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Tired of the headache of finding a book agent or doing all the marketing yourself? Manhattan Book Group offers an easier way. They mix traditional and self-publishing to make the process simple for writers. Let’s see how they’re making things easier for authors in 2023.

Manhattan Book Group is a top-notch book publisher in New York. The founder, J.J. Hebert, is a big-deal author himself, making waves in USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists. This company is a mix of old-school and modern ways of publishing books. They’ve put out tons of books, and some have won awards or sold really well. People have noticed how good they are, too. They’ve won the title of the No. 1 Independent Book Publisher in New York City, NYC, and even got an award for their standout service in March 2022.

The Hybrid Publishing Model

Hybrid publishing is like the best of both worlds for authors. It pulls good stuff from both traditional and self-publishing ways. At Manhattan Book Group, you don’t need a literary agent to get your book noticed. They check out your manuscript carefully to make sure it’s up to their high bar of quality.

What really sets them apart? They promise to make your book a hit on Amazon. They also say they’ll get your book featured in big media spots like NBC and CBS. They do this by running top-tier ad campaigns and using smart ways to get your book in the spotlight.

Publishing And Marketing Services

Manhattan Book Group has a massive reach. Their books are sold in more than 100 countries because they teamed up with Ingram, the top book wholesaler in the U.S. You’ll see their books at big stores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more.

Also, they’ve got a special Author Program. This was cooked up with their founder, J.J. Hebert. Here’s the cool part: it promises to make you a best-selling author on Amazon. Plus, it’ll get your name out there with features on big news sites like NBC, CBS, and FOX. So, this program is a real game-changer for authors trying to stand out in a crowded market.

Recommendation By Mariel Hemingway

Famous actress and writer Mariel Hemingway gave a big thumbs-up to Manhattan Book Group. She went online and told everyone that if you want to publish a book the right way, go with these guys. She said they’re number one in NYC for a reason. This kind of high-profile shoutout really shows that Manhattan Book Group isn’t just any publisher; they’re a big deal that gets books noticed.

Manhattan Book Group Reviews

People really seem to love Manhattan Book Group. On Google, they’ve got an impressive 4.9-star rating. Not just everyday folks but even respected sites like New York Weekly give them thumbs up. New York Weekly actually called them a dependable choice for publishing, especially since a successful author runs the show.

How Much Does Manhattan Book Group Cost?

To publish your book with J.J. Hebert’s program at Manhattan Book Group, you’re looking at a price tag of around $10,000. This isn’t pocket change, but what you get makes it worth considering. Your book will get custom cover art and internal designs, making it look slick and unique. Moreover, your book gets published as both an ebook and paperback, and it gets pushed out through various channels for people to buy.

Want a hardcover, too? Tack on another $1,000.

Beyond mere aesthetics, the package comes with editing that enhances not just your book’s grammar but its overall readability. And yes, an editor can make or break your book’s engagement level. So, the investment isn’t just about making your book error-free; it’s also about making it good.

But let’s discuss what really catches the eye: becoming an Amazon bestseller. It gives you instant respect in the writing world. You get credibility. Your book becomes more visible online. More people are likely to pick it up, which means not just one book sale but potential sales for all your works. Plus, that bestseller label could pave the way for interviews and speaking gigs.

Should You Publish with Manhattan Book Group?

Thinking of publishing with Manhattan Book Group? Good idea. Unlike other self-publishing options that leave you to figure things out yourself, this company really helps you. They provide the kind of support that can turn a struggling writer into a known author. They’re changing how self-publishing works by giving authors what they need to make it big.

Going with a book publisher like Manhattan Book Group can be a game-changer for any writer. When you try to publish a book all by yourself, it’s like walking in the dark. You have to figure out everything from book design to marketing. But with a professional publisher, you get a full team that knows what they’re doing. Another plus? Quality. When you’re on your own, you might miss small details that make a big difference. A good publisher ensures that your book looks and reads professionally. Manhattan Book Group takes care of everything, from editing to layout. That way, your book has a better chance of getting noticed and read by more people. So, if you want to take the stress out of publishing and boost your book’s success, Manhattan Book Group is the way to go.

People think they’re the best self-publishing company in New York City for a reason. We say go for it if you want your book to get noticed instead of getting lost among so many others. With their help, you can make your book dreams come true.


If you’re a writer aiming for a combo of old and new in book publishing, Manhattan Book Group stands out as a solid pick. With their history of getting books on bestseller lists and into big media outlets, they offer a one-of-a-kind, modern approach. This company really cares about making quality books and keeping authors happy, earning them big respect in the book world. So, if you’ve got a manuscript, they’re a prime option to consider for getting it out there.

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