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Getting a prepaid Minnesota Twins parking ticket has become a top priority among fans of the baseball team who look for convenient parking. The Twins draw huge audiences during their matches, and it is only understandable why finding parking can be a hassle sometimes. Therefore, online ticketing websites have provided a solution to parking issues!

How To Buy Minnesota Twins Parking

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Fans can purchase a parking pass online beforehand to avoid inconvenience on the game day. Their availability online makes it so much easier for everyone to buy a parking pass from anywhere. It is recommended to check different sites before making the final purchase to ensure the best deals on the prices.

The Minnesota Twins are a Major League Baseball team competing as an AL Central Division member. They were established as the Washington Senators in 1901 and were originally based in Washington DC. After playing as a West Division member from 1969 to 1993, the team moved to the Central Division in 1994. They have bagged three World Series titles, six AL Pennants, four AL Central Division titles, and eight Central Division titles.

The team has called Target Field its home ballpark since 2010. It is a baseball stadium located in downtown Minneapolis and seats 38,544 people. Those planning to drive themselves to the Minnesota Twins games can head to the stadium at 1 Twins Way, Minneapolis, Minnesota, to find convenient parking options.

There are many short-term public parking spots near the ballpark, including 7000 spaces in the Hawthorne and ABC ramps. In addition, there are about 25,000 more Minnesota Twins garage parking and open-air parking lots in the downtown area.

The best thing about getting parking in the ballpark’s official facilities is that you can pre-purchase your spot. According to fans, Hawthorne and ABC parking ramps are the best options for secure parking near the Twins’ stadium. They are easily accessible from the venue and great for fans wishing to arrive early and stay later after the games. Since Minnesota Twins parking is obtainable on a first-come, first-served basis, we suggest reaching the venue as early as possible to get the best spots.

Ramp A and B offer accessible parking spaces for fans with disabilities. Both parking structures are directly attached to the venue. All individuals using the ADA spots should own a disabled parking permit, placard, or a valid ADA license plate. Standard rates apply for them, and fans can purchase a spot using any major credit card.

Although tailgating is not allowed at the Twins parking ramps, fans wishing to have a fun time before the games can find tailgate-friendly spaces nearby. The downtown city’s northeastern area has tailgating spaces.

It stretches from the Mississippi River to 6th Street (North to South) and 11th Avenue to 4th Avenue (East to West). These spaces do not allow wood-burning fires, leaving trash and sound amplifiers. It is wise to read and follow all tailgating rules to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment.

There are also great bars and restaurants in downtown Minneapolis for those who want to grab a drink and enjoy some delicious snacks. Try The Depot Tavern, Gluek’s Restaurant and Bar, O’Donovan’s Irish Pub, Releve Champagne, Kieran’s Irish Pub, and Brother Bar & Grill. Note that the venue does not allow bringing outside food inside due to safety reasons.

The official Minnesota Twins parking rates are quite reasonable. However, those wishing to reduce costs can find even more affordable parking options in the surrounding area. That said, it is best suited for people who don’t mind walking long distances (approximately 15-minutes walk) to get to the stadium, as shuttle services are not provided from these facilities.

Nevertheless, the best off-site parking spots are available at Gateway Garage at 400 S 3rd St, Hennepin Ave Lot at 810 Hennepin Ave, 10th & Hennepin Municipal Parking at 935 Hennepin Ave, Two41 Garage at 398 N 3rd St, Hawthorne Transportation Center Garage at 31 North 9th St, RSM Plaza Parking Garage at 800 S Marquette Ave, Designers Guild Ramp at 401 N 3rd St, and Ramada Lot at 1001 ½ Currie Ave.

Besides these, fans can also find “Event Zones” near the stadium that offer special metered parking prices for Twins games. The rates vary depending on how close the spot is to the stadium. Finally, street parking is available in the St. Anthony West neighborhood and the Olsen Memorial Highway. Arriving early is crucial for those attempting to get a space in one of these affordable Minnesota Twins parking options.

Those searching for Minnesota Twins club parking should find the tickets online before the game day unless they are sold out. Getting premium tickets like such has more advantages for the holders. So they are a good investment for fans who are willing to shell out some more bucks for the game day.

While most Twins games are highly attended, there are some matchups that fans just cannot resist! We recommend getting a Minnesota Twins parking pass as quickly as possible when the team is scheduled to play with the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Cleveland Indians, Detroit Tigers, Houston Astros, Washington Nationals, and Chicago White Sox.

Fans who wish to stay away from parking altogether can use public transportation to reach the stadium. It is also the most cost-effective way to get to the stadium on game days. Those coming from Bloomington, Minneapolis, and St. Paul can use the METRO Green/Blue/Northstar Line rail. Alternatively, bus services are also available for traveling to and fro the venue.

Minnesota Twins VIP Parking

A Minnesota Twins VIP parking option provides the most exclusive and luxurious parking experience to fans attending the games. They ensure a reserved spot close to the venue plus other services that make the process much more convenient than other parking services.

How Much Does Minnesota Twins VIP Parking Cost?

Fans can purchase Minnesota Twins VIP parking tickets for $22 and above depending on the game type, the day, the Twin’s opponent team, and more aspects. To get the best prices on all tickets, it is highly recommended that fans book their passes online and ahead of time.

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