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Mind Lab

Mind Lab Pro is an industry leading brain booster assisting men and women to lead a more productive life. Essentially, it is a natural nootropic formula that includes 11 scientifically proven cognitive enhancers. These ingredients do not promise some ordinary results but effects favoring your executive functions like concentration, focus, memory, and multitasking. The dietary supplement is all about upgrading your brainpower. And so, it largely aims to improve every aspect of your life mainly personal, competitions, sports, and professional. Click Here to Buy Mind Lab PRO

Unlike many nootropics, the manufacturers of Mind Lab Pro ensure contemporary modification of their formula from time to time. This includes incorporating and replacing more effective, advanced, and researched ingredients that create a lasting impact on your mental performance. Therefore; Mind Lab Pro v4.0 leads as the most nontoxic, powerful, and multipurpose brain booster in town!

 To accommodate the complex requirements of our brain, the supplement utilizes 6 bio-pathways favoring a plethora of mental abilities. 

These abilities revolve around:

  • Better learning and memory
  • Crystal clear thinking
  • Razor sharp memory
  • Smart reasoning and processing
  • Higher capacity to remember
  • Quick problem solving and creativity
  • Better decision making 
  • Improved focus and attention
  • Higher clarity and motivation
  • Stability in mood and speed of ideas

The product of a UK based brand, Opti-Nutra Ltd, the supplement entails a transparent formula. It houses an almighty punch of natural brain boosters that go safe on the health. Some of these nootropics are nature-identical vitamins, citicoline, rhodiola rosea, L-theanine, L-tyrosine. Essentially, all these ingredients are encapsulated in NutriCaps after separate research on their efficacy and dosage. And so, the formula that does not contain caffeine, gluten, artificial additive, or allergen creates optimum efficiency without side effects. 

Overall, the effects of Mind Lab Pro are not restricting to the cognitive performance. The calculated dose of these highly-useful ingredients perks up your mental health, chemistry, and energy to a greater extent. These doses regenerate brain cells and enhance blood supply to the brain while protecting it against age-related weakening. Moreover, the stimulant-free formula does not offer brief improvement in your mental health and functioning like other nootropics possessing caffeine. It produces gradual improvements that not only strengthen with time but stay for long. 

Mind Lab Pro is one of the most affordable dietary supplements that you can easily adjust in your budget. The company promises 30 Days Money Back Guarantee and promises Fast shipping all over the world. The daily dose is 2 capsules a day for maximum safety and effectiveness. The effects kick in as less as 30 minutes, giving you an absolute, life changing experience in no time.  

Best Nootropics and Brain Supplements

Aging impairs our physical, mental, and emotional health to a significant point. Especially if we focus on our mental performance, you will agree that these changes are pretty upsetting. Basically, our mental ability to learn, focus, remember, and understand begins to shrink with age. 

This is because the medical conditions that follow aging heighten up the possibilities of cognitive failure, neuronal loss and dysfunction. Many times, the damage led to the cognitive health is so intense that it literally hampers the day-to-day functional power. However, the damage encompassing around our brain power does not come with age all the time. 

Sometimes, there are other factors holding equal responsibility. For example brain injury, sedentary lifestyle, substance abuse, stress, chronic conditions like Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, and so. Many times, everyday increasing competition in sports and job fuels our need to think more sharply and expand our memory. 

Nootropic has several names in the medical community like smart drugs, brain boosters and so. However, every name refers to a prescription drug or some dietary supplement aiming to enhance mental power. Essentially, prescription drug are prescribed after a thorough inspection of your mental condition by some Neurologist. However, these medications are generally referred to the patients of mental disorders as they bring along some terrible side effects. This is because these drugs have stimulant effects. Hence, they do not cure the specific disorder but ease the disturbing symptoms of conditions like ADHD, Alzheimer’s, and narcolepsy. 

Nootropics that come in the form of supplements are generally safe. This is because their manufacturers use high-quality, natural ingredients to formulate these substances and help you with your mental performance. These nootropics focus on the mental health and functioning by regenerating brain cells and enhancing blood circulation. 

