Mind-Blowing Offer from ACE Money Transfer & Bank Al Habib – 2 Cash Rewards of PKR 1 Crore Each and 91 Cash Prizes of PKR 1 Lac

Mind-Blowing Offer from ACE Money Transfer & Bank Al Habib - 2 Cash Rewards of PKR 1 Crore Each and 91 Cash Prizes of PKR 1 Lac

Did you know you can now win mind-blowing prizes when you send money to Pakistan abroad? ACE Money Transfer and Bank Al Habib are both giant money transfer service providers. They have partnered to give away 2 cash rewards of PKR 1 Crore each and 91 cash prizes of PKR 1 Lac to celebrate the loyalty of their customers. 

Those who used to do money transfers to Pakistan from Canada, Europe, the UK, Australia and Switzerland can get multiple advantages from their remittance transfers from this sensational offer.

Both ACE Money Transfer and BAHL believe that with the help of technology, there can be a wondrous increase in remittance. They do everything to make money transfers to Pakistan more affordable, accessible and easy for people working around the world.  

Details of Campaign

ACE Money Transfer and Bank Al Habib have partnered to promote the use of regulated money transfer services in Pakistan. They are giving 2 cash prizes of 1 crore and 91 cash prizes of 1 Lac. 

Both bumper prizes of PKR 1 Crore each will be given away on two Eids. The cash prizes of PKR 1 Lac will be given away from April 1 2023, to June 30, 2023. The lucky draw for cash prizes of PKR 1 Lac will continue for 91 days daily, starting from 1st April 2023. 

How can you be eligible to enter the lucky draw?   

It is very easy to enter the lucky draw. You can become eligible for the lucky draw while you do your regular money transfers to Pakistan. There are no extra fees or hidden fees for becoming part of the campaign. Any remittance sent via ACE Money Transfer from the UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, or Switzerland to Pakistan through any 1080 branches of Bank Al Habib will be eligible to enter the lucky draw. It is amazing that you can win massive cash prizes by just doing your routine money transfers. This offer is open to every Pakistani customer around the world.

How can you increase your chance of winning cash prizes?

Users can enter the lucky draw multiple times to increase their probability of winning cash prizes. You can also transfer money to numerous people in a single day, which will be considered different entries. Doing multiple transactions with the same person in a single day will be counted as a single entry.

Why should you not miss out on this campaign?

This campaign is carried out to promote the legal methods of money transfers to Pakistan. The lucky draw done by ACE Money Transfer and Bank Al Habib is to give cash prizes to Pakistani expatriates around the world. The annual remittance percentage is a creditable part of the GDP of underdeveloped countries. This is the way to regulate remittance inflow to  Pakistan and boost the country’s economy. The growth in money transfers to Pakistan will help stabilise the economy of the country.

You can also do fee-free transactions using the ACE Money Transfers digital platform when you sign up for the first time. The firm offers Fee-Free first transfers to every new customer as a welcoming bonus. Pakistani expatriates from the UK, Switzerland, Australia, Europe and Canada are getting advantages from the fee-free remittance services. By entering the campaign, you can benefit from these services and win surplus cash prizes. 

There are more than 1080 branches of Bank Al Habib, and people can send money anywhere in Pakistan through these branches. The customers of ACE Money Transfer are confident in their transfers because it has made remittance inflows to Pakistan hassle-free. 

Why is ACE Money Transfer best for your remittance inflows?

ACE Money Transfer is the fastest-growing remittance service provider. It is authorised, and you can send and receive money anywhere in the world with 100% guaranteed security of your funds. It provides a single fee and excludes any hidden and third-party fees. The transactions are transparent vivid, and rapid. 

ACE Money Transfer offers the best exchange rates and lowest transaction fees compared to the market. It has joined hands with Bank Al Habib to make the customer’s experience even better than before.

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