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Ever since COVID, job consistency has been compromised. And for me, I lost my job right after two months in the first lockdown in 2020. Working from home on an online platform was not ideal for me, at least. With cryptocurrencies in trend, my brother suggested online trading. With no other options, I agreed to do so despite the risks in the digital market. However, I could not just go for any platform to start trading right away. I did detailed research about various platforms, and their services and reputation in the industry were a serious concern for me. I read many reviews online to gather all the information. And, I found a perfect platform with good experience and a decent reputation; Markets Bank. I opened my account with them in 2020, and since then, I have been their client.

As a beginner, I was not expecting a lot, but the Markets Bank platform provided me with all my desired services, along with the ones I was not hoping for. I am writing this Markets Bank Review to share my experience with this broker platform. I was able to start trading after verifying my account after registration. The best part was one-on-one counseling. I was provided with my personal account manager to guide me. The customer service, unlike other platforms, is available 24/7, which I believe is a remarkable service. 

So through my Review, I want to introduce this platform to everyone out there for a successful trading career while working from home. However, I would not say I only experienced a good time with this forex broker. There were times I faced some inconveniences as well. I have discussed all the positive and negative services I discovered during my experience with them. I have opted for an unbiased approach in my Markets Bank Review to give you an objective article review. 

1. Trading Platform

I will start my Markets Bank Review with their trading platform.

The trading platform is where trading takes place; hence it requires importance. I found the broker’s website quite appealing. The website’s design was one of the reasons I got convinced to work on this platform. The official website has an easy-to-use menu, and I found it very easy to navigate to sections as the simple design cleared out the confusing parts. The company’s website has aesthetics that give off the platform a vibe of an authentic and licensed platform, perfect for beginners to invest in. 

I also noticed some drawbacks I would like to mention in my Markets Bank Review.


  • This forex broker platform is an excellent broker for investors worldwide, but it is only available in two languages; English and French. I suggested my Korean friend try this platform, but she found it difficult to understand as the broker does not offer the Korean language. Unfortunately, she had to drop the option. 
  • The platform has its distinct design, which I believe makes it superior to other forex brokers. However, during long trading hours, my eyes were tired of staring at my laptop’s screen as there was no dark theme option to choose from. I suggest Markets Bank introduce light and dark themes for clients who feel uncomfortable with bright screens.

uncomfortable with bright screens

2. Customer Service

Next, I will discuss the customer service that has managed to make me stick to this platform.

A good platform always has remarkable customer service. Markets Bank’s support team is very professional and helpful to its customers. Whenever I had a query, I only needed to contact them, and they would respond within 24 hours. I was able to avail of customer service not only by contacting the support team. I also got help opening my account, solving my disputes (I encountered one during my trading experience), and reaching the back office and partnerships. When I felt confused about which office to contact, they provided me with a form to fill out that required my name, e-mail, and message. The concerned department called me within 24 hours to discuss my issue. The customer support team is very polite and never let me feel I was asking unnecessary questions. 


  • The official website does say support is available 24/7, but the support office is open for only five days, from Monday to Friday. 
  • I feel like the FAQs section needs a little upgrade. If it had explained customer-friendly details, it would have been convenient for me to sort out my issues without contacting the support team.

3. Account Types

The next service I will discuss in my Markets Bank Review is the account types offer on this platform.

The Markets Bank has five offers for customers to select the account that suits their needs. All these accounts have their benefits, with a set goal for successful trading. I was very surprised when I checked the accounts overview on the official website. The account benefits, services, and minimum deposit were explained in a detailed way; it took me only half a day to choose an account for the services I wanted to avail myself of. The best feature is a personal account manager for every account holder. As a beginner, I was hesitant to get a VIP account with a high deposit; I was not ready to invest with all the risks in crypto trading. However, with a personal account manager, I opened a Bronze account to get 1-on-1 counseling with the mindset that I would upgrade my account after gaining some expertise. 

  • Bronze

It is the first and the basic account offered by the forex broker and the account I opted for when I started trading. This account required a minimum deposit of $10,000. I was provided a personal account manager who ensured my smooth and safe trading. I was also provided training and guidance on risk management strategies with basic market education sessions. 

  • Silver

This is the upgraded version of the Bronze account with a $25,000 minimum deposit. When I upgraded my account from Bronze to Silver, I was provided with additional personalized trading alerts that proved to be quite useful while trading.  

  • Gold

The gold account has all the services of the previous account with additional practical guided trading sessions. I needed a $50,000 minimum deposit to upgrade my account to Gold. I was introduced to risk-free trades as well.

  • Premium

The premium account requires a $100,000 minimum deposit, and it took me a year to upgrade to this level. As soon as I upgraded to a Premium account, I got eligibility for the platform’s managed account service with access to the VIP trading signals telegram channel. All the previous services included. 

  • Platinum

Platinum is the most VIP account with a minimum deposit of $250,000. This account provides the highest leverage to its users. However, I have not upgraded to this account as I am very satisfied with my Premium account services. 


Markets Bank provides an app service to its customers, which is not quite common yet for platforms. I wish they could add more dialects and PayPal payment methods.

PayPal payment method

4. Mobile App

In my Markets Bank Review, I would like to mention the availability of a Mobile App as one of this broker’s most updated and significant features. The app runs on both Android and iOS software for mobile trading. Using it, I could access 100% of financial markets, but I noticed nothing different in its functionality compared to the desktop platform. I have used the app for trading on various occasions, which was very easy and convenient as I did not have to open my PC or laptop to access the website. 

Moreover, I have not experienced any inconvenience with this feature.


I am quite hopeful that my Markets Bank Review has provided you with in-depth information about the forex broker. I have listed all the pros and cons of its services to reflect an unbiased approach.

Keep in consideration that my Markets Bank Review article is based on my opinion and self-knowledge. It will be normal for you to have a different view on this platform. You might find the services I found best as not your desired ones. Please do your thorough research and read as many reviews as you can to select your broker. Good Luck!

Disclaimer: This article review is an informational review with no recommendation intended.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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