Make Your Money Work: The Best Available Short-Term Investment Options

Short-Term Investment

Investors understand that they can make short-term and long-term investments that diversify their portfolios. They also realise that since there are risks involved, they must consider advantages and disadvantages before making the right investments at the most opportune time. Some investment products provide faster and higher returns and steady dividends over time. It’s typically up to the investor to select which products they will put in their hard-earned cash.

However, a wise investor understands that they must rely on a team of financial advisors who can help chart which course to take to realise the best returns. Their advisory team would help in financial planning and guide the investor in making the best possible decisions based on vetted market information. Diving into investments without assessing the market isn’t advisable as it can wipe out life savings quickly.

Here are some of the best short-term investment options a savvy investor can consider as part of their portfolio.

High-yield savings accounts

If you’re a risk-averse investor, high-yield savings accounts are among the best vehicles to put your money in. They’re technically better than checking accounts because they provide a higher interest, and the bank periodically pays interest on a savings account. They’re also heavily insured, and you wouldn’t lose any money. Interested investors must look for banks which offer the best interest rates to maximise their returns. 

Money market accounts 

You can check out money market accounts if you have a bigger capital to invest. They are another type of bank deposit that yields a higher interest rate than regular savings accounts. Moreover, they are highly accessible as banks typically don’t charge service fees to people who need their investment back. 

No-penalty certificates of deposit

No-penalty certificates of deposit are time deposits. However, banks don’t typically lodge the depositor a fee for cancelling before the maturation date. Banks provide CDs investors with higher interest rates because their investment provides banks stability. The risk is minimal, but diligent investors can find ways to maximise their investment by transferring their money from one bank to another that offers a higher interest rate.

Short-term government bonds 

Government bonds are among the less risky short-term investments one can make. They’re comparable to corporate bonds, except the government is the issuer and guarantor of the investment vehicle. Since it’s the government you’re dealing with, it’s the closest to the surest thing you can get in the investment market. Investors can buy and share these bonds and enjoy their proceeds depending on the agreed-upon rate.

Short-term corporate bonds

Another vehicle that an investor can look into adding to their portfolio is short-term corporate bonds. These bonds are issued by companies to fund their investments and are generally considered safe. They also pay off dividends regularly and are good for investors who wish to add diversity to their assets. Although these bonds can lose money based on market forces, they’re still considered safer than other products. 


Investors have a variety of short-term investment products that they can purchase to diversify their portfolios. However, they must work with their advisory group to choose the best ones to provide them with the best returns. 


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