Molekule Review: Best Buy to Stock Molekule’s PECO Technology Air Purifiers

Molekule’s renowned range of air purifiers that destroy pollutants instead of capturing them will soon be available in hundreds of Best Buy stores.

Air pollution is a growing global crisis; there are 26 million asthma sufferers and 80 million allergy sufferers in the United States alone. As an increasing number of people turn to air-purification technology to clean the air in their homes, Molekule’s award-winning air purifiers are now set to make their way onto Best Buy shelves. Molekule’s partnership with Best Buy is founded on the importance of overcoming air pollution, and Best Buy is keen to support Molekule in its mission to deliver clean air to everyone, everywhere.

The partnership is Molekule’s first major U.S. retail agreement with the national retailer and home electronics specialist. The exclusive launch will be both online and in about 350 Best Buy stores.

“Molekule is continuing its distribution expansion with support from Best Buy, the leading provider of consumer electronics products in the United States,” said Jaya Rao, CEO of Molekule. “Best Buy is curating their air purifier assortment and is offering Molekule devices both in-store and online, signaling strong consumer demand for PECO technology. Best Buy is committed to offering its customers best-in-class products and services, of which Molekule is proud to be named amongst a select group of brands in their assortment.”

Benefits of Molekule Air Purifiers

Traditional air purifiers with HEPA-filter technology simply capture airborne pollutants. Meanwhile, patented photo electrochemical oxidation (PECO) technology actively destroys contaminants. Molekule has developed PECO technology that destroys the widest range of pollutants, including viruses, allergens, bacteria, mold, and airborne chemicals. The same PECO technology is now used to destroy viruses and bacteria in medical settings.

Recent Molekule reviews and laboratory tests show that Molekule Air with PECO technology can remove:

  • 85 percent of smoke particles (0.3-1 micron in size) in 22 minutes.
  • 84 percent of dust (1-3 microns in size) in 20 minutes.
  • 79 percent of pollen (3-10 microns in size) in 10 minutes.

PECO meets rigorous performance criteria in FDA guidance for use in helping reduce risk of viral exposure to SARS-CoV-2, the COVID-19 virus.

According to experts like air quality is an important aspect that affects your overall health. Harmful agents like mold and dust can be kept from entering your home by ensuring you have taken measures to purify the air. Aside from being made to improve home air quality, Molekule air purifiers are also:

  • Designed for constant use so that users can benefit from maximum air-purification performance. You can leave your Molekule device on 24/7 without worrying about energy use. The devices are also power efficient. 
  • Complete with a handle made of leather (Air), vegan leather (Air Mini+), or felt (Air Mini). The handles enable users to transport air purifiers easily between rooms so that they can breathe clean air throughout their homes.
  • Quiet, to help family spaces remain peaceful. The sound that the devices make is comparable to the sound of rustling leaves. The devices also have a silent mode, ideal for those who need absolute silence to sleep.
  • Easy to control via the Molekule app. Users can connect their devices to the internet and control their air purifiers remotely, any time and anywhere. Users can also track filter replacements through the app.
  • Protected by a two-year warranty. Molekule air purifiers are also eligible for Best Buy’s Geek Squad Protection Plans.

Look out for Molekule’s displays with out-of-the-box Air and Air Mini+ models in Best Buy stores. All of Molekule’s consumer devices and their filters will also be available online at and will be available for Curbside Pickup.

Molekule Air

Designed for large rooms up to 600 square feet, the Molekule Air is ideal for big bedrooms, large kitchens, and spacious family rooms. The sleek, machined-aluminum design fits seamlessly into rooms without disturbing aesthetics. The Air is easily controlled via a touch-screen interface. You can turn your Air up to Boost mode for a higher-powered clean, which is especially handy if you’ve been dusting, painting, or cooking or have pets.

Each Molekule Air comes with a six-month filter pack containing one PECO-Filter and two Pre-Filters. You should replace the PECO-Filter every six months and the Pre-Filter every three months.

Molekule Air Mini+

The Air Mini+ is designed for smaller rooms up to 250 square feet, ideal for studio apartments, home offices, and small bedrooms. The air purifier is manufactured using medical-grade polycarbonate to fit neutrally into your home. The Air Mini+ is easy to control via a single-button interface. Set your Air Mini+ to one of its five fan speeds, depending on the level of air purification that you need. Alternatively, you can use Auto Protect mode, which activates the Air Mini+ sensor to detect particulate matter, such as pollen, dust, and smoke. The Air Mini+ will then adjust its fan speed accordingly.

Each Air Mini+ comes with a PECO-Filter to last for the first six months. A color-coded icon on the device lid will illuminate when you need to replace the PECO-Filter.

Similarly, the Air Mini, which is suitable for small rooms, is manufactured from medical-grade polycarbonate, and uses a simple PECO-Filter status indicator so that you can track your filter replacements. Air Mini is identical to the Air Mini+ but without the particle sensor, Auto Protect mode, particle indicator, and vegan leather handle. The Air Mini will be available online at and can be shipped to stores for Curbside Pickup.

Filter Replacements

When you purchase a Molekule air purifier, you can make an online account with Molekule to simplify the filter replacement process. Once you’ve signed up, Molekule will let you know when you need to replace your filters, predict the annual cost of your filter replacements, and ship the new filters directly to your home for free. Additionally Best Buy will stock filters for customers who prefer to buy replacement filters in store. The filters that you need will depend on your device.

All Molekule air purifiers use a PECO-Filter to destroy contaminants, though the different devices require different types of PECO-Filters. Best Buy will stock the Air PECO-Filter and Air Mini/Air Mini+ PECO-Filter. The Molekule Air also requires a Pre-Filter, which will be available in Best Buy stores in packs of two. The Molekule Air uses a dual-filtration system; the Pre-Filter collects large particles and slows down microscopic particles, which flow inside a chamber, where the PECO-Filter destroys the particles.

Meanwhile, the Air Mini and Air Mini+ use high-efficiency outer filter layers to trap large particles and slow down airborne contaminants. Then, the nanocatalyst-coated filter layers destroy the pollutants and disperse clean air. These models don’t require Pre-Filters.

Only Molekule filters are warrantied for use with Molekule air purifiers.

About Molekule

Founded by the acclaimed clean-energy scientist Dr. Yogi Goswami, Molekule offers a new approach to air purification, using PECO technology to destroy the widest range of pollutants with its devices. Molekule air purifiers are rigorously tested and certified by numerous third-party and nationally recognized laboratories. They are recognized across the U.S. as high-end air-purification solutions.

Molekule’s air purifiers have been hailed as one of Time magazine’s Best Inventions (2017), won two Thomas Edison Awards (silver in 2017 and gold in 2020), and has been highlighted as one of the Popular Science Top Ten Greatest Inventions (2017).

Molekule air purifiers and filters will be available in about 350 Best Buy stores starting July 28, with the number of stores increasing in the coming months. In the meantime, explore the product range at

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