List of Best Video Baby Monitors

Baby Monitors

Parents can use naptime or bedtime to unwind and check off their to-do lists, but leaving your baby alone in a different room can be stressful. A video baby monitor can be placed near the crib or bed of your child to help you feel calm and relaxed while your baby gets her Zzzs. 

Different Types of Video Baby Monitors

There are many types of baby monitors available. Any style of Video Baby Monitor can help you check your cutie. Your lifestyle, budget, and other factors will all play a role in choosing the right baby monitor for you and your family. 

Three main categories of video baby monitors:

  1. Smartphone Monitors – Smartphone Monitors transmit video and audio footage to an app on your phone. This allows you to monitor your baby wherever you may be, no matter where you are located, even if you’re a continent away. These devices are ideal for parents who need to monitor their children while moving.
  2. Mobile Monitors – You might think of mobile monitors when you think about a traditional baby monitor. A camera is placed near the baby’s crib or nursery. The handheld device can then be used to monitor her. This makes it easy to monitor your child from anywhere you are, such as a grandparent or babysitter.
  3. Wi-Fi Monitor – While these monitors provide audio and visual information, they have the added benefit of allowing you to access the camera via a tablet, smartphone or both even when you are not at home. A stable Wi-Fi and internet connection must be in place to view remotely.

Features of Baby Monitor Camera

Each baby monitor has different functions and features. While most monitors won’t meet all your needs, there are some features parents of the What to Expect community recommend that you look for when buying a Best baby monitor Camera.

  • Audio in two-way
  • Secure connection, whether it be via WiFi or remote signal
  • High-resolution camera
  • If you purchase a handheld model, a high-resolution monitor screen is available.
  • You have the option to buy additional cameras, especially if you are thinking of having another child.
  • Night vision
  • Camera tilt and pan capabilities
  • Alerts to notify you when your baby makes noises or wakes up
  • Simple installation features such as a clip and simple wall mount are easy to use
  • Temperature display
  • If desired, pre-installed white noises or lullabies

Parents also love advanced features such as sleeping insights, which are available with a smartphone monitor. While extra features sound lovely, they can make it more challenging to use a monitor. If your monitor has many features, you know your baby best. You can’t replace a parent’s intuition.

One quick note about safety and monitors

Keep in mind that as your baby grows older and becomes mobile, your monitor position could need to be adjusted again. Also, ensure that any wires and cords are out of reach for your baby.

Best Baby Monitor 2021 are also reliable, easy to use, and functional were our top priorities. We sought out monitors that were reliable, easy to use and functional. We have compiled a list of top-quality baby monitors that you can rely on. They won’t be challenging to use when your baby starts to cry in the middle of the night or you want to check in on him.


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