Link Building Strategies that Still Work in 2022

Link Building

If you have even a little bit of information or knowledge about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its techniques, you will definitely have heard the term, link building. It is often regarded as one of the best and most effective tactics to reach more people, drive more traffic to the business, and stand out in the competition. Combining your link-building techniques with high-quality content, trending topics, and using the right SEO tactics, you can achieve all of your business goals in an extremely rapid manner.

It may seem easy but there are a lot of things to consider as Google keeps on changing its working algorithms on a regular basis. Every time Google changes its algorithm, anything can go wrong and it is possible that what was proved to be fruitful for your website now has no benefit or may even result in losses as well. Just like any other SEO technique, link building also needs to be done properly as there are different ways where some can go in favor of you while others don’t.  So, as we have stepped into a new year, has done a recap of some of the best and most effective link-building tactics to try in 2022. 

  • White Hat Guest Blogging
  • Create Digital Press Releases
  • Work On RBLB
  • Include Case Studies in Site’s Content
  • Get Mentioned/Featured on Review Websites

White Hat Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is considered the most effective tactic for link building. It is a proper way to add more value to your brand or website while increasing your reputation in the field as well.

Guest blogging is the process of creating, formatting, and designing content that can be posted on websites related to your niche.

The content should be eye-catching so that the visitor and reader feel an urge to visit your site’s backlinks that will be embedded in that very post.

Every website has different guidelines and processes and you need to do proper homework before making choices.

Having websites with good authority will result in a better reputation and value of your brand while giving a feeling of trust and reliability in readers’ minds as well.

Create Digital Press Releases

Digital Press Release, also known as digital PR is probably the most effective technique when it comes to building your links while fetching exposure to your brand in the outside world as well.

The most important thing in this strategy is to create press releases that can easily catch the eyes of journalists because no journalist or blogger will work on your PR if it is not interesting to him/her in the first place.

Once your press releases are in the hands of a big journalist with huge popularity and following, he will make a documentary, news, bulletin, or any other thing that will surely bring you a lot of coverage. This will surely add many new backlinks to your brand, profile, or business.

Work on RBLB

RBLB stands for Relationship-Based Link Building which is the process of making good and healthy relations with other websites working in the market having the same niche as you or at least have some relatedness.

In this way, different websites add links to other brands in their content to make their content comprehensive and helpful for their readers. Some people assume RBLB as exchanging links between different websites but it is completely different.

Simply exchanging links will only bring disasters because you don’t have an aim of a positive relationship with the website. RBLB link building is done to add value to the content in a positive manner.

The most important thing is to choose a website that works extremely hard on creating high-quality content so that both of you can get positive results.

Include Case Studies in Site’s Content

Case studies are more like a way of appreciating others’ services and work while getting a do-follow or any other kind of link to your profile as a thank you gesture.

In this process, businesses or brands offer case studies to their service providers that will be an apprentice for them to be promoted on your website, and honestly speaking, if a person or company is providing you with the best services, what not to promote them on your website?

This is considered one of the most efficient techniques as both sides will get maximum benefits.

Case studies are often included in SEO strategies of SaaS companies as they have to work with other SaaS organizations to run their business thus, including case studies in blogs is considered a must-have portion in their link-building strategy.

Design and Circulate Infographics

We all know that people are more attracted to graphics as compared to reading online text. Creating infographics that have useful information about your brand will bring a huge amount of exposure that too sometimes in very little time.

Designing an infographic could be a tricky job for a common person but not for professional graphic designers.

Get yourself perfectly designed infographics with well-crafted information about your website and share it online.

You may go with the option of adding them into your content or other site’s blogs or simply get help from various infographics-sharing websites.

Get Mentioned/Featured on Review Websites

This is the method that is often ignored by various brands and new businesses but if you do research on the topic, it is also quite effective.

Getting mentioned on a review site or having a complete review article about any of your products and services can build trust in the reader’s eye more than anything else.

Review sites may have a low traffic count but it has the ability to change a mindset while putting a new mindset in readers’ minds.

Also, review sites are often more trusted by people as they are talking about one specific product or service from the customer’s point of view.

While going for this technique, choose the websites that are currently working for your competitors or other sites that have the same niche as you.

As usual, SEO is all about trying and failing, and keep trying until you succeed. There is not such an absolute way of doing things. What is innegable is that link building (well done) works and it has always been one of the most important ranking factors.


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