Some exceptions like Mind Lab Pro also assists brain chemicals generating positive changes in your ability to be:

  • Creative
  • Learn 
  • Think
  • Comprehend
  • Respond
  • Create ideas
  • Multitask 

Overall, Nootropics Brain Boosters are not the cure to mental illnesses and disorders. These are substances aiming to amplify your cognitive functions to break-through the limits keeping you from a performance- scoring 100%.

Is Mind Lab Pro Legit?

There are many nootropic brands run by high level marketers. These marketers claim that their products can create some drastic changes in cognition, causing no damage to your neurological health. However, these supplements contain banned substances that may possess the power to expand your mental capacity, but are extremely dangerous. Therefore, World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) strictly forbids the use of these nootropic by athletes and sportsmen. 

As of Mind Lab Pro, every ingredient handpicked and trusted for its formulation is legal and FDA approved. The recipe of the dietary supplement is extremely transparent as Opti-Nutra has listed every ingredient along with its concentration. So considering its 100% natural and officially authorized ingredients, we can say that athletes, students, gym-goers, aged adults, and competitors of every field can safely benefit from the brain boosting powers of Mind Lab Pro. 

How Mind Lab Pro Works?

Mind Lab Pro functions in 6 surefire ways for example:

1. Improves the efficiency of brain chemicals:

The set of 11 powerful ingredients focus on improving the performance of brain chemicals to create a better brain chemistry. This favors your mental abilities like memory retention, mood, impulse, and processing pace

2. Supplies constant dose of energy to the brain:

These ingredients also supplies mental energy that goes a long way in clearing brain fog and improving dexterity

3. Contributes to brain regeneration:

This mechanism focuses on mending and maintaining the brain cells through constant nourishment. This ensures optimal brain function and neural plasticity 

4. Enhances blood supply to the brain:

Every organ of the body needs a healthy and constant supply of blood for healthy functioning. And our brain is no exception. The ingredients enhance blood circulation to the brain, resulting in a stronger mental health and performance. Higher supply of blood strengthens the delivery of oxygen as well. Oxygen flushes all the damaging contaminants while enhances the distribution of micronutrients

5. Protects brain against age-related damage:

Several factors are responsible for the harm to the information messengers- neurons. And so, it is essential for you to work for their health and fortification. The smart drug works to address the detrimental structural changes that lead to the gradual weakening of brain 

6. Balances brain waves:

The effects of Mind Lab Pro are extensive enough to support alpha brain waves. Essentially, it is important to generate a cool and soothing impact on the mind while boosting the power of attentiveness. In addition to alertness, it is helpful for learning and creativity

Mind Lab Pro Ingredients

Mind Lab Pro is a fusion of the 11 following ingredients:


Citicoline is one of the most trusted nootropic mixtures that aim to enhance the brains’ cognitive functioning. The ingredient is widely used in dietary supplements and mainly targets the brain’s overall wellbeing. It effectively fulfills the deficiency of Choline in the body and also delivers Cytidine. Essentially, it increases the levels of phosphatidylcholine which is crucial for the brain’s general functioning. The productive usage of Citicoline as nutritional supplements promises:

  • Improved memory
  • Enhanced learning capabilities
  • Healthy brain function
  • Stabilizes mood
  • Helps prevent cognitive decline
  • Promotes focus, attention, and concentration


Vitamin B6 is an important compound naturally found in foods and commonly used as a potent smart drug in nootropics. Essentially, it plays an effective role in turning food into useful energy for the body. Moreover, it creates major neurotransmitters called serotonin and dopamine that greatly affect your mood.

The nootropic compound has foremost benefits for the brains’ wellbeing. It supports brain development at infancy and stimulates proper and healthy functioning of brain. The ingredient helps to prevent cognitive decline and productively works on areas like better memory, laser-sharp focus, and improved concentration


Vitamin B9 is commonly found in its natural form as Folate. It absorbs faster and essentially helps in protein metabolism while contributing to the formation of DNA and RNA.

The major role of Vitamin B9 is creating neurotransmitters, which are essential for transferring messages and helping in proper brain functioning. Beneficially, it is also useful for the enhancement of challenging brain activities


Vitamin B12 is an essential compound. The ingredient is extremely necessary for the healthy development and functioning of the body. 

