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Technology is constantly evolving and digital media is increasingly playing a critically key role in marketing strategies for virtually every business. Chat marketing, which people also call viral marketing, is being used to reach audiences who communicate with a variety of digital outlets.

Chat marketing is an important tool for engaging internet users and to interest them in a variety of products and services. Chat marketing and live chat app is different from standard online marketing which uses advertisements to randomly attract customers. Chat aims at specific audiences that share interests.

The technology that drives online chats has been available for quite a while. As a result, customers are increasingly demanding immediate attention when they visit websites. However many businesses have been quite slow in adopting strategies that incorporate live chat.

It is often considered as just a customer support tool and is frequently overlooked as a sales and conversion tool.

It is estimated that as many as 82% of customers consider immediate responses “important” or even “very important” when they want their sales questions answered. This rises to 90% for customer service questions.

In this day and age if a customer isn’t answered within seconds there is a huge chance they will simply go elsewhere. What Live Chat does is fill the void. It provides an immediate line of communication to answer customer questions without having to leave the page or pick up the phone.

It’s recognized that 99% of first-time website visitors are not going to be ready to buy. It is, therefore, a marketer’s task to recognize a prospect’s intent, nurture that person through a process of education and evaluation to deliver the best quality leads to the sales team who then have a chance to close a deal.

In spite of this market intelligence, most businesses are simply not talking to their visitors in the way in which they want to communicate.

What Live Chat allows is for you to talk to your visitors when their interest is at its peak. So, how can you know if Live Chat would be good for fulfilling your sales and marketing objectives?

Here are some examples pulled together by Marketer Magic to demonstrate how creative businesses who are leveraging Live Chat are becoming.

Betterment is an online investment advisor. The business uses proactive invitations to chat in a bid to engage with their very best clients when they choose to set up new accounts. As you can imagine integrity and trust are fundamental when handling other people’s money.

Instead of putting all the emphasis on established user experience (UX) flows to encourage a client down the Betterment investment funnel, the company uses chat so that advisors can offer instant bespoke financial service advice to clients to help them invest confidently.

SnapEngage have recognized that few things are more guaranteed to frustrate than being unable to find whatever you’re seeking, and worse hitting a 404 page. It is bound to result in a visitor exiting the website in question.

Instead of suggesting links that may not even be relevant, SnapEngage automatically fires off a proactive invitation to chat so the frustrated visitor can be guided to the content they seek.

Canyon Bicycles is popular worldwide so has a diverse customer base that speaks many different languages. As a result, the business is using intelligent chat routing to connect visitors to the appropriate sales and support team members who can talk in a particular visitor’s language.

PetPlan, the pet insurance specialists, have 1.09 billion people who log in every day. Because the business recognizes that Facebook remains the most popular social network and owns as much as 77% of all the world’s social logins, It has set up a ‘Chat with us’ tab on its Facebook page.

This enables visitors to contact the PetPlan team without leaving Facebook. It also serves as an additional lead generating a channel for sales and marketing purposes. U.S. Patriot Tactical stocks a huge line of tactical boots, and other gear. It is using SMS-to-Chat services to enable clients to start live chats with the support team simply via a text message. The ‘Text-to-Chat’ number is displayed on the company’s website, as well as on all order receipts and also on packing slips so communications can be quickly facilitated around any inquiries about orders, the status of orders and any returns.

Ruffwear, which builds gear to enhance you and your dog’s outdoor adventures, uses targeted and proactive chat invitations to specific visitors to guide them to particular website pages like the Dog Boots Fit Guide. These messages are balanced between self-help resources and opportunities to receive bespoke support at the click of a button. Aid In Recovery, which is a rehabilitation service, employs live chat to provide immediate assessments and assistance for anyone who is struggling with addiction of any kind. Because it operates in an emergency environment where each second counts, Aid In Recovery has come to rely on live chat to provide patients with the help they need, as soon as they ask.

Maids In Black aims to provide exceptional service and home cleaning using products that are regarded as safe for both families and their pets. It has a simple form for people to fill out before any live chat in which the business aims to gather basic information and give visitors opportunities to send emails or connect with live chat agents. By keeping the forms short has been found to ease the path for visitors to engage with the firm while also enabling Maids In Black team members to channel chats and emails to the teams that are appropriate.

The aim of Mavenlink is to connect People, Projects, and Generate Profits. This is done by uniting the project management process to time tracking and resource planning so that project financials can be gathered in one place.

Mavenlink has come to rely on live chat to offer a tool for front-line lead qualifications for both the marketing and sales teams. These teams are able to share extensive lists of contact details and custom operator variables that have been recorded by agents during live chats. These are also passed on to the Customer relationship management (CRM) so leads can be appropriately assigned and follow-up tasks initiated by the sales team after chats close.

In addition to having live chat support, having chat rooms where people can discuss the bottlenecks they are facing when using your product is a great way to get feedback on what you should improve. Almost all the info products out there use Facebook groups for this but it is a good idea for brick and mortar businesses to start doing that too.


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