Lift Tables Facilitate Safe Handling of Awkward Parts

There are many parts on the assembly like that are too heavy or awkward to lift. Without a lifting system, work on the line would be very difficult. A lift table is a labour-saving device that is indispensable on the assembly line.

In order to be able to work effectively, you must choose the right lift table for your specific applications. Listing down the reasons you need a lift table helps you to figure out the right one for you.

Some of the considerations that will inform your choice include the following:


1. Capacity

Find out how much the products to be lifted weigh. Your table lift should surpass the maximum expected weight. The well trained and experienced team at Saxlift will be able to guide on getting the right size for your needs.


2. Platform Size

Simply put, this is the tabletop size. If you are lifting ordinary pallets, you need a platform that matches those. A specialized lift platform may come in a smaller size.


3. Stroke

This refers to the reach of your lift; how high it goes. Opt for one that exceeds your maximum expected reach.


4. Drive

The usual drives include:                                                  

• Electric
• Pneumatic
• Hydraulic
• Manual
• Mechanical
• Combination of each

It is imperative that you understand the type of drive you need for your material handling needs. The wrong drive will not give you the service you anticipated and paid for. In addition, you must factor in your work environment as well as access to power or the lack thereof.


5. Safety

Your lift table should contain safety features for the protection of your workers as well as products. The workers should be instructed to adhere to the safety precautions as directed by the manufacturer.

In addition, you should ensure that additional safety rules are in place to boost safety on the assembly line.


How Lift Tables Enhance Safety

The manufacturers create tables to make labour easier especially when it involves repetitive lifting and moving of heavy products. They help to reduce the following conditions that can result in injury:

• Repetitive actions
• Perilous postures that may result in muscular-skeletal complications
• Stationary postures for long periods of time
• Vigorous exertions


Tips on Lift Table Safety

If the lift table is built professionally and is the right type for your applications, it should be safe to use. Nevertheless, you should include some specific safety rules to further enhance safety in the workplace.

The following tips should help you ensure maximum lift table safety:

• Your workers must always ensure that the load is placed within its centre of gravity
• They should never exceed the maximum load capacity recommended by the manufacturer
• The platform or table surface must always have adequate friction
• The lift table must be maintained as per the manufacturer’s specifications
• Ensure your workers have the right gear for the work. They must always wear personal protective equipment


How Purchasing the Right Lift Table Benefits Your Business

To begin with, you ensure safety for your workers in the workplace. This alone has far-reaching consequences. Your workers will not suffer injuries if they follow instructions while using the lift tables. This helps to cut down on worker compensation and in return, there is more money for the business.

Secondly, labour is made easier. This motivates your workers to perform better and production goes up. As a result, your profit margins reflect growth. Also, you will experience less to zero recalls since product damage will go down.

Lift table safety introduces a slew of additional benefits. There is improved balance when products are being lifted. Your motivated workers appreciate the effort to make the workplace safer and more exciting to work in.



Nothing motivates works more than to know that their employer is concerned about their safety and work experience. Buying a lift table that eases labour and boosts safety is one sure-fire way to communicate that. Moreover, you want your business to perform at optimal levels.

Purchase the ultimate business equipment that guarantees better products as well as better working conditions on the production floor.


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