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Secure a Mercedes-Benz Stadium VIP box and enjoy an incredible experience at your favorite event. The reason why Mercedes-Benz Stadium VIP Club seats are highly coveted is because of the exclusive perks they offer. Suite ticket holders can enjoy many priceless amenities, including a dedicated VIP event entrance, an in-seat attendant, as well as private restrooms. In-suite catering options are also available. But you should note that the majority of Mercedes-Benz Stadium suites do not include the cost of catering in the suite ticket. So, you are expected to pay an additional fee for catering. You’ll also be allowed to access VIP parking in the Silver Garage, which provides convenient access to the 100 Level suites, Gullwing Club Suites, and Centennial Suites. 

How To Buy Mercedes-Benz Stadium Suites & Boxes

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In addition to the above perks that come with the purchase of Mercedes-Benz Stadium suites, another interesting benefit is VIP club access. There are several clubs and lounges within the stadium, and you’ll be able to access at least two of them, depending on your suite type and level. The exclusive SunTrust Club lies along one sideline on field level with included food and beverages. The AMG Club can be accessed by those with Loge Box and AMG Club ticket holders. The Mercedes-Benz Club lies on the field level and features restrooms, private bars, and lounge seating. The Gullwing Club is the most exclusive in the venue. It lies in the Centennial 100 Level Suite area.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium is one of the newest sports stadiums that opened in 2017. The venue lies at 1 AMB Drive Northwest in Atlanta, with an approximate capacity to seat over 70000 fans. This multi-purpose venue was called New Atlanta Stadium during planning and construction and was built to replace the Georgia Dome. The stadium is home to various sports teams and events, including the Atlanta Falcons of the NFL, the Atlanta United FC of the MLS, Peach Bowl of the NCAA, SEC Championship Game of the NCAA, Celebration Bowl of the NCAA, and Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game of the NCAA. The highest recorded attendance was 78347 during the 2019 Peach Bowl. If you want to get the best of the venue, book a Mercedes-Benz Stadium VIP box and let the magic come to life. 

Numerous Mercedes-Benz Stadium suites offer some of the best views in the venue with impressive perks and benefits. The Global Payments Level Suite comes with 18 to 28 tickets and 4 to 5 VIP parking passes. These suites can be found encircled around the stadium, directly above the 100 level seating sections. You’ll be able to enjoy a private entrance, in-suite catering, and private restrooms. The Gallagher Level Suite lies right above the 200 level seating sections and comes with a capacity to fit 16 to 30 people. The amenities that this suite level offers are WiFi, HDTVs, private restrooms, VIP parking, in-suite catering, and a wet bar. 

The Field Level Suite lies behind the end zones and offers the closest views of the actions taking place in the field. It comes with 22 tickets, and 5 VIP parking passes with available catering. This option comes in 16 suites and features raised seating platforms to provide unparalleled views. The Gullwing Club Suite is the most exclusive Mercedes-Benz Stadium VIP box that comes with 16 to 32 tickets. It includes food and beverages and 4 to 6 parking passes. Also called Owners Suites, they offer access to the equally premium two-story Gullwing Club. The suites feature both fixed chairs and additional bar stool seating. 

The Loge Box offers intimate semi-private seating space for 4 people with 1 parking pass. They lie below the 100 Level suites on the lower bowl and provide fantastic views of the field. The amenities you can enjoy in this Love Boxes include storage space, a counter, charging stations, iPads, HDTVs, and more. The Super Suite is perfect for large groups of people. These are the largest Mercedes-Benz Stadium suites in the venue. It comes with 52 to 80 tickets and 13 to 20 VIP parking passes. These spacious seating areas lie above the 200 Level seating section and include perks like dedicated entrance and catering. The Centennial Suite lies above the lower bowl on the visitor’s side of the field. This Mercedes-Benz Stadium VIP box comes with 23 to 27 tickets with 5 parking passes. There are 10 of this suite type, making them quite exclusive and rare. 

Many notable events have taken place at the venue since its opening. The stadium hosts the Peach Bowl as well as the SEC football championship game. It is also the site of the 2018 College Football Playoff National Championship, the 2019 Super Bowl LIII, and the MLS Cup. Aside from football games, it has also hosted various sports like college basketball and college and high school football. Other events like the AMA Supercross Championship and the Drum Corps International Southeastern Championship also take place at the venue. Mercedes-Benz Stadium suites are also available for concerts. 

The venue has hosted various concerts beginning with Garth Brooks. It has staged the shows of artists like Kenny Chesney, Taylor Swift, and Ed Sheeran, and also a listening event for Kanye West’s album Donda. Reserve a Mercedes-Benz Stadium VIP box and score a wild opportunity to watch the concerts of artists like Coldplay with HER, Like Combs with Cody Johnson, The Weekend with Doja Cat, and Grupo Firme. You’ll fall in love with the premium experience that these special tickets offer. Turn the event into something you’ll remember for a lifetime. 

Mercedes-Benz Stadium VIP Box & Suite Prices And Details 

How Much Do Mercedes-Benz Stadium VIP Boxes & Suites Cost?  

You can count on various factors to cause variations in the price of Mercedes-Benz Stadium VIP boxes & suites. If you’re after suite tickets, you’ll have to pay approximately $8000 to $29999, depending on many factors. You can also find single tickets to private suites at the cost of between $156 to $740.

How Many Guests Can Fit In A Mercedes-Benz Stadium VIP Box Or Suite? 

The Global Payments Level Suite comes with 18 to 28 tickets, the Gallagher Level Suite includes 16 to 30 tickets, and the Field Level Suite comes with 22 tickets. The Gullwing Club Suite has 16 to 32 tickets, the Centennial Suite includes 23 to 27 tickets, and the Super Suite comes with 52 to 80 tickets. The Loge Box is the smallest Mercedes-Benz Stadium VIP box or suite with 4 tickets. 

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