Mikhail Fedosovsky: High-Tech Products for the US, European and Asian Technological Markets

The CEO of Diakont Mikhail Fedosovsky and his projects

The engineer and entrepreneur heading Diakont has global goals. Having gained worldwide recognition in the field of safety control systems for energy facilities, Mikhail Fedosovsky has taken up mass production of high-tech equipment for a wide range of industries. This new direction is highly promising for the company which is already well-known on the international technological market. Diakont is among the world leaders in the field of energy and industrial safety. Its customized electro-mechanical actuators are in demand by major manufacturing companies all over the world.


  • Responsibility and reliability
  • Millions of dollars and euros of economic benefits
  • Horizons for development
  • The Motion Control market

Responsibility and reliability

Mikhail Fedosovsky has devoted over forty years to science and engineering. His creation is a company that has gained worldwide recognition in the field of high-tech systems that provide the safety of millions of people. Diakont inventions are used by national and international giants such as the Swedish-Swiss corporation ABB TRC, the French concern AREVA, the US companies Remote Ocean Systems, Westinghouse, Structural Integrity and others.

Diakont employs over 1,300 specialists, providing a full production cycle of high-tech systems: design and development tailored to customer needs, creation of all subsystems, electrical components, electronics and software. Such an approach ensures the reliability and functionality of each individual element as well as of the entire structure.

Millions of dollars and euros of economic benefits

High quality is not the only reason why Diakont products are highly valued. The implementation of the company’s know-how also provides customers with a significant economic benefit. For example, the diagnostic equipment supplied to gas and oil pipelines in the USA and other countries helps to avoid emergencies, reduce technological risks and prevent leaks. In other words, the company’s innovations have two main goals — to prevent industrial disasters and save millions of dollars and euros.

These innovations also contribute to the improvement of manufacturing processes. For example, one of Diakont robotic systems has allowed clients to automate the working process that used to be done manually before.

Horizons for development

The geography of the projects is very extensive: Diakont works with various technology companies in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. A representative office has been opened in San Diego in order to make the interaction with key clients more effective.

The head of such a prosperous company has received offers for its sale several times, however, the businessman has big plans for the development and further expansion of manufacturing. Work is being carried out in several areas. Firstly, the company staff continues researching in the field of high-precision control, diagnostic and cleaning systems for industrial and energy enterprises. These innovations will be targeted at the industry leaders, with which the brand has already established a strong communication. Secondly, a new market is being actively developed — for the past few years the company has been designing and producing actuators for the automobile, aviation, medical and other industries.

Photo of Mikhail Fedosovsky with the development team of Diakont

The Motion Control market

After over 30 years of experience in the high-tech sector, Diakont has turned its attention to a new field — the mass production of innovative electromechanical actuators. A factory has been opened in Italy specifically for this purpose. Diakont has also begun actively developing its Motion Control systems. The company’s technological innovations have already gained worldwide recognition, which is confirmed with the key results of 2022:

  • 150 DA99 actuators have been commissioned by a major automobile plant in China;
  • Over 180 similar actuators have been delivered to North American plants;
  • Six new contracts for 848 DA99 actuators were signed;
  • Trial prototypes were sent to the factories in Anhui and Shanghai;
  • An order for 150 DA45 actuators has been received from a Canadian company.

The new Motion Control products are attracting the deserved attention at international trade fairs. For example, IMTEX 2022, held in Bangalore, India, resulted in a contract with a supplier of body parts for motor vehicles which operates in South Asia. At the exhibition in Central Europe in October 2022, the brand demonstrated its solutions for metering control (DA99-D22) and for plastic moulding (DA108).

Further development of this new sector is one of the company’s top priorities. The results are inspiring: the company has already entered the top five worldwide in this segment.

Mikhail Fedosovsky shows a reprint of the article in the scientific journal IEEE Access
Mikhail Fedosovsky received a reprint of the article “Sustainable Hyperautomation in High-Tech Industries: A case of linear electromechanical actuators” published by him in the scientific journal IEEE Access


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