Best Marijuana Seed Banks That Ships to the US Discreetly & Legally in 2024


By Jamila Khan

The journey of growing premium weed starts with weed seeds, and to get them, you will need the best marijuana seed banks.

After extensive research and years of following the online weed industry, we can confidently say that Seed Supreme is the No. 1 US seed bank overall.

Still, this is a complex issue with multiple factors to consider. So, let’s get this one going with the best marijuana seed banks, followed by an in-depth guide on how to grow weed seeds. Go!

Best Marijuana Seed Banks: First Look

1. Seed Supreme – Best Marijuana Seed Bank Overall


  • Over 4,000 distinct varieties
  • Outstanding customer assistance
  • Guaranteed Delivery
  • Attractive bulk purchase offers
  • Over 5,550 positive reviews


  • Could use more auto-flowering options

Seeds Offered: 4.9/5

Seed Supreme has long been established as one of the best marijuana seed banks, proudly offering an assortment of over 4,000 seed strains.

The company’s commitment to maintaining a diverse and dynamic catalog is evident in Seed Supreme reviews, which highlight its collaborations with numerous respected seed banks in California and across the US.

These include but are not limited to Ace Seeds, Auto Seeds, Cali Connection, Allstar Genetics, and more.

Deals and Discounts: 4.85/5

Seed Supreme is known for its regular discounts and sales. What sets it apart from its competitors is its attractive bulk buying scheme.

Providing a mix of their own distinct seeds as well as varieties from 00 Seeds at notably reduced prices, this seed bank emerges as the perfect option for those desiring to buy seeds in bulk without breaking the bank.

Customer Service: 4.8/5

Assistance is readily available on the platform, and even if you opt for email communication, you are bound to receive a reply within a few hours. FAQ is also available, and you can access it through the Help Center.


Seed Supreme stands out as our top selection among all marijuana seed banks, largely due to its extensive offerings for cultivators of both THC and CBD.

This brand truly excels in all aspects – from providing seeds that are ideal for beginners to sophisticated hybrid strains, granting sizeable discounts for bulk purchases, possessing an array of unique products in the thousands, and showcasing best-selling seeds from esteemed seed banks.

>>Check the best prices for weed seeds at Seed Supreme 

2. ILGM – 100% Germination Guarantee


  • Buy 10 seeds, get 10 extra
  • $10 price reduction on initial orders
  • Guaranteed seed germination
  • Delivery guarantees
  • Complimentary nationwide delivery


  • Premium quality comes at a higher price

Seeds Offered: 4.85/5

Despite its smaller scale compared to other major marijuana seed banks such as Seed Supreme, ILGM’s selection of 300 strains is premium-tier.

As a highly-regarded seed bank, ILGM offers a variety of feminized seeds, auto-flowers, seeds suitable for beginners, mix packs, and marijuana grow kits. This extensive portfolio of the best marijuana seeds has cemented its position as one of the favorite seed vendors.

Deals and Discounts: 4.8/5

ILGM stands out from numerous marijuana seed banks by regularly hosting distinctive sales events on a near-monthly basis.

For example, customers have the opportunity to buy 10 seeds and receive an extra 10 seeds without any additional charge. Additionally, ILGM’s website offers a $10 discount coupon for new customers to use.

Customer Service: 4.75/5

In addition to hosting a broad online community where one can seek guidance from other growers, ILGM also prides itself on its exemplary customer service team. Available to respond to any queries, the team can be contacted through phone, email, or even live chat.


Thanks to attractive deals like free returns, zero-cost shipping, complimentary vouchers, and a myriad of exclusive deals, ILGM has established itself as a preferred seed bank for many weed growers. Its cost-effective mix packs and user-friendly strains have made it a favorite among beginners.

>>Check the best prices for weed seeds at ILGM

3. Homegrown Cannabis Co. – Best Variety of Autoflower Seeds


  • High-level auto-flowering seeds
  • Regularly unveils new weed strains
  • Free shipping for $99+ orders
  • Top-notch germination guides
  • Great for beginners


  • Lackluster options for CBD strains

Seeds Offered: 4.8/5

Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers over 400 unique strains, including some of the top choices for fans of auto-flowering seeds.

