Looking for a job in Walmart? Learn how to ace Walmart Assessment Test and get the job

Compared to today, hunting and applying for jobs used to be much simpler. You find a listing, you check if you meet the requirements, apply, and then hopefully you’ll land the role.

If you have a degree or years’ worth of experience, then your chances of being hired are higher, if not guaranteed if the company prefers that.

However, in addition to having good credentials and experience, most jobs these days now require applicants to take and pass a pre-employment test of sorts. For those who are interested in applying in Walmart, expect to encounter one in the form of its Walmart Assessment Test.

Typically called the Walmart Assessments due to how many versions there are for various positions, every Walmart Assessment Test is formulated by the company itself to suit its pre-employment needs.

That’s why, if you’re applying for a job in Walmart, whether it’s for an entry or managerial position, you not only have to impress the hiring managers with your resume but also with good, if not top-tier, Walmart test scores.

Here are a number of things to expect and consider in the Walmart Assessments so that you can not only pass it but ace it in a way that you will stand out from the rest and nab that position.


1. For Customer Service Positions: The Customer is King… To an Extent

For those applying in a customer service position in Walmart, expect your Walmart Assessment Test to contain a situational judgement test of sorts that will put you in a hypothetical scenario.

The questions will contain a conflict, misunderstanding, or inconvenience that you are likely to encounter if you were a Walmart customer service representative, and you will be given a number of actions of various effectiveness.

This can range from being incredibly helpful to the customer or being firm in denying their request.

Although wanting to please customers and accommodating their needs seem to be the best course of action in every situation, choosing such options carelessly may very well cause you to fail.

Why? Because being overly friendly to them and giving what they want can make it look like Walmart can be easily taken advantage of if you press the employee enough for a discount or a dispute.

So if you encounter a question where the customer is completely in the wrong and it is specified that there’s company policy to not grant their request, then you should choose the option where you have to deny service, their request, or discount.


2. For Supervisors: Learn when to Compromise

Similar to the first point, the Walmart Assessment Test for Supervisors will require you to answer a situational judgement test where you have to resolve a conflict that a Walmart supervisor is likely to face on the job.

Although some of the questions will also deal with customers, most of them will have you handle workplace disputes, customer vs employee scenarios, and erring longtime-employees whose performance have dropped considerably.

As a result, you will have to choose between being lenient to promote growth and build an employee’s capability or having to punish, suspend, or fire an employee in order to adhere to company standards.


3. For Managers: you are an extension of the company…

For those aiming for a managerial position, you can expect two of Walmart Assessment Tests, a managerial-focused situational judgement test and a leadership test of sorts.

The situational judgement test will put you in the shoes of a Walmart manager needing to solve a conflict at work as well as show good business decision making skills regarding a possible deal, schedule change, sales preparation, and other management related scenarios.

As a result, you can treat this test as you needing to show how well you can work for the interests of the company all the while being a good manager.

The leadership test will be similar in format but will focus on assessing your leadership skills and may even follow up with a personality test of sorts to further see if you have the qualities of an effective leader.


Remember: the Walmart Assessments were created for Walmart’s hiring managers to see what a person’s resume or interview can’t show them since resumes can be perfectly tuned and tailored while people can practice extensively to make an impressive and convincing interview.

Doing well in this, especially if you make good use of Walmart assessment practice tests, can help increase, if not guarantee, your chances of being hired.


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