Location. Location. Location. Better Your Career Possibilities.

Finding a job can be a gruelling task, let alone finding the job of your dreams. From finding a role that suits you both financially and socially to the endless recruitment process, what other factors could be holding you back, maybe even ones you haven’t yet thought to consider?

Around the world there are countries more suited to business, these business hubs can be where you may not have even thought of as most people would assume big cities full of skyscrapers and busy streets, but this is not always the case. There are many countries around the world that have booming businesses and can provide you with better odds of finding you that perfect job and allow you to explore different parts of the world in the process.

If you don’t want to stray too far from the UK then there are countless destinations that could suit your career ambitions; the Czech Republic is one. Not only does the country have 1.65 million businesses, offering you endless employment opportunities, but due to its smaller population in comparison to other business hubs around the world, their business per capita is low – 6.5 – maximising your chances of being successful when applying for new roles.

Portugal is another option for bettering your career possibilities as they also have a low business per capita of 6.5 and so offer the same odds of being successful in a job application as the Czech Republic. Portugal has 1.58 million businesses/71 per km² – this data can be seen on this graphic here.

Other European countries such as Iceland and the Netherlands also offer low business per capita and so also give you the opportunity to increase your chances of success in your desired role.

It may be daunting to think of uprooting your life and moving, but many countries in Europe share the same approach to business, despite a few differing opinions regarding formality and business negotiation.  One factor that is crucial to consider is that you may face a language barrier, however many people in Europe, especially businessmen and women have a strong understanding of the English language as well as being fluent.

There are many benefits to searching abroad for a job, even if just for a year or so as it can give your CV something that will stand out to employers and set you apart from the rest of the applicants, showing not only that you are able to work in all manner of environments but that you are also able to deal with different people. Another bonus of working outside of the UK is that you can earn a larger salary as your talents could be harder to find than they would be in the UK. Pay can also be a factor when a business is aware of you uprooting your life to a new country and so can offer additional expenses or amenities to persuade you to take the role.


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