The selection includes the Auto Blueberry Gusto Cannabis Seeds, Feminized Baked Apple Cannabis Seeds, and the High THC Auto Mix Pack.

The platform offers a comprehensive germination guide crafted by Kyle Kushmand and his capable HCC team. More importantly, customers must follow this official guide to qualify for the Homegrown Cannabis Co. Germination Guarantee.

Deals and Discounts: 4.75/5

Homegrown Cannabis Co. is frequently rolling out new discounts and promotional offers on its cannabis seeds.

Among these are buy-one-get-one-free deals, price reductions on packs of twelve seeds, and further cost savings via promotional codes. As of now, these three deals are all available for their cannabis seed offerings.

Customer Service: 4.8/5

The customer service at HCC is easy to reach, polite, and on-point. The company offers a Germination Guarantee but also a Delivery Guarantee.

According to the conditions of these guarantees, customers are entitled to refunds for seeds that are either defective or fail to be delivered.


Homegrown Cannabis Co. is a reputable platform and one of the best marijuana seed banks around for auto-flowering seeds. If you’re a beginner grower, it’s absolutely one of the finest starting points.

>>Check the best prices for weed seeds at Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Marijuana Seed Bank

When selecting the best marijuana seed banks, several key factors can influence your decision and ensure you get the best quality and value for your investment.

Unique Discounts

Some seed banks, like ILGM, offer free shipping and return services alongside unique deals such as buy 10 and get 10 seeds free. These discounts can make a significant difference in your overall cost. 

Customer Service

The best marijuana seed banks offer responsive and knowledgeable customer service, like Seed Supreme. These support reps and on-site guides can provide essential guidance and support throughout your growing journey, from choosing the right strain to troubleshooting cultivation issues.

Strain Variety

Strain variety is also important when assessing the quality of marijuana seed banks. A wider variety gives you more options to choose from based on your specific needs and preferences. For example, Seed Supreme is packed with thousands of different strains.

Genetics Quality

The quality of genetics is another essential consideration. High-quality genetics ensure healthy and robust plants. Marijuana seed banks like ILGM have a reputation for their superior genetic quality, with many of their strains winning Cannabis Cup awards.


Guarantees offered by the seed bank can give you peace of mind. The best marijuana seed banks offer an 80% or higher germination guarantee, ensuring that at least 80% of the seeds you purchase will successfully sprout.

>>Check the best prices for weed seeds at Seed Supreme 

Types of Marijuana Seeds You Can Buy

In the dynamic world of cannabis cultivation, understanding the different types of cannabis seeds available is paramount to your growing success. Here are the most frequent options at marijuana seed banks.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized seeds are bred to ensure nearly 100% female plants. This is advantageous as female plants produce resin-secreting flowers rich in cannabinoids.

Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular seeds can grow into either male or female plants, offering a 50/50 chance. These seeds are often preferred by breeders looking to create new strains or growers who prefer a completely natural approach.

Auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds

Auto-flowering seeds automatically switch from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage based on age, not light conditions. This makes them ideal for novice growers or those operating in small spaces.

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Buying Guide: Quick Tips

Choosing the right cannabis seeds can be a complex task, but these quick tips can guide you to make an informed purchasing decision at marijuana seed banks.

Growing Difficulty

Consider the difficulty level of growing the strain. For beginners, strains like ‘Blue Dream’ are ideal due to their resistance to mold and pests, making them easy to grow for first-time cultivators.

Growing Season and Climate

The climate and growing season of your location also play a crucial role. For instance, ‘Durban Poison’ is known for its ability to thrive in various climates, making it suitable for diverse geographical locations.

THC Content and Effects

The THC content and effects of the strain should also factor into your decision. If you’re seeking one of the strongest strains of weed, ‘Ghost Train Haze’ with a THC level of up to 25% could be a good choice.

Indoor and Outdoor Seeds

Your growing environment influences the type of seeds you should buy. Indoor growers might consider ‘White Widow,’ known for its manageable size and high yield, while outdoor growers could opt for ‘Super Skunk,’ renowned for its robustness and adaptability.

