Meeting Chinese Mail Order Bride: Where and How to Get a Wife from China?

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Chinese brides are known for their traditional values, beauty, and intelligence. However, that’s certainly not all you need to know about Chinese women for marriage—and here, we’ll tell you much more about them. 

But first, check out our top list of the best Chinese mail order bride websites—we’ve found the most popular and the most trustworthy dating platforms!

Best dating websites to meet Chinese women online

Rank Dating Website Editorial`s notes
 1 EasternHoneys Hundreds of thousands of women from the whole Asian region, registration bonus, and very convenient live chat
 2 TheLuckyDate Simple interface, nice mobile version, and thousands of pretty Chinese girls
 3 AsianMelodies Perfect mobile version of the site, fast registration, and a generous welcome bonus
 4 OrchidRomance One of the biggest Asian dating services with almost 5,000,000 women from Asian countries
 5 AsiaMe A top-notch Chinese mail order bride website for top-notch online dating experience
 6 DateAsianWoman Video calls, very wide assortment of gifts, and 2 Chat Vouchers for new users
 7 FindAsianBeauty Video chat, Android app, and tens of thousands of Chinese women who want to meet and marry foreign men
 8 CuteAsianWoman A perfect Chinese mail order bride website with voice and video calls

1. EasternHoneys

  • Visits (month): 270,000
  • Features: Fast registration, welcome bonus, nice mobile version

Want to chat with a beautiful Chinese girl on a simple, trusted, and popular dating platform? EasternHoneys is one of the best dating sites with tens of thousands of single Chinese ladies. The profiles are very detailed here, and you can browse them for free, but you’ll have to buy credits to send messages to beautiful women on this website. If you visit EasternHoneys, create a profile, and verify your email address right now, you’ll get 30 free credits right after the registration!

2. TheLuckyDate

  • Visits (month): 50,000
  • Features: Free registration, swiping game, live chat

TheLuckyDate has one problem: the search tool that only allows the users search for women by country and age. Other than that, it’s almost a perfect Chinese mail order brides platform with a convenient live chat, easy-to-use interface, night theme, and a lot of beautiful Chinese brides. Sign up right now and you’ll get 2,000 bonuses for free—2,000 bonuses will be enough for you to send some messages to other members.

3. AsianMelodies

  • Visits (month): 500,000
  • Features: Great live chat with photo/video attachments, advanced search filters, detailed profiles

Asian Melodies is the right choice for every Westerner interested in Chinese women. This platform has everything you need—from “send a gift” service to live chat, from advanced search tools to a perfectly optimized mobile version of the site; every detail of Asian Melodies was designed to provide a perfect online dating experience to the customers. Sign up right now, verify your email address, and you’ll get 30 credits for free—this will be enough for you to send 3 emails or to spend 15 minutes in a live chat with any Chinese woman on Asian Melodies!

4. CuteAsianWoman

  • Visits (month): 600,000
  • Features: Video calls, voice calls, gifts

If you want to find a premium-quality dating platform with a lot of China mail order brides, consider it done. CuteAsianWoman is one of the best and one of the most advanced Chinese mail order bride platforms. CamShare (two-sided video chat), voice call service, real gifts, advanced search filters—all this makes CuteAsianWoman a platform which is 100% worth the money. By the way, you’ll only have to pay $3.99 for 2 credits, 1 month of free premium membership, 20 minutes of free chat, and 5 First Mails—that’s a welcome bonus offered by CuteAsianWoman right now!

5. OrchidRomance

  • Visits (month): 4,700,000
  • Features: Fast and free registration, 20 welcome bonuses (free), free “request contact information” service

This is one of the biggest dating platforms with Chinese women—of course, not all the members here are from China, but we can safely say that tens of thousands of Asian women on OrchidRomance are Chinese girls. The live chat feature is perfectly convenient and simple here—but it’s not free to use (as well as text messages). However, you can create an account, search for women according to your requirements, and browse the profiles of Chinese women for free on OrchidRomance. This dating website is exactly what you need if you’re interested in meeting an Asian woman!

6. AsiaMe

  • Visits (month): 650,000
  • Features: Video chat, mobile app, welcome bonus

AsiaMe is a perfect website with hundreds of thousands of Chinese girls for marriage—it’s not a Chinese-only dating site, of course, but Chinese brides represent a large segment of the site’s female members. The number of services offered by AsiaMe is really exciting—you can not only send text messages here but call women and even have a video chat with them! Of course, all these features are paid—but if you sign up right now, you’ll get a great welcome bonus (2 chat vouchers and a substantial first order discount).

