Lost Ark Auction House Guide

Ark Auction House

A streamlined way to buy and sell items.

The Auction House in Lost Ark is a player-to-player marketplace where you can buy and sell different Lost ARK items and weapons. The market also sells different types of equipment and consumables. In order to being trading with players all over the world, you must first reach a certain level. In this guide, we will show you how to unlock and use the Auction House in Lost Ark!

Get ready to open up your virtual wallet to earn or use that Lost ARK gold you have.

What is the Auction House?

We’ve already briefly explained above about what the Auction House is, but let’s go a bit more in-depth. The Auction House in Lost Ark is a player-to-player market where you can buy and sell weapons, equipment, and other variety of Lost ARK items such as consumables for sale. The Auction House features many Lost ARK items for affordable prices. Instead of grinding for a weapon or specific item, it might be best to check the Auction House if you have a large amount of Lost ARK gold on you. This is a great way to get food/ battle items if your trade skills aren’t high enough to make your own or if you don’t have all the required materials.

You will need Pheons if you plan on bidding on equipment (more on that later). Next, let’s talk about how to unlock the Auction House.

How Do You Unlock the Auction House?

Unlocking the Auction House is simple, it just requires a little bit more playtime. In order to unlock the Auction House, players must reach level 30. Once they have reached this requirement, they will be able to access it. To find the Auction House, look under your minimap and click on the Auction House icon. If you are for some reason having trouble finding it, the icon looks like a judge gavel.

How To Use the Auction House?

Once you are in the Auction House interface, it can be a bit daunting to understand what is going on, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be buying and selling in no time. There are 2 main tabs to know about: auction and bidding. Let’s break down these tabs real quick so you can get back gaming.

The auction tab is mostly for consumables and materials, with some cosmetics as well. There are plenty of tabs to help find what you are looking for. These are categorized as the following:

  • Equipment Chests
  • Avatar
  • Seal Books
  • Enchant Materials
  • Combat Goods
  • Food
  • Life
  • Adventure Book
  • Voyage
  • Pets
  • Mounts

Using these filters will help you find exactly what you need quickly. Each of these also has sub-categories, so be sure to look into these if you are looking for something specific.

The next tab works a bit different, let’s discuss the bidding tab and its following categories:

  • Equipment
  • Ability Stones
  • Accessories
  • Gems

This tab is for bidding on much better Lost ARK items. The auction tab has a lot of consumables, while the bidding tab is mostly consists of gear and everything else the auction tab doesn’t have. Remember early on when we were talking about Pheons? Well, if you want to buy anything from the bidding tab you will need that currency and Lost ARK gold.

Bidding also allows you to bid or buyout an item. Much like a real auction, items are up there for a certain amount of time. It is possible to get an item for cheap, however, hot ticket items will have bidding wars and lead to the item being more expensive due to popular demand.

If you want to check out your current bids or trades, there are tabs for that too. “Trades” will show you your trades and “Your Bids” will show what items you have currently placed a bid on. This makes it easy to keep track of amount of bid time left or if someone outbid you.

The Quotes tab shows what an item has previously sold for. By searching and filtering for a specific item you can see what that item bid history. This gives you a general estimate on how much it’sworth; using this tab is a great way to see the price trends.

Pheons and How to Earn Them

Pheons are used on the Auction House to purchase high end Lost ARK items, along with gold. If you plan on using the Auction House a lot, you will need many of these. The only way to obtain them is by exchanging Blue Crystals or using Lost ARK gold to exchange for Blue Crystals, then use those for Pheons. Basically, you have to use Crystals.


We hope this guide was helpful in explaining the player-to-player Auction House and how it works. It can be a great way to get gear you need more easily or quickly, but at the same time, you’ll need to have lots of gold and Pheons too. If you have any questions or tips of your own, please share them in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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