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Anyone looking for a truly unique and spectacular experience at an event should get their hands on Levi’s Stadium VIP box tickets. No matter what event it is, attending the event in the comfort of VIP box seats will deliver an experience like no other seating option. Enjoy and chill with your loved ones in the comfort of your own space with top-class furnishings and amenities to pamper you. Host a business meeting with your clients at the convenience of Levi’s Stadium suites. Make the occasion a memorable one by grabbing the opportunity to live the premium side of the event.

How To Buy Levi’s Stadium Suites & Boxes

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Guests who have access to Levi’s Stadium VIP Club seats will be able to relish in a horde of special privileges to boost their time at the event. Some of the common amenities that club seat holders can enjoy include the convenience of private restrooms and an in-seat attendant who’ll make sure that you have a hassle-free experience in these luxury suites. VIP event entrance and VIP parking are also some of the typical privileges you’ll get if you’re a VIP ticket holder. The VIP parking lots at Levi’s Stadium lie in Yellow and Red lots that offer easy access to all the entrances of the venue.

In-suite catering is also another enviable perk. However, take note that only those guests who have access to Citrix Owners Club will be able to enjoy this privilege at the stadium. The amenities of a Levi’s Stadium VIP box holder are plentiful. You’ll also get VIP club access at specific clubs based on the location of the suite that you book, such that the Levi’s Stadium Club and the Yahoo Fantasy Lounge can be accessed by those guests in the SAP Tower. Guests with Owner Club tickets can access the all-inclusive Citrix Owners Club for superior entertainment and experience.

There are five Levi’s Stadium suites that you can choose from to suit your needs and preferences. Lying on both the South and North End Zones, the Cisco Lounge Suite is an ideal option for those guests looking to accommodate 16 to 20 people. 4 to 5 VIP parking passes are included with this suite option. Both interior and exterior seating is available, and the suites feature several HDTVs, kitchenettes, advanced catering with $1000 credit, and VIP club access. The Cisco Lounge Double Suite offers similar amenities to the Cisco Lounge Suite, except that it is more spacious and accommodates up to 32 to 40 people with 10 VIP parking passes and a $2000 credit for food and beverages.

Those who wish to experience the actions on the home sideline can opt for SAP Tower Suite. There are three tower levels, 1, 2, and 3, all of them offering a capacity to hold 16 to 20 guests. Holders of the Sap Tower suites will get 4 to 5 VIP parking access with a $1000 food and beverage credit. These Levi’s Stadium suites offer both interior and exterior seating options with a spacious area for entertainment. Advance catering, private entrance, and exclusive club access are some of the privileges that these tower suites offer their guests. Accessible clubs include the Black Oak Casino Resort Club North and South, Levi’s 501 Club, United Club, NRG Solar Terrace, and Yahoo Fantasy Football Lounge.

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind rooftop experience, the NRG Solar Terrace is an ideal Levi’s Stadium VIP box that offers fans a chance to watch the action from a bird’s eye view. Located on the SAP Suite Tower rooftop, these suites offer 25 tickets each with 5 parking passes and a $500 catering credit. This open-air seating area features several chairs and high-top tables. While all of the above options provide superior treatment and views, the Citrix Owners Club Suite is by far the most premium option available at the stadium. Each suite features 20 tickets with 4 to 5 parking tickets and includes food and beverages. These Levi’s Stadium suites lie on the lowest suite level for exceptional views. You’ll be able to enjoy the grand buffet-style catering in the nearby Owners Club Lounge.

Levi’s Stadium is a major NFL stadium that lies south of San Francisco. The venue has hosted many exciting events throughout the years and always attracts huge crowds of people to its events. It opened in 2014 and has a seating capacity of 68,500 guests, and boasts 174 executive suites. If you wish to experience the magnificence of a Levi’s Stadium VIP box, make the reservations in advance. The address of the stadium is 4900 Marie P DeBartolo Way in Santa Clara. Since its opening, the stadium has served as the home for the professional NFL team, the San Francisco 49ers, and the NCAA Redbox Bowl.

If there is an event that you wish to attend at the venue, don’t hesitate to book a Levi’s Stadium VIP box as soon as possible because these are exclusive and limited seating options. The venue has hosted multiple notable events over the years, including the Pac-12 Football Championship Game, Super Bowl 50, and WrestleMania 31, among others. It has also hosted other sports like ice hockey and soccer and even concerts. World-class artists have staged performances at the stadium, including The Rolling Stones, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Taylor Swift, and Coldplay, among others. You might be able to find available Levi’s Stadium suites for concerts by popular artists like The Weeknd, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Grupo Firme, and Elton John, among others.

Levi’s Stadium VIP Box & Suite Prices And Details

How Much Do Levi’s Stadium VIP Boxes & Suites Cost? 

The cost of Levi’s Stadium VIP Boxes & Suites can depend on multiple factors like the suite type or location, day of the week, event, and more. Shared