7. DateAsianWoman

  • Visits (month): 580,000
  • Features: Android app, call service, CamShare

Tens of thousands of men from Western countries use DateAsianWoman to meet Asian ladies—and there’s a good reason for that. DateAsianWoman is a very popular Chinese mail order brides website with a lot of advanced messaging tools e.g., video chat and voice calls. You can also send gifts to Chinese girls here and view their profile videos—of course, these services are not free to use, but they are certainly worth the money. The registration is free on DateAsianWoman—as well as profile browsing.

8. FindAsianBeauty

  • Visits (month): 550,000
  • Features: Android app, video calls, voice calls

Meet one of the best dating services with mail order Chinese brides, FindAsianBeauty! This Chinese mail order bride platform is extremely popular (more than half a million visits per month), it has very detailed profiles, and if offers a lot of messaging tools. Live chat, video chat, voice calls—you’ll find everything you need on FindAsianBeauty. This Chinese bride platform is also a perfect choice for Android users who prefer mobile dating—the official FindAsianBeauty app (Qpid Network International Dating App) is available in the Google Play store.

How to find a Chinese wife?

how to find chinese wife

It’s extremely easy to meet modern Chinese brides online. Basically, you don’t even need to leave your home to find thousands of Chinese women interested in Western men—the only thing you have to do is sign up on one of the Asian mail order brides websites.

However, this is not the only way you can go. If you prefer classic dating methods, you can find Chinese brides offline.

Meeting Chinese girls offline

chinese girls

Meeting a Chinese woman offline is simple—you just buy tickets to Beijing, go there, and approach them trying to get a Chinese girlfriend. Well, at least it sounds simple.

The main reason why some foreign men prefer offline dating is that it’s much easier to determine whether you have romantic chemistry with a person or not if you go offline. That’s true—online dating doesn’t provide this opportunity and you have to wait for your first in-person meeting to understand if the chemistry is right.

But this is not only the biggest advantage of offline dating—basically, it’s the only advantage of this method.

The number of disadvantages is much higher.

  • Meeting Chinese women offline is extremely expensive—we’ll talk about the price of a Chinese bride later, but even a 1/2-week trip to China will cost you around $4,000-$5,000 which is definitely not that cheap.
  • It’s time-consuming—you’ll need to spend around 2 weeks to meet at least a few Asian women who’ll think that a date is a good idea.
  • No one can guarantee you anything. That’s the main disadvantage of offline international dating—you can simply waste 2 weeks and $5,000 because most women you’ll meet will not want to have a date with you, will not understand English, or will not be open to new relationships. 

No one says you’ll meet Chinese brides if you go offline—you’ll meet average Chinese women with their problems, prejudices, stereotypes, and cultural traditions. Chinese people on the streets of Beijing or Shanghai are not your targeted audience—that’s why you need to be ready for lots of failures and rejections.

That’s the main problem of offline dating—and that’s the main reason why you need to go online.

How to meet a Chinese bride online?

The main idea of dating Chinese brides online is simple: Chinese mail order wives create dating profiles to meet Western men while Western men chat with them on specialized websites. The best thing about such sites is that most Chinese wives have serious intentions, know English, and want to move to the United States. It means that after the registration, you get exactly what you need—your “targeted audience”, thousands of Chinese mail order wives who are tired of Chinese men and dream of meeting a foreign partner. This is the main advantage of meeting Chinese girls for marriage online—these women already want to have serious relationships with a man from your country, so you only need to send them a message to trigger their interest.

There are lots of other advantages, of course. Meeting Chinese women for marriage online is also much faster than doing it offline—you just click the link, confirm your email, buy some credits, and start chatting with Chinese wives, that’s all. And it’s also much cheaper than meeting Chinese people offline—most dating platforms cost around $120 per month which is much cheaper than a 2-week trip to this country. Yes, you will need to meet your Chinese wife in person, but the efficiency of this spending will be much higher because you’ll have certain guarantees that you meet at least one Chinese woman interested in you.

How to meet a Chinese girl online? It’s simple—as we’ve just said, you only need a few clicks to create a profile on a dating site.

  • Sign up
  • Buy some credits (or get some free ones)
  • Upload some photos and write your dating profile
  • Start chatting with Chinese wives

That’s how it works—in a few minutes, you’ll be able to start chatting with any Chinese bride on the site. Just make sure you choose a reputable dating platform- that’s how you can protect yourself from Chinese mail order brides scam.

