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Functional medicine

Many of us try to treat ailments on our own or self-medicate only to suffer because it keeps coming back. By self-medicating, people are masking the signs and symptoms of the disease but not necessarily eliminating its very source. Many people who also consult medical practitioners like doctors, though they get the cure for their specific ailment, their quality of life isn’t improved after treatment. Illnesses can easily be triggered if other predisposing factors that caused the disease are not dealt with and the disease will just keep coming back. Once they give the medication and treatment for the disease, aside from the follow-up check-up, they do not really monitor you or ensure that you will feel better your entire life or have optimized health for good. 

Because of this, many people are resorting to natural and alternative medicines since conventional medicine may do something to cure the disease, however, it does not deal with the total background and experience of the person because they focus on curing the symptoms and not necessarily on the complete wellbeing of the patient. What people need is holistic care and that is the kind of care naturopathic approaches can provide. However, there is a scientific way of managing diseases but they employ the concept of caring and holistically curing the patient, considering all facets of life to give a holistic health plan, and it is called functional medicine. 

What is functional medicine? It is a systematized and scientific method that seeks to detect, comprehend, and find the root sources of diseases. Among these diseases are heart diseases, digestive disorders, diseases of the integumentary system, and autoimmune diseases to name a few.

Functional medicine looks at a patient as a unique individual with unique situations, surroundings, lifestyle, and food intake. ‍Through functional medicine, one is approached individually to investigate the patient comprehensively so that proper treatment can be done and recovery would be fast. It picks up the lapses of conventional medicine. It is not applying the same treatment to patients with the same health conditions, rather it is an individual and personal approach that considers the total picture of the patient. In functional medicine, a patient’s story matters because this story is the basis for the long-term and effective health plan for the patient. The medical practitioner of this field looks at what is the best and right treatment for the patient, looking at the root causes of the disease like relationships, surroundings, work, sleeping patterns, etc. 


Melbourne Functional Medicine envisions a world where patients are well and feel good on their own terms. They want to provide a healthcare service that is innovative and empowering, allowing patients to have a say in their physical condition for a lifetime. 

Melbourne Functional Medicine has with them Functional Medicine Practitioners who call themselves “supporters,” whose main goal is to support their patients on their wellness journey. One of the supporters, Mark, is a clinical health professional and educationalist who teaches complementary and natural medicine. According to Mark, he believes in achieving a high level of health and wellbeing, and that treatment could be a collaborative effort between the Functional Medicine practitioner and the patient to be able to identify the root cause of the disease. Aside from the medical practitioner, they also have health coaches to help in getting your health get back in the game. A 6-month plan will be given for you while your medical practitioner keeps an eye on you during that period. Healing is a team and collaborative effort: The Functional Medicine Practitioner, the Health Coach, then the patient, to attain life-changing outcomes. The Melbourne Functional Medicine team is comprised of guaranteed experienced and educated medical practitioners that you can entrust your health and even your life with. 

Once you browse their site, you will be acquainted with different categories that best reflect your physical condition. The consultation will last for four hours as they will get to know and investigate every predisposing factor that might be contributory to the development of your condition. From the initial four hours consultation, they will conduct the necessary functional laboratory pathology tests (this includes testing for genetics, pathogens, nutrient status, hormones) and a health plan will be devised according to your personal needs, with the health practitioner monitoring you and the health coach ensuring that you do not deviate from the plan for six months to ensure that the plan is religiously complied. During the 6-month period, you will have several sessions with your health supporters to achieve the optimal outcomes. Getting better takes a long time, and your Functional Medicine naturopath and health coach will be with you until you get better. Such a personal and individualistic approach is not so much practiced in conventional medicine and it brings back the notion of a person as a whole being, a person in need of holistic care, not just a patient with a disease, focusing on the cure instead of care. 

One thing admirable about Melbourne Functional Medicine is it also provides a health optimization program that promotes longer life, prevents aging, improves athletic performance, and prevents the acquiring of diseases. They want their clients to be the healthiest that they can get and to be able to perform or function their best. Their health practitioners and coaches help their clients to take control of their health for the rest of their lives. They will allow their patients to master health skills towards a lengthier, healthier, and better life. They ensure the best care if you will invest your health with them. All those tedious processes for a lifetime of wellbeing, 4-hour initial consultation, world’s best pathology testing, 6-month health plan, and more, are included in their program plan of $5,800.00. The advantage of this is that, after the first consultation, patients can decide if they want to pursue with the program or not. Interested clients can book a call to their experts through the site to see if they are the right match for their health needs.

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