Vitamin B12 improves mental capabilities and boosting cognitive functions. And so, significantly low levels of Vitamin B12 can lead to the risks of dementia. The imperative vitamin is equally convincing in improving memory and overall wellbeing of the brain


Rhodiola Rosea is a natural, plant-based ingredient loaded with effective uses. Also known as Arctic root and Golden root, its benefits mainly revolve around healthy brain development and cognitive functioning. The plant extract focuses on lifting the brain fog and helping you perform better mentally. It is essentially known to improve memory, promote better concentration, and enhance focus. Furthermore, it provides energy and helps with proper functioning of brain-related activities

The most important and beneficial use of Rhodiola is its power to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression at a significant level. It promises to promote the overall wellbeing of the brain and sustain your mental health


L-Theanine is a naturally-occurring ingredient in mushrooms, green, and black tea. Nonetheless, it is widely used as a supplement for its calming and soothing benefits. The agent enhances brain functions by relieving stress and anxiety. It also helps to balance mood and regulate sleep.

The productive mechanism of Theanine works by boosting the levels of GABA in your body. The increased quantity of this chemical helps to calm your brain so it noticeably performs better.

Pairing L-Theaning with a healthy amount of caffeine, L-Theanine boosts energy, focus, and concentration for cognitive tasks. Essentially, experts find it of great use for improving memory impairment and enhancing learning abilities


Our body produces the amino acid, L-Tyrosine. However, the deficiency of this naturally-occurring amino acid is common. And so the ideal way to balance its level is through supplementation. The compound packs several benefits, mainly targeting healthy brain activities.

It stimulates the production of many brain chemicals including dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. These chemicals greatly influence your mood and help calm the mind. Moreover, it keeps your brain alert and enhances concentration during stressful conditions.

The element is scientifically proven to regulate blood circulation, augment cognitive abilities, and turn you more and more productive. It can also help to relieve stress, suppress anxiety, and reduce depression


Lion’s Mane Mushroom is an edible, beneficial fungus that is native to Asia, Europe, and North America. Its benefits mainly revolve around productive mental health. The useful, natural ingredient efficiently works to:

  • Boost immune system
  • Relieve mild anxiety and depression
  • Prevent dementia
  • Cognitive flexibility
  • Improves emotional responses
  • Protects against nerve damage

The mechanism of the natural extract targets the production of two key compounds that support brain health. These are Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) that are essential for proper functioning of the brain. These compounds stimulate the creation of new cells and strengthen the old ones


Maritime Pine Bark Extract comes from the ground pine bark. Rich in benefits, the herbal extract aims to improve your overall health. Interestingly, researchers believe that it may help with blood circulation, asthma, and a stronger immune system.

According to a study done by an Italy-based university, healthy usage of Maritime Pine Bark Extract promotes brain functioning. It improves blood circulation in the brain which favors alertness and boosts mental performance. Essentially, it plays a major role in stimulating better cognitive abilities under challenging tasks and significantly improves memory


Also known as Brahmi, the plant extract that has been used as an ancient remedy for its Ayurvedic medicinal uses. It works on certain essential areas like improving memory, concentration, and alertness. Essentially, it also protects your brain cells from chemicals linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

The natural ingredient stimulates the production of chemicals that will effectively promote brain functioning, enhances learning capabilities, and much more.


Phosphatidylserine is a chemical that shields every cell in your body and protects it from damage. It specializes in the area of healthy brain functioning, better mental performance, and boosting brainpower.

Mind Lab Pro houses this ingredient to improve cognitive flexibility. Essentially, it also helps to prevent memory loss and mental decline. The element promises enhanced learning abilities, better moods, and improved concentration

Mind Lab Pro VS Adderall

The brain-boosting effects of Mind Lab Pro are often evaluated with the popular prescription drug for Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder- Adderall. Yes, it is very common for people to confuse the two drugs without understanding the extensive difference between the two. 