How to get Chinese wife

Let’s be more detailed now. Here, you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to get a Chinese bride:

  • First, the online part. Sign up on a Chinese bride website, upload photos, write a profile bio, buy credits (most Chinese mail order wife platforms are paid).
  • Then, the offline part. Visit China, meet your future Chinese bride in person, pay for the date, be respectful, and make sure you know at least something about Chinese dating culture.
  • After everything mentioned above, get your Chinese mail order wife to the US. Propose to her, help her get a K-1 visa, meet her in the United States, and marry her. At this moment, your Chinese wife is a US permanent resident who can live and work in the United States legally.

How much does a Chinese mail order bride cost?

bride cost

Getting a Chinese bride to the US might be quite expensive, but it always depends on a lot of factors. Let’s talk about it in more detail.


Meeting a Chinese girl online will cost you around $120 per month. That’s the average price of a high-quality, reputable, and popular Chinese wife website—but it doesn’t mean $120 will be enough for you. The point is, most websites with Chinese wives have a “credit” system where you buy credits and exchange them for certain services later—this means you only pay for the things you really need. This also means you can spend much more than $120 if you spend hours in a video chat, for example—so the final cost for you will depend on the communication methods you’re going to use. If you spend a lot of time in video chat, $120 will not be enough. If you prefer text messaging, you’ll probably spend $120 or even less per month.


The offline part of the total cost of a Chinese wife consists of several elements:

Element Cost
Tickets $3,500
Hotel room $650
Food $300
Taxi $200
Entertainment $450
Total around $5,100

Of course, it also depends on how many trips you will need to find a perfect foreign woman—China is a huge country, and it might take around 5 trips to find the perfect Chinese girl.

But the biggest part of the expenses is not your trip to China, it’s the wedding. The average wedding in China costs around $12,000—it’s not an “expensive” type of wedding with thousands of guests, fancy Chinese wedding reception, tea ceremony, and gold jewelry with shuāngxǐ (Chinese double happiness symbol), it’s rather a “modest” type of wedding with a hundred of guests and without expensive accessories. A “perfect wedding date”, jewelry gifts, Guo Da Li (the betrothal ceremony organized when a Chinese couple decides to marry)—there are lots of things that can make the final price of a Chinese wedding much higher. Read more about mail order bride pricing.

Are Chinese mail order brides illegal?

Marrying a Chinese wife is 100% legal, as well as getting her to the United States. An American man can marry an Asian mail order bride without any legal complication—tens of thousands of Asian ladies from China, Korea, Philippines  enter the US on a K-1 (fiancee) visa every year. Women from countries that are subject to Travel Ban (Syria, Iran, Libya) can’t get a K-1 visa, but that’s not a problem you need to worry about if the home country of your bride is China. What’s more, your Chinese wife will be able to become a US citizen in 3 years after getting a K-1 visa. Find out here, are mail order brides illegal?

Why you should choose single Chinese women for marriage

chinese women

Chinese mail order brides are extremely popular in the US—in 2019, for example, 1,135 K-1 (fiance(e)) visas were issued to Chinese citizens (1,346 including Taiwan). This makes China the third most popular mail order bride country in Asia—and it’s obvious that there must be a good reason for such popularity. So, why are Chinese ladies so popular among American men? The answer is simple—or, to be precise, the answers are simple. There are at least 5 reasons why China brides are worth your time and money—and here they are.

  1. Beauty. Asian beauty is the most common reason for American men to search for single ladies outside their home country, and Chinese women are really that beautiful. Shiny black hair, slim bodies, beautiful faces, sense of style, makeup skills—a typical Chinese lady looks really hot even in her 40s.
  2. Loyalty. Of course, not all Chinese women are 100% loyal to their husbands—but being loyal to the partner is a very important part of Chinese culture. Modern Chinese families, family values, and views on relationships are still hardly influenced by Confucianism, and loyalty is one of the core values of this belief system. 
  3. Traditional values. Even modern Chinese girls are raised to be great wives and mothers, that’s how Chinese culture works. Being respectful to family members, being loyal to a partner, being calm and shy—these are some of the core values of Chinese culture that are still important to  Chinese women (even to the ones in their early 20s).
  4. Education and hard work. You shouldn’t expect your Chinese mail order bride to be a stay at home wife—these women are ambitious, hard-working, and well-educated, and even though they are quite family-centered and traditional, they don’t think they should give up career for family in their 20s. 
  5. Confidence and independence. Modern Chinese brides are different from Chinese girls from the 1990s. They get married later, they tend to have fewer kids nowadays, they are more ambitious, and they are slowly becoming similar to modern American women regarding their views on gender roles and careers.

