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Nothing compares to the excitement and exhilaration that a Little Caesars Arena VIP box offers. Lying at 2645 Woodward Avenue in Detroit, Little Caesars Arena opened in 2017 and has become a major host for various notable events. The transparent plastic roofed hall connects the shops and offices around the venue. It isn’t surprising why the venue won the 2018 Sports Business Awards as the “Sports Facility of the Year.” Little Caesars Arena suites offer opportunities for guests to wine and dine in the lapse of luxury and privacy away from the madding crowd.

How To Buy Little Caesars Arena Suites & Boxes

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With premium settings and sites built as a priority at the venue, Little Caesars Arena suites holders will have a wholesome and prestigious experience when they attend an event at the arena. A Little Caesars Arena VIP box is a private setting that is set away from the rest of the general seats. A VIP box/suite features premium perks and amenities that are exclusive to those who have access to it. When you sit in the comfort of these premium settings, you’ll be able to enjoy 5-star services that include an in-seat attendant, VIP parking, and private restrooms, among others.

Given the highly limited nature of Little Caesars Arena VIP box and the luxury of an experience they provide, they are always in spiraling demand. Fans may be able to enjoy amenities that include in-suite catering at each of the luxury suites and VIP boxes at the venue. Aside from the perks of private catering, you’ll also be able to enjoy VIP parking as well as a VIP event entrance that lies close to the Chevrolet/Northeast Entry. The entrances open at different timings depending on the type of event being hosted at the venue. Be sure to get VIP club access to enjoy these unique and privileged treatments.

If you’re interested in Little Caesars Arena suites, you’ll want to check out the various suite levels at the arena. The venue boasts four levels of premium seating spaces. The Signature Level Suite features 18 tickets with three parking options. These suites lie close to the main hall and offer fantastic views. They lie below the Premier Level on each sideline and feature premium accessories, plush seating options, and HDTVs. The maximum capacity of these suites is 28 people. The Premier Level Suite also features 18 tickets with three parking and in-suite catering. These seating options are located between the upper and lower bowls and surround the whole arena. This Little Caesars Arena VIP box features both lounge and couch seatings, a wet bar, an island, WiFi, and multiple HDTVs.

Fans looking for an intimate private Little Caesars Arena VIP box would be pleased with the Loge Box that seats 4-6 people. The small box features excellent privacy with ample space to walk around. These options max out at 6 guests. Those who have Loge Box tickets can also enjoy access to the Suite Lounge. Guests who have a group of more than eight people can go for the Double Loge Box, which includes 8-12 tickets. This option is a combination of two side-by-side loge boxes described above. These loge boxes can have advance catering upon request, but there is a separate cost for catering. Each of the Little Caesars Arena suites is packed with the most coveted perks and amenities that will make the whole experience a mind-blowing episode.

Those who are interested in Little Caesars Arena VIP Club seats are in luck because the venue offers six exclusive and exciting clubs with varying vibes to suit a plethora of preferences of those suite ticket holders. The options include the Comerica Players Club, which features an all-inclusive menu. The club lies on the floor level where fans can get a look at their sports idols in proximity. The East Club is the largest of all the club options and offers ample space and quality relaxation to guests. It lies on the suite level. Foodies can hop on to Rehmann Club to wine and dine at the venue’s premier food club that features some of the world’s best menus. Located right above the suite level with a private bar, the West and East Sideline Club offers fans a unique perspective on the actions on the event floor. Also known as the North End Club, the Labatt Blue Club is an excellent option for sports fans who wish to enjoy private parties. It lies above the stage area. Michigan First Gondolas provide the most inclusive and unparalleled views of the actions on the court. It lies right above the court and overlooks the entire arena for a matchless perspective.

The multipurpose arena is home to the NHL Detroit Red Wings and NBA Detroit Pistons. The average seating capacity of the arena is 20,000 people and varies depending on the type of event. Many prominent events take place at the venue, including ice hockey, basketball, combat sports, figure skating, professional wrestling, eSports, concerts, and more. Many notable artists like The Weekend, Imagine Dragons, and Ed Sheeran have performed at the venue. The venue will be hosting popular concerts by artists like Justin Bieber on his Changes Tour and Rage Against the Machine on their Public Service Announcement Tour. You might be able to discover and book Little Caesars Arena suites and get a chance to enjoy the performances of world-class artists like Twenty One Pilots, Shawn Mendes, and Roger Waters, among others.

Little Caesars Arena VIP Box & Suite Prices And Details 

How Much Do Little Caesars Arena VIP Boxes & Suites Cost?

The cost of Little Caesars Arena VIP Boxes & Suites ranges from $4,550 to $7999, while loge boxes cost around $1499 to $2499. Guests looking for single tickets in a shared VIP box may find them. These options can cost between $150 and $700 based on the type of event.

How Many Guests Can Fit In A Little Caesars Arena VIP Box Or Suite?

Different numbers of guests can fit depending on the type of Little Caesars Arena VIP Box or Suite. Both the Signature Level and Premier Level suites accommodate up to 28 guests. The Loge Box fits a smaller group of 6 people, while the Double Loge Box seats up to 12 guests.


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