Feminized and Autoflower Seeds

Consider whether you want feminized or auto-flower seeds. Feminized seeds like ‘Purple Kush’ ensure almost entirely female plants, while auto-flower seeds such as ‘Northern Lights Auto’ offer a quick and easy cultivation process regardless of light conditions.

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Growing Marijuana From Seeds: A Beginner’s Brief Guide

Cultivating cannabis from seeds can be an enriching experience. It starts by finding the best marijuana seed banks but goes much deeper than that. This brief guide will walk you through the key stages to ensure a successful harvest.

Germination: Starting from Seed

Germination is the first step, where your seed breaks open and a tiny root emerges. Using a method like the paper towel method, where seeds are placed between two damp paper towels and kept warm, can yield up to 90% germination rates.

Seedling Care: Nurturing Young Plants

Once the seedlings emerge, they require gentle care. At this stage, a simple CFL light can provide the right amount of light, and maintaining a humidity level of about 70% can help the seedlings thrive.

Vegetative Stage: Building a Strong Foundation

In the vegetative stage, plants focus on growing big and strong. Nutrient-rich soils and 18-24 hours of light help plants grow quickly. For instance, strains like ‘Big Bud’ are known for their vigorous vegetative growth.

Flowering Stage: Maximizing Yield and Potency

During the flowering stage, plants start to produce buds. Ensuring a 12/12 light-dark cycle can trigger flowering. Strains like ‘Pineapple Express’ are known for their abundant and potent flowers.

Harvesting and Curing: The Final Steps

Harvesting involves cutting the plant down, trimming away unwanted leaves, and drying the buds. Curing, which involves storing the buds in jars and letting them age, can enhance the flavor and potency. 

Strains like ‘Blue Cheese’ are celebrated for their flavor profile after proper curing, which is why they are a popular choice for use in delta 8 gummies and other cannabis-infused edibles.

FAQs About Best Marijuana Seed Banks

Here, we answer a few frequently asked questions about the best cannabis seed banks.

Who Are the Best Seed Banks?

The best marijuana seed banks offer a wide variety of high-quality strains and reliable services. These include ILGM, Seed Supreme, and Homegrown Cannabis Co., known for their extensive strain selection and robust customer support.

What Is the Best Auto Seed Company?

Homegrown Cannabis Co. is widely recognized as one of the best auto marijuana seed banks. Their strains, like Auto Blueberry Gusto and the High THC Auto Mix Pack, are renowned for rapid growth and high yield.

Is It Safe to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online?

Yes, it’s generally safe to buy marijuana seeds online from reputable marijuana seed banks that use discreet shipping methods and secure payment options. Companies like ILGM and Seed Supreme prioritize customer privacy and security.

Are Marijuana Seed Banks Reliable?

Most marijuana seed banks are reliable, but it’s crucial to do your research. Look for seed banks with positive reviews, good customer service, and a germination guarantee, such as Seed Supreme.

Is It Legal to Order Marijuana Seeds?

The legality of ordering marijuana seeds varies by country and state. In some places like Canada and parts of the US, it’s legal. However, always check local laws before making a purchase.

Are There Any US-Based Seed Banks?

Yes, there are several US-based seed banks. Homegrown Cannabis Co. is a notable example, known for offering a diverse range of high-quality seeds, especially if you’re on the lookout for the best auto-flowering weed seeds.

Can You Tell If Marijuana Seeds Are Male or Female?

Generally, you can’t tell if a marijuana seed is male or female just by looking at it. However, buying feminized seeds from reputable seed banks ensures you’ll mostly get female plants.

What US Seed Banks Have the Best Genetics?

The best marijuana seed banks for quality genetics are Seed Supreme and ILGM. They are known for their superior genetics, offering strains with high germination rates, robust growth, and potent effects.

Final Verdict on the Best Marijuana Seed Banks

And that’s a wrap for the best marijuana seed banks! In case you missed it, Seed Supreme is the best option overall, boasting premium-quality products, all the guarantees you want, and fair prices.

Still, take your time, have another look at the seed banks we highlighted, and find your ideal seeds. Happy growing!

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