Why are Chinese brides looking for foreign husbands?

Why would a Chinese lady looking for husband abroad? Maybe, something is wrong with all these Chinese mail order brides?

No. It’s just the local guys who are not as respectful, caring, and loyal as Chinese girls for marriage want them to be. Chinese brides believe that American men make better husbands, that they are more stable, and that they are simply more loving and caring than men from China—that’s why they start using international dating websites. 

How to legally bring a Chinese mail order bride to the US?

You can go two ways—K-1 visa or CR-1 visa. For a CR-1 visa, you’ll have to marry your Chinese bride in China, before her arrival to the US. For a K-1 visa, you’ll have to marry her in the US, after her arrival. A K-1 visa is a bit faster, a CR-1 visa is a bit cheaper—these are the main differences you need to know about.

And please, make sure you have enough evidence of your relationship—fees, tickets, photos, screenshots, everything that may help.

READ MORE: Are mail order spouse illegal and how to legally marry such a bride?

How to marry a Chinese single woman?

  • First, choose a website with Chinese mail order brides—we highly recommend you choose one of the sites on our list above because all the sites on this list are trusted and tested by real users and experts.
  • Sign up, upload your best photos, write a profile bio and description.
  • Buy some credits (most Chinese bride websites are paid) and start chatting with women.
  • Google the photos of ladies you’re chatting with to make sure they are real.
  • Ask them out on a date.
  • Go to China, meet the ladies, find the one you like most, propose to her.
  • File for K-1 visa (I-129F).
  • Wait until the petition is processed by the USCIS.
  • Receive notification from USCIS and approval notice from NVC.
  • File Affidavit of support, make sure everything is ok with the medical exam of your bride.
  • Wait for the interview to finish.
  • Meet your bride in your country.
  • Get married and get started on the road to a happy family life!

Tips on how to succeed with Chinese mail order brides

Chinese mail order brides are sophisticated and elaborate, which is why winning the heart of a Chinese girl is not the easiest task. However, if you know some secrets, you will easily get a Chinese woman. So let’s take a look at these little secrets.

  • Beautiful Chinese women love honest and genuine men, so avoid pretending to be another person and just be yourself to make a Chinese bride like.
  • Chinese brides are quite modest and reserved, which is why to succeed with such a woman, you have to avoid pushing on her in terms of getting closer.
  • Most Chinese girls for marriage love little presents and romantic surprises, so make sure to shower your beloved with that.
  • Chinese wives are loyal to their husbands and expect their partners to be loyal in return, meaning you have to forget about other women and show your Chinese mail order bride that she is the one.
  • Gorgeous Chinese women for marriage are traditional and polite.Thus, you have to show good manners as well as demonstrate your respect for Chinese culture if you want to conquer a pretty Chinese lady.
  • Chinese ladies respect their parents and value their opinion on potential husbands, just like other Asian women, meaning you have to make your Chinese bride’s parents like you to conquer her heart.

As you can see, getting a Chinese wife is not as difficult as some Western men think, so if you have been dreaming of a Chinese mail order wife, just go ahead and get her. 


Chinese mail order brides are a perfect choice for Western guys who want to find loyal, beautiful, intelligent, and traditional partners. If you want to meet Chinese ladies, the only thing you need to do is sign up on a dating site with beautiful Chinese women for marriage and start chatting with them—most dating sites have special offers for new users, so you won’t even need to buy credits to do it!


Are Chinese mail order brides real?

Of course, Chinese mail order brides are real, and you can meet your dream girl on one of the dating sites we talked about in this article. However, some scammers still might get in your way, so be super careful while looking for a Chinese bride online.

What are real Chinese mail order brides websites?

All the dating sites we mentioned in this article are real, and one of them will surely help you find a Chinese wife. So select the service that speaks to you and start looking for Chinese brides for marriage now.

What is the best Chinese website to find a wife?

All the sites from our list are great for looking for Chinese girls for marriage online, but, obviously, some services are better than others. So, in our opinion, the best dating sites for finding a Chinese bride are EasternHoneys and TheLuckyDate.

Is it legal to get Chinese mail order wives?

Luckily, it is totally legal to get a Chinese mail order wife. Moreover, there is no law that prohibits international marriages, meaning you can marry anyone you like if they are of age and agree to marry you too.

What to expect from a Chinese wife?

We cannot tell you what your particular Chinese wife is going to be like, since every Chinese woman has a unique personality. At the same time, most Chinese women do share such character traits as loyalty, modesty, and intelligence. 

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