Loyalty Cards for Restaurants


Treating yourself to a delicious meal in a restaurant is among the best ways to relax and unwind. Meanwhile, do you know that restaurants have more to offer for you? These days, many restaurants offer loyalty programs to drive more sales. Do you want to increase the profits of your business? Then, it is time to consider loyalty cards for restaurants. 

How to Make Your Restaurant Loyalty Program Successful 

The following are essential tips to make your restaurant loyalty program successful.

Choose for a digital restaurant loyalty program 

It is a good idea to opt for a digital restaurant loyalty program. With this, it is easy for your customers to access and team to implement. Make sure not to require your customers to bring physical items such as punch cards for the following reasons.

  • Customers don’t need additional cards to make space in their wallets.
  • It can be frustrating for your guests if they lost or damaged the card. It can also be disappointing for them if they lost the points they earned.
  • Unlike the digital option, physical cards may not offer data like how often they come in and more.
  • If they forget their loyalty card, they will go to other restaurants.

Train your staff about your loyalty program 

Make sure that your staff is knowledgeable enough about your loyalty program. They must be trained to ask customers if they are a member of your loyalty program, how to respond if the customers say no, and more. It is also essential to develop techniques to explain to your customers the benefits of your restaurant loyalty program. It is also important that your staff knows how to redeem and enter it to the POS. 

Make a simple restaurant loyalty program

Another tip to make your restaurant loyalty program is to keep it simple. Your customers may be discouraged if your loyalty program comes with lists of regulations, rules, and stipulations. You can also set up your rewards program, so your customers can easily redeem points anytime. 

Offer your customers with FOMO 

You must also offer your customers FOMO (fear of missing out). You must show your customers what they’re missing out on if they don’t become a member of your loyalty program. You can advertise your tasty rewards on your website, social media platforms, and email list to encourage customers to sign up with your program. It is also a good idea to host an event for loyalty rewards members at your restaurant and share it on social media.

Promote your restaurant loyalty program 

You need to promote your restaurant loyalty cards program anywhere. With this, you can convince more potential customers to be a member of your program. You can also consider the tips below:

  • Make a referral reward for your existing members who refer a new member for your restaurant loyalty program.
  • Make table tents, so your customers can view the benefits of being a member of the program while eating in your program.
  • It is also a wise idea to cross-promote your loyalty program with other influencers or local businesses. 

Customer Loyalty Needs More Than a Rewards Program

It is a great idea to have a restaurant loyalty rewards program. However, you must also prioritize the needs of your customers like your business. Make them feel special too. Aside from offering discounts and points, you must make them valuable through the following ways.

Be transparent

If things go wrong, be transparent with your customers. Know the problem and settle it in a professional way.

Engage on social media 

You can update your customers on social media. You can also interact with them in their messages and comments. 

Celebrate your guests 

One amazing way to make your guests special even though they’re not a member of your loyalty program is to surprise them. You can send them an offer of their favorite dish, surprise them with a birthday treat or reserve their favorite table. 

Recognize your regulars 

It is also important to recognize your regular customers. If your staff remember their name or favorite dish, make them feel welcome in your restaurant. 

Digital Restaurant Loyalty Program Examples 

If you don’t have an idea for your restaurant loyalty program, consider the following digital programs. 

Panera Bread 

One example of a digital restaurant loyalty program is Panera Bread. The new members of their MyPanera program get an instant reward of free pastry from their bakery. Customers can earn points based on what they spend, how often they visit, and the items that they purchase. Panera also comes with a ticker on their app, so you will not be confused if you’re close to the next reward.


Starbucks, a coffee giant, has a loyalty program that provides members with points for every purchase regardless of the dollar amount. It can be rewarded for a beverage if you earn a specific number. Meanwhile, they updated their program in 2018, wherein the points tie to dollar amounts and allow you to redeem for more customized rewards such as extra shot o espresso, full beverage, merchandise, and more. If you’re a member, you can also get perks such as additional point days, free birthday items, Free Coffer for Life contests, BOGO specials, and more. 


To sum it up, a restaurant loyalty program is a good way to make your business more profitable. It can help you to get more potential and regular guests for your restaurant. Additionally, it is also beneficial to establish good relationships with your customers. 

With digital loyalty cards for restaurants, you can encourage more guests to choose your restaurant. It is a good technique to show the benefits that your customers can get from your business. Meanwhile, aside from providing a restaurant loyalty program, it is also important to make your guests more valuable. Make sure to give them the best customer service that they deserve. 

With the help of this post, we hope that you have an idea of how to plan your restaurant loyalty program. What are you waiting for? Create your loyalty program to make your restaurant more profitable!     


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