Lumen Field VIP Box & Suites

Located in Seattle, Washington, the Lumen Field is a multi-purpose stadium that comes with many luxurious amenities when it comes to Lumen Field suites. You can only imagine how exciting the whole experience will be when you book Lumen Field VIP box. Undoubtedly, it’ll make you feel on top of the world and make you wonder why you never decided to go VIP before!

Home to the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks and MLS’s Seattle Sounders FC, the arena comes with as many as 111 executive suites. Opened in 2022 with a construction cost of US$ 430 million, it can accommodate a total of 72,000 people during special events. So, whether you want to witness an intense match between Seattle Sounders and Los Angeles FC or watch Luke Combs bring the audience to live with his breathtaking performances, the choice is yours!

How To Buy Lumen Field Suites & Boxes

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It’s a given that you wouldn’t ask for anything more when you purchase Lumen Field VIP box for a night you’ll never forget. Usually, some of the most common luxurious amenities you can expect to enjoy are a VIP entrance, private restrooms, in-seat attendants, VIP parking, a VIP club, and more! Just imagine how awesome it’ll be when you get to bring your biggest dream to life as you bask yourself in these amenities!

Undoubtedly, when you look through Lumen Field suites, you’ll come across a variety of them. That said, you could opt for the club-level suite or luxury suite in the arena for a magical live event experience. When it comes to club-level suites, these suites are located on the lowest level of the entire Lumen Field suites. For Lumen Field VIP Club seats, you can expect to have 12 to 24 people seated in the suite. So, if you plan to attend any event with a large group of friends, you could choose to go for the club suite.

As for luxury suites, these are situated right above the club suites. Most of the time, when you go for this kind of Lumen Field suite, you can expect amenities like a private entrance, private restrooms, an in-attendant, a catering package, and more! Indeed, the feeling of watching any sports match or concert live as you’re seated in the most comfortable seats in the arena will be second to none!

If you’re a huge soccer fan, you shouldn’t miss out on attending a live soccer match in this arena at least once! Surely, this arena allows for a great vibe, where soccer fans from all corners of the city and state gather to cheer for their team in unison. That said, you can only imagine how even more surreal the whole experience will be when you book Lumen Field VIP box.

It’s a no-brainer that you’re in for the ultimate experience when you book Lumen Field suites for any kind of live event. Right from the start till the end, you’ll get to enjoy luxurious amenities while also being entertained to the core. Indeed, once you get to experience how it feels like when you go for Lumen Field VIP box, there’s no turning back!

When you want to be part of a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you shouldn’t have to think twice about booking Lumen Field VIP box! The feeling of being comfortable in your own private area where you’re surrounded by your loved ones and fully entertained by the live event would be a dream come true! Additionally, since the arena is almost always fully packed during major events, you know there’s never going to be a dull moment throughout the time.

Once you’ve decided to book VIP suites, you know what you can expect on D-Day! That said, ensure that you reach the arena a few hours early. As it is, you can enter the arena two to three hours before the event commences. This timing will depend on the kind of event you’re looking forward to. Once you reach there, you might want to take the North West or North East VIP entrance. Also, make sure to take the elevator that will lead you to exactly to the suite you booked online.

When you’re a suite ticket holder, you can also expect to have access to the Delta Sky360 Club, which is meant to be exclusive! Once inside the club, cash bars, high-end concessions, television sets, and community tables will be yours to enjoy! Who knows, if you’re lucky, you might even get to click pictures or get signed autographs from Seattle Seahawk legends as they make occasional appearances!

You couldn’t want anything more when you book Lumen Field VIP suites for the perfect live event you’ve been waiting for for a long time! The combination of the event and the luxurious amenities, comfort, and entertainment you get will be out of this world!

Since these VIP boxes and suites sell out rather quickly, you shouldn’t second-guess your decision to enjoy its various benefits. Whether you’re looking forward to a date night or fun with family and friends, you know that these suites will provide you with everything you need and more!

Lumen Field VIP Box & Suite Prices And Details

How Much Do Lumen Field VIP Boxes & Suites Cost?

For Lumen Field VIP boxes and suites, the prices usually differ from one event to another. Usually, the price range you can expect when looking for these suites can be anywhere between $16,200 and $32,400. For suites prices during concerts, it can range from $3,600 to $16,500. As for suites during a Seattle Sounders game, the expected price range would be $4,500 to $9,000.

How Many Guests Can Fit In A Lumen Field VIP Box Or Suite?

On average, the number of guests that can fit in a Lumen Filed VIP box or suite is 18 people. However, most suites will allow for the addition of six more people, taking the total count of people up to 24. Keep in mind that these additional seats will mean that you’ll need to pay more for these tickets.

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