Looking for Better Opportunities in Wellington? Tips to Keep in Mind.

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Are you looking to start your career or switch your profession in Wellington? The capital city of New Zealand is home to multiple industries, giving people from all walks of life a place to work. The city is ideal for individuals with entrepreneurial drive and is known as a startup hub. Thus, it is not unfathomable that many people decide to settle down here. If you are into acting, Wellington is a great place, as it is home to multiple special effects studios. So, whether you want to be a business owner, a film star, or a freelancer, Wellington is the place for you.

Undeniably, the city has a lot to offer since the unemployment rate here is only 3.4%. So, how can you increase your chances of getting an incredible job opportunity in this city? Well, here are some tips to pay heed to.

Tips to keep in mind when looking for a job opportunity in Wellington

Find out about the openings in New Zealand

Look at job openings through Glassdoor or other sites to determine what job openings are there in New Zealand. If you have a friend or relative living in Wellington or New Zealand and you are coming from another country, talk to them. They can help you find a job that suits you well in New Zealand, according to your qualifications and skills. Also, set up interviews according to your profile when you find a job.

Take help from a recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies Wellington are another way to find a job that suits your skills and interests. You will find details about a reputable agency online. Just ensure they are a reliable agency with a proper license. Once you rule out their authenticity, partner up with them. Tell them what type of job you are looking for and what your skills are. They can help you find a suitable and well-paying job per your skills and interests. Seeking help, especially if you are coming from another country, can help land you a better job.

Join employment support programs

There are multiple employment support programs available in New Zealand. They can include ‘newcomer’ matching programs, job clubs, job mentor programs, and more. They train you in the skills you need for the job you are looking for, and then you get an opportunity, too. They will have templates and tips for job seekers, from creating cover letters to CVs and other resources like career advisers.

Work with a career counselor or advisor

If you are unsure what job you can join in Wellington, go to a career advisor and counselor. They can help you realize your potential and then help you find an ideal job.


Networking is an essential tool to help you find suitable job opportunities here. Thus, if you are actively seeking a job in Wellington, try attending professional industry events or contacting people in your network and notifying them that you are looking for a job. It does not matter whether the person you reach out to is in your field or not. Just reach out; you never know from where you can get a lead and find a job worth your time and skills.

Master the language

Kiwis (as New Zealanders are known) speak English. However, even people whose first or native language is English will find it challenging to understand Kiw’s English. Therefore, for anyone who is not a Kiwi and is actively looking for a job here, you must master the language. For this, you can go to multiple sites or apps teaching English and master the language.

Work on your CV

Once you start looking for jobs, you need a ready CV to send to potential recruiters. So, make a list of the skills you have and write them down in your CV. It should also include how you used these skills to help your professional career. If you have received any awards or certificates, a copy of the same should be in your CV.

Tips for writing a CV:

  • Keep it concise—not more than two pages.
  • Include your work experience.
  • Include details of your former employer, as many companies require these.


To conclude, whether you are coming to work in Wellington from a different part of New Zealand or another country, remember to do research. The cost of living in Wellington is a bit higher than in other cities here. So, you must find a job that allows you to maintain your lifestyle. Moreover, follow these tips to find a well-paying job according to your passion, likes, skills, and interests. Good luck finding a job you love!


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