Methods Used in Shipping Frozen Foods

Shipping Frozen Foods

People have different tastes and preferences when it comes to food. Fortunately, technology has made it easier now that you can order the food and have it delivered at your doorstep without you going to the hotel. Therefore, you can have your favorite meal in the comfort of your home.

But not everyone orders warm food or fruits or any other meal. If you ever find yourself running a restaurant where you are required to deliver food, you will notice that some clients ask for frozen food. How do you deliver frozen food to them? How do you package it so that it is not going to melt or lose its form in the process of shipping?

This article explains how to ship frozen food from any distance. I believe the few tips provided here will be of help. Keep reading!

Hire Frozen food fulfillment Service

Most people dealing with frozen food prefer using the services of a frozen food fulfillment service. These are the people or companies that have specialized in the shipping of frozen food. They have all the necessary equipment and right procedures in ensuring that the food is shipped in the best way possible.

Some of the services offered by fulfillment companies include cold storage, packing, distribution, shipping, and inventory management. For the shipping, you give them the location of the client’s address, and the food is delivered within the shortest time possible. These are the best services for those among us who lack time, workforce, and resources.

Fulfillment services are important in that they allow you time to deal with other things. They also ensure the food is delivered in the right state, at the right time, at the right place, and to the right people. This way, you gain customer loyalty and a higher competitive advantage in the market.

Ensure short time is spent in shipping

Transit time is crucial when dealing with frozen food. You do not want a situation where the product has gone bad or has lost its frozen state due to a delay in transit. If doing the shipping by yourself, prepare the container in advance and plan on how the food is going to reach its destination.

When you are using third-party services, hire the best service providers and schedule your shipping early. It is recommended that you schedule the shipping early or within the week so that you are not going to worry about the food sitting in the container for the whole weekend.

Preferably use Insulated Container

Not every type of container is good for shipping frozen food. You should therefore use an insulated container that is sturdy enough for transport. There is a variety of choices from which you can select a container: one with insulated foam planks, a Styrofoam container, or a box lined with thermal bubble wraps.

You do not want to mess up by shipping soggy food to your clients. Thus, ensure that water does not leak into the container. To do so, you need to wrap the inside of the box with thick plastic paper.

Use the right refrigerant

Three common types of refrigerants are used; regular ice, dry ice, and gel. Regular ice is heavier than dry ice and dampens when it melts. Dry ice, as the name suggests, stays dry throughout. Gel on the other hand, lasts longer than dry ice and is suitable for foods that should be maintained at temperatures of 32-60 degrees.

 When shipping, therefore, never use regular ice as it may dampen the inside of the food container. Preferably use dry ice to keep the food cold and frozen. For those foods whose temperature needs to be maintained at 32 – 60 degrees, use gel. 


You can handle your delivery business without worries if only you learn how to ship frozen food among others. The article above explains the various ways that can be used in doing so. When handling gel and ice use gloves to prevent your hands from burns.


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