For example:                           

              MIND LAB PRO                       ADDERALL
Mind Lab Pro is a fusion of 11 smart drugs derived from natural resources Adderall is a powerful mix of two stimulants, amphetamine and dextroamphetamine
Mind Lab Pro is a nootropic favorable for everyone in need of higher mental power Adderall is only recommended by a professional doctor to the patients of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Mind Lab Pro is not a central nervous stimulant. It is a brain booster that helps with better memory, learning, focus, and thinking capacity Adderall is a fusion of two central nervous stimulants that enhances focus and limit impulsivity
Mind Lab Pro works by boosting blood circulation to the brain and supporting brain regeneration  Adderall multiplies the activity of CNS
It does not contain any illegal substance and thereby, legal and suitable for all The stimulant drug falls under the category of Schedule II drugs 
It does not cause side effects and dependency It leads to the higher possibility of abuse and dependency. The drug also causes side effects
The purchase requires no prescription There is a need to show prescription for the purchase of Adderall

Is Mind Lab Pro a stimulant?

The formula is an amalgamation of 11 natural ingredients, none of which increases the activity of central nervous system. This indicates that the dietary supplement is not a stimulant in nature. Furthermore, it does not contain caffeine like other brain boosters. But its effects heighten up when you take its dosage in conjunction with the use of coffee!

Side effects of Mind Lab Pro:

Mind Lab Pro is a jitter-free and complication-free experience as it does not contain any stimulant or synthetic substance. Yes, while the formula helps to improve your clarity, creativity and energy, and focus, it ensures nothing impair your health. 

Unlike other smart drugs of its sort, the manufacturers of Mind Lab Pro have guaranteed 100% purity on their part. This purity revolves around the prevention of any ingredient that can cause side effects. The 11 powerful ingredients safely house in prebiotic nutricaps that simply aims to optimize the safety factor!

Mind Lab Pro futureproof your brain without introducing any of the following to your system:

  • Soy
  • Artificial additives
  • Gluten
  • Caffeine

Mind Lab Pro Before and After Results

Mind Lab Pro is not a cure for any mental illness. But users that have personally experienced the smart drug claim it to be of great use. Especially, they feel that the major difference before and after the use was in their mental energy. Yes, many of the reviewers mentioned a significant reduction in their mental fatigue or say, brain fog.  

The most convincing testimonies are those of aged adults who resorted to Mind Lab Pro for a better cognition. As per them, the formula did come up to their expectations in improving their ability to focus, process, and comprehend. With the regular and long term dosages, they feel that things have changed for good like in their younger years.  

Besides the adults, the feedback from the professional community deserves an equal mention. According to them, the user-friendly dosages of Mind Lab Pro have easily adjusted in their busy lives. These dosages have benefitted every aspect of their mental performance especially creativity, motivation, and the strength to face pressure. Their competitive spirits have increased and tasks that would appear complicated and impossible are now, easy to solve! 

Besides, the overall response from students and learners is positive. The majority testified how effortless critical thinking and learning have become for them. All in all, the dietary nootropic has received 5 stars from the masses with many claiming it an absolute turning point in their lives!

Where to Buy Mind Lab Pro?

The official manufacturers Opti-Nutra are evidently, the best choice for the purchase of Mind Lab Pro. They promise great discounts and fast shipping on every order supplemented with 30 Days Satisfaction Guarantee. Moreover, the recipe coming from the authorized makers guarantee 100% authenticity unlike the one grabbed from a third-party. 

Mind Lab Pro in stores

The online and offline retailers may or may not store the original recipe of Mind Lab Pro. Thus, resort to the official manufacturer for the natural smart drug in a price that easily slips into your budget! The natural formula promises lasting results that are validated by the genuine users. 

So rush to place your order and avail amazing discounts and Money Back Guarantee.

Mind Lab Pro Amazon:

Mind Lab Pro Amazon is not available. Even if you manage to spot this amazing nootropic at Amazon, we doubt the quality and authenticity. Hence, feel free to order your supply from the official website for faster shipping all over the world.

Mind Lab Pro GNC:

You may not find Mind Lab Pro GNC as the producers claim to be the only distributor of this product. Since the product remains high in demand all the time, we prefer a safe purchase from the real distributor. That is the official website of Mind Lab Pro.

Mind Lab Pro Walmart:

We, the experts do not prefer the purchase from any retail store including Mind Lab Pro Walmart. Ideally, you must visit the official website and grab the multi-packs for bigger discounts and Free delivery. Since many third party testing have confirmed its efficacy and safety, you can blindly give it a risk-free try!

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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