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Cloud Mining

How to create passive income from cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency mining is the most advanced and innovative way to create stable passive income. Even though classical solo mining is still popular today, a lot of crypto enthusiasts finally realized that buying mining hardware is not the answer anymore. The easiest and most profitable way to mine Bitcoin is cloud mining. Renting a remote miner on a cloud mining providing platform is much better than buying an expensive and extremely resource-intensive crypto mining machine.

SHAMINING is a top service that has been involved in BTC cloud mining since 2018. Today a company shares its hash power resources with 17,000+ crypto investors. It provides you to mine crypto with zero problems without big investment amounts. Also, you don’t have to buy mining hardware and pay sky-high energy bills every month. It’s quite an easy and really profitable way to earn Bitcoins. And you know, cloud mining is literally for everyone.

By the way, you can make cryptocurrency on a SHAMINING cloud mining platform with no technical/IT knowledge. Just choose a remote miner and purchase a suitable cloud mining contract. Keep checking your stats on the SHAMINING account and withdraw income to your BTC wallet or credit card. Try it out and make sure cloud mining smells like good money, and it’s a surprisingly easy way to create passive income for you.

That’s why a lot of crypto investors make a daily Bitcoin profit on SHAMINING

  • Variety of contracts and plans. There are some options for every customer with any entry amounts. Just calculate income and choose your plan, depending on expected profitability.
  • Instant payouts. Withdraw your money automatically, any time. The options are BTC wallet transfers, Visa/MasterCard, IBAN transfers.
  • Minimum deposit amount is only $250 on SHAMINING. So its contracts are affordable for every crypto investor who wants to make stable passive income from cryptocurrency cloud mining.
  • Customized round-the-clock technical support. Just ask any question and get the answer within a few minutes. Note they are multilingual.
  • A user-friendly interface turns your experience with SHAMINING into such a pleasure. It’s a pretty good thing for absolute beginners out there.

Another pro here is really high profitability with a low entry amount. Depending on the miner/contract type you chose, a minimum 143% monthly return is guaranteed on SHAMINING. Let’s see what it looks like. With a $5,000 cloud mining contract, you get a monthly passive income that is $890. Your passive income for twelve months is $10,680. So you make $10,680 just within a year, literally doing nothing. One more time, all you have to do is to check your cloud mining stats time after time. Sounds good, isn’t it? Whatever you’re doing at the moment, your remote miner is making money for you right now. There is definitely a key benefit of SHAMINING (and cloud mining technology overall).

Get your 37% extra bonus

SHAMINING offers a 37% welcome bonus on the first investment for every new customer who signed up and deposited. Such as depositing $5,000 as the first payment on the platform will bring you $1,850 extra income. So you can withdraw $2,740 within just one month of using SHAMINING (including a 37% extra bonus).

Mine Bitcoins easy with a personal manager

Another benefit is a personal management service for each customer on SHAMINING. Whatever question you have, feel free to contact your personal manager supporting you almost round-the-clock. Usually it only takes a few minutes to get an answer. It looks like it’s a stress-free place on SHAMINING.

SHAMINING is a trusted platform

A lot of crypto investors all over the world trust SHAMINING for some reasons. So we’re dealing with a reliable and time-tested cryptocurrency cloud mining provider. That’s why that platform definitely deserves you to try it.

  • The project launched in 2018. Now it shares its hash power resources with 17,000+ crypto enthusiasts from all around the globe.
  • For now, SHAMINING owns three Data centers located on different continents. The Data centers are in Capetown (South Africa), London (UK), and San Jose, CA. There is a key moment. All the Data centers are located in the countries where Bitcoin mining is formally legal. Cloud mining experience with SHAMINING is a different class to the providers with their Data centers located in countries like China or Iran. If you know, Bitcoin mining is under the law there, and the Governments consistently block the process for the miners. There are no issues like that in countries such as the UK, South Africa, or the US. And it’s a great thing for all the cryptocurrency investors who deal with SHAMINING.
  • The key idea here is to make the mining process environmentally friendly. Damaging the environment is the biggest problem of the crypto field for now. The SHAMINING team claims the company uses mostly renewable energy sources (just like wind, solar, or low-impact hydropower, etc.) As you can see, it provides the highest environmental benefit, not only financial.
  • There may be another reason, and it’s the instant daily payouts for customers. If you wanna get your income in cryptocurrency regularly, SHAMINING is exactly such a place. All payouts are automated here. Withdraw your money at any time.
  • Advanced customer service is another benefit. The SHAMINING team is open-minded. And they do their best to create a really user-friendly, comfortable space for every customer who wants to make money mining Bitcoins. By the way, you can reach the team. If you want to know more about SHAMINING key persons, check the ‘Our Team’ section of their website. You can also reach the CEO (as much as the rest of the team) by contacting them by email or LinkedIn. Contact info included there.

How to start earning Bitcoins on SHAMINING right now

Trust the process. It’s pretty easy to make passive income mining cryptocurrency with a 143% return on the SHAMINING platform. Sign up and create a new account. Make a deposit and choose your contract/miner type on the related website section. Your miner is starting to make money right when your deposit amount is enrolling in your account on SHAMINING.

The company provides users with different miners. Here are the options.

  • CPU miners: power 23 580 GH/s, price per 1 GH/s – 0.0120$, profitability from 143%.
  • GPU miners: power 94 340 GH/s, price per 1 GH/s – 0.0113$, profitability from 149%.
  • ASIC miners: power 235 849 GH/s, price per 1 GH/s – 0.0109$, profitability from 156%.

You can choose an individual plan if you want to. That plan selection allows you to mine Bitcoins using the highest hash power.


Overall, SHAMINING is a really profitable, user-friendly, and secure BTC cloud mining service that offers to mine cryptocurrency with a small entry amount. Make sure it’s easy. Sign up, make the first deposit, get your 37% bonus. Right after this, you get access to the crypto mining process from anywhere you are. Find out more about SHAMIING on


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