Making Money From Spin Gratis

Spin Gratis

Spin gratis is a free spin offered by online casinos as an enticement to lure customers into registering an account. The spin gratis is used as a welcoming bonus package that has a deposit bonus included. This free spins are awarded immediately a customer registers an account and does not require any deposit.

How can the casino make money from spin gratis?

As an online casino looking to attract more customers, the free spin offers are the way to go. As an online casino, you could begin with campaigns targeted at inactive players or players who have not been active for some time to lure them back to play, or you can give these free spins to those customers that have been very loyal players to retain them.

If, as an online casino, you decide to award free spins, it is best to choose a free spin allied to a particular game. If the customer is accessing the free spin, it is already a selected game, and they will be required to open the game to begin to play the free spins. As for the winnings that the customer may get in their account, the casino can ensure that the money is used to play other games offered within the casino.

Terms and Conditions

There must exist terms and conditions. The terms and conditions can be unique to your casino or the games that are being offered, but they must always favor the house. A free spin is still considered gambling; hence, winning must have terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions placed by a casino enable the customers to understand what it means to play the bonuses. It also saves the house from having dissatisfied customers since already the game has been outlined. A casino can also restrict a specific amount to be withdrawn.

Video Slot Bonuses

Another way that online casinos can make revenue is by introducing video slot bonuses features. Whenever a scatter symbol appears three or more times on the reels while playing, a free spin is offered. Beyond the free spin awarded to customers, the casino can offer an amount of deposit that can be awarded as well due to the scatter symbol appearing while playing. So the customer ends up getting a free spin as well as some deposit.

Depending on how the house would prefer awarding free spins, the casino could also choose when to give free spins subject to the preferred number of times the scatter symbol appears.

How Online Casino Entice Players

An online casino could entice players by using a particular multiplier on the game’s winnings. Even though the game played may have the same rules in every other casino, different multiplier variations exist depending on the casino. A casino can choose the particular multiplier to be used on winnings.

These winnings earned by a customer are more than the regular payouts given when playing the free spins. Within the game rules, a customer should find the multiplier for the deposits and learn the multiplier on deposits earned.

To make it much easier for the client to understand the rules for any slot games they choose, the casino can offer the demo mode game. This demo mode will encourage the player to play the game itself and clarify how these rules are applied to the game. The online casino will also allow the client to register to play the demo mode to try many demo games and eventually feel comfortable trying a game.


Understanding spin gratis should be a good opportunity for online casinos to increase the number of clients and increase the house’s revenue. Hence the happier your clients are, the better for the casino. After all, the house always wins.

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