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La Defense, Paris

The demand for new approaches to learning has been on a steady rise after the tumultuous past few years. The global landscape has changed significantly and embraced borderless interaction, making understanding the ins and outs of the universal market a key component in maintaining relevance today. It’s not just the way people learn and the qualifications they want that are changing, but the skills they choose to learn.

New approaches to corporate learning can be found at ESSEC Executive Education, through its ESSEC Executive MBA, the ESSEC and Mannheim EMBA programme, the Global MBA, the MSc in Hospitality Management, and the EMiLUX (Executive Master in Luxury Management & Design Innovation) programmes. These programmes demonstrate a humanist and socially aware educational philosophy, while also training students for entrepreneurial projects and goals.

For over a century, ESSEC has been developing a state-of-the-art education programme that gives the individual pride of place in a learning model that promotes freedom, openness, innovation, and responsibility. Preparing future managers to reconcile personal interests with collective responsibility, giving consideration to the common good in their decision-making, and weighing economic challenges against the social costs are some of the objectives ESSEC has set for itself and achieved.

ESSEC Executive Education offers the necessary teachings and tools to participants in all programmes. The institution sets itself apart with its “Entrepreneurship For All” creed, removing any assumptions that leadership and innovation are strictly intangible skills. Instead, they believe that entrepreneurship can be taught and honed to be meaningful, not just in the office but throughout each participant’s personal self-development.

ESSEC Executive Education

Global MBA

The ESSEC Global MBA is a 12-month full-time programme delivered in France. With digital transformation altering the fabric of the business landscape, this programme aims to arm participants with the skills needed to remain relevant to the job market. Through its majors, Luxury Brand Management and Strategy & Digital Leadership, participants will be equipped with a macro-view of core business functions coupled with industry-specific skills and knowledge to help them make a successful career switch to industries such as consulting, tech, or luxury.

The Global MBA experience nurtures hard and soft skills through training on in-demand industry certifications, personal branding and development workshops, and career development support.

“The Global MBA programme opened many doors for my future. It was the gateway to the dream job that I never thought I would have. It introduced me to a lot of amazing people who are now a part of my life. They helped me participate in and appreciate this amazing international experience,” says Jaeseok Lee, a 2020 ESSEC Global MBA alumnus.

Executive MBA

The ESSEC Executive MBA is designed for high-potential executives seeking to transform their careers and broaden their management perspectives. Programme participants can expect to dive deep into general management courses and to acquire the confidence to be self-sustained leaders. Through residency programmes to the United States and Asia, participants in the programme will discover different ways of doing business. The Career Advancement Track will enable them to define their career goals through individual coaching sessions.

“In a very direct way, I was indeed promoted to regional manager, though this actually happened before graduation. The techniques and skills, including the soft ones, taught during the Executive MBA classes were absolutely instrumental to the success of my intrapreneurship project. I had the opportunity to apply them all, from the very basic design of a business canvas to the more elaborate techniques of modern financial management,” writes Allain Razafimaharo, who graduated from the programme in 2018.

ESSEC and Mannheim Executive MBA

One of the university’s most prestigious programmes, the ESSEC & MANNHEIM Executive MBA, offers a fast-track solution to career advancement. This international programme is designed to study all the core management basics and evolving cutting-edge business topics in-depth.

One of the university’s most prestigious programmes, the ESSEC & MANNHEIM Executive MBA, offers a fast-track solution to career advancement.

At the end of the programme, participants can expect to have acquired relevant knowledge and tools readily applicable to the challenges of their jobs, shared best practices with peers, obtained first-hand insights into different industries and functions through a group work philosophy, and gained an international perspective on doing business through exposure to a variety of cultures and growing business markets.

As Indra Rudava, a 2020 ESSEC & Mannheim alumna, put it: “The key takeaways from these three days: We’re stronger in a team; responsibilities within a team must be clearly defined; team leaders need objectivity, perspective, and the full picture before making decisions. […] And then of course, the residences abroad, which I did in Japan, Singapore and the US – they were eye-opening in terms of international communication and understanding geopolitical contexts.”

Executive Master in Luxury Management and Design Innovation (EMiLUX)

The ESSEC Executive Master in Luxury Management and Design Innovation (EMiLUX) is a 12-month modular executive programme delivered across seven modules, seven countries and three continents. This truly global programme is executive-friendly and culturally diverse, with most of its participants walking away with a life-changing experience under their belt.

This programme is located in various places, such as France, Switzerland, Italy, the United States, China, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates.  True to its name, an international crew of artists, celebrated designers, and industry leaders will guide participants in each city through immersive, multisensory experiences and behind-the-scenes industry visits.

“We had the opportunity to meet and speak with CEOs and managers of major luxury brands in fashion, cosmetics, wine & spirits, and other fields. They shared with us their experiences and vision about their businesses, which was incredibly inspiring, and a luxury in itself!” says Giulia Luckenbach, an EMiLUX programme participant, of her time in executive education.

EMiLUX participants will grow rapidly towards becoming more significant contributors to their companies. They may create their own companies, building upon the entrepreneurial project in the programme, and/or become stronger and more internationally oriented business leaders.

ESSEC la Defense

MSc in Hospitality Management (IMHI)

With a strong focus on international and strategic direction, the MSc in Hospitality Management (IMHI) is widely recognised by the industry as Europe’s leading hospitality management programme. Designed to prepare the next generation of young leaders, the IMHI programme is both demanding and rewarding.

“The diversity of those courses along with the recognition of the school provides adequate foundations for anyone pursuing his/her career in the industry, especially those focusing on general management or real estate side of the industry,” recommends Ramsay Rankoussi, a 2011 graduate of the IMHI programme.

Taking place near Paris, the programme gives participants the opportunity to study and work in the United States. IMHI students can choose to study in Boston and complete an internship in the US to receive a graduate certificate from Boston University School of Hospitality Administration (SHA).

For more information about the executive programmes, browse their brochure here. 

ESSEC Executive Open Day

ESSEC Executive Education believes that growth can happen at any age and phase in life. It’s never too late to transform your life by pursuing an executive education programme. As executives and senior leaders progress into the new normal, ESSEC wants to be a foundational step in supplying them with the necessary tools to combat the changes in the social landscape.

In 2022, ESSEC is proud to host its “Executive Open Day” on the 18th of June, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. CET. This event will be conducted in a hybrid format. The first one will be an on-campus event, mainly for people based around the Paris region and who are interested in programmes taught in French and English. The online webinars that follow will be for those eyeing international programmes and the EMiLUX programme.

The ESSEC Executive Open Day is a chance for like-minded individuals to convene and see what role ESSEC Executive Education can offer in the lifelong journey of their self-development and improvement. 

For more info about the ESSEC Executive Open Day and registration, click here. 


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