuary, the place where your family is and where you can share some of the most important moments of your lives. It’s no wonder then that your living room, its appearance and functionality are so important to you. Your living-room space should be decorated in a way that you’re always comfortable in it. If you want to upgrade it to be functional and cozy, yet in accordance with all of the latest trends, here is what the season of 2021 dictates you to do.

Use Plants as Décor

One can benefit greatly from filling their home with plants, as they improve indoor-air quality and your mood just by being there. However, this isn’t the only reason plants have captured our attention more than they normally do. As 2020 had us staying inside our homes more than we ever wanted to, in 2021, our living-room design began to reflect our insatiable desire for roaming in the great outdoors. Fortunately, the diversity of indoor plants makes them an excellent decorative element, as they come in all shapes, sizes and colors. And let’s not forget all of the interesting flower-pot designs. If a plant is large enough, it can be the focal point of the room, but you don’t have to get anything that impressive if you don’t think you’ll be able to tend for it. A few cactuses might do the trick, and they’re extremely easy to maintain. If nothing else, make sure you have a fresh bouquet or two in your living room and you’ll brighten up the space instantly.

Embrace the Global Style

Being unable to travel normally since the beginning of 2020 made many people turn to global style to remind them of their favorite vacations, the wonderful countries they’ve been to and all of their fondest memories of those places. This particular style can be quite eclectic and can combine nearly anything, as long as it comes from the same country, which gives it theme and connects everything in the room together smoothly. For instance, if you want your living room to remind you of the beautiful Australian beaches and the dreamy sea, you can paint the one or all of the walls turquoise and invest in some attractive rattan furniture from Sydney. There are some amazing handmade rattan armchairs and benches out there, made of sustainable materials to complete the summertime chill feel in the middle of your home and to fill your head with positive thoughts whenever you walk into the room.

Make It Curvy

Curves have been around for a few years now, and it seems they aren’t going away anywhere yet. After all, they soften up the space, make it more inviting and even calming, which is precisely what you want from your living room. Plus, the rounded form offers a plethora of options to complement nearly any style, meaning that you can upgrade your preexisting living-room décor by simply adding a few new things to it. While you can go big and get a curved sofa and an armchair, or perhaps a cabinet or two, you can also combine the flat lines of the sofa your already own with some curvy decorative items, like a rug made of natural materials, a round coffee table in the middle of the room, a big lamp in the corner or a couple of round-shaped frames on the walls. Since the circular pieces of furniture will most likely draw attention to themselves just by being unusual and different from the rest of the room, you can take it a step further and opt for a bolder color for them, such as bright red, navy blue or bumblebee yellow for a stronger impact.

Rely on Texture

When decorating your living room, you can choose to gravitate towards one dominant texture, or you can mix a few of them to get the look you were aiming for. In any case, this is a smart way to improve the appearance of your living room. If you want one prevailing texture, perhaps you can match the texture of your carpet with that of your sofa covers, or you can make sure the texture of your TV stand, your bookshelf and your coffee table is the same one. On the other hand, you can bring in some liveliness and warmth to the space by layering several different textures. Combine matt accessories with glazed ones, or combine the linen on your modular sofa with plush cushions. And for a more personal touch, you can play with colors, patterns and even shapes, so that your living room mirrors your own character and preferences.

This year, let the trends guide you as you bring some positive changes to your living-room design, while staying true to yourself and what you and your family like. This way, you’ll have a living room perfect for the joy of family time, but also for entertaining your friends and relatives. 


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