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One aspect of SEO is constant – in addition to skill and knowledge, it takes time and patience. Finding an appropriate site for a dofollow link, analyzing its SEO performance, getting in contact, and discussing the details of cooperation… all of that takes plenty of time. What if you could work around that and acquire high-quality links with a quick click? That’s exactly what WhitePress content marketing platform is for!

Increase the efficiency of your SEO efforts

Implementing a link-building strategy includes many equally-important steps. Long before you reach the point of scoring that amazing dofollow link which will increase the importance of your website both in the eyes of Google and genuine users, you need to perform a proper analysis. Finding out what types of links are even beneficial for your website or shop, narrowing the target audience for your content marketing, analyzing the SEO ratings of the website, creating content for publication… all of that takes time you could otherwise use to grow your business in other fields. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could outsource all of that work to specialists with extensive know-how and connections in the SEO industry?

WhitePress content marketing platform is the answer to that market need. With over 44,000 websites to publish sponsored articles and guest posts on, across 24 different languages and markets, and with a wide team of native-speaking copywriters ready to write perfect SEO articles regardless of the topic, they are the leader in both SEO and content marketing. How’s cooperating with WhitePress in practice?

Ordering paid publications made easy

WhitePress offers an intuitive and user-friendly marketing panel to anyone who registers a free count with them. Immediately afterwards, you gain access to any market and any language that you want to expand on. Create a project, provide your company and website details and you’re ready to browse through thousands of websites, all eager to publish your content with a lasting dofollow link. Each offers different SEO ratings, traffic and other details important for any website owner who wants to engage in content marketing.

Streamlining access to paid publications offers substantial time savings due to the fact that most aspects are taken out of your hands and outsourced to industry specialists. Additionally, if you require any advice or support, WhitePress offers constant assistance through their team of dedicated regional managers, always eager to help you at any step of the process.

You can publish your own articles with dofollow links (granted they meet the publishing standards of your website of choice), or order a comprehensive service of both copywriting and publishing. The second option ensures that the articles are ready to be published as soon as they are written by a copywriter, further increasing the time-saving aspect of ordering content through the WhitePress content marketing platform. Furthermore, if you need the content for any other reason than guest posts or sponsored marketing, you don’t need to publish them right away. There is an option of ordering content in itself so that you can use it on your own blog or for any other purpose.

Many languages, many markets – one goal

WhitePress content marketing platform can be used for publishing across all the different markets throughout the world. To meet the modern needs of global investors and entrepreneurs, WhitePress allows you to step up your SEO game in 24 languages and their corresponding markets, offering extraordinary opportunities for gaining worldwide visibility for your products.

Covering all industries and thematic branches, as well as many different languages, we can safely say that WhitePress offers unmatched possibilities for reaching out to exactly the demographic and target audience that you’re interested in. All this to make sure that your business escapes the ordinary boundaries limiting it from expansion.

SEO and Content Marketing hand in hand

There are many aspects which influence the performance of your website. SEO is one of them, but content marketing is equally important, especially when both of them work hand in hand to increase your sales through synergy. With the use of content marketing, one can directly advertise his products or services, while increasing his SEO power at the same time. In this way, you can build brand recognition, lift your position in SERPs, and start selling by directing plenty of valuable traffic to your website.


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