Loans in Denmark for Foreigners 

Loans in Denmark for Foreigners 

Denmark and primarily Copenhagen is becoming more and more international every day that passes. Today there are many businesses with internal offices and staff all over the country and as a member of the EU, it’s relatively simple to move there. 

If you’re someone who has moved to Denmark or is looking to do so, there are more than likely several different things you’re trying to understand and get a grasp of. One of these things can be how loans work in the country. It’s a relatively simple process to get a loan in Denmark, but it does require that you are registered in the country, have a CPR-number and that you can prove that you have an income.

How to find the best loan 

If you’re looking to get the best possible loan it’s extremely wise to first and foremost turn to a comparison website. You can get an idea for how this works by clicking on the link that takes you to one of these sites: get creditloans in Denmark here

As we will discuss in a coming paragraph, there are many different options about where to turn to sign up for a loan. Finding the best provider for you and your situation is something that can be extremely time consuming and very difficult if you don’t speak danish. By using one of these sites you get a good overview of all the different loans that are available and see the interest rates immediately.

Bank or a loan company? 

One also needs to decide whether to turn to a bank or an independent loan company. Many danish people choose their bank as there is a relation previously, something that makes the entire process a lot simpler. Banks are the most common choice when signing up for a bigger loan or for a mortgage. When you’re signing up for a bank in Denmark it’s therefore a very good idea to also inquire about what loan solutions they can offer for you as an international, as the rules regarding internationals in regards to fraud can be somewhat strict. 

Denmark, like other nordic countries, also has a plethora of independent loan companies that offer their services to customers. These loans can sometimes be easier to get approved for, but can come with a higher interest rate. Due to this it’s extremely important that you find the best loan for your situation, and that you make sure that you’ve read and understood the terms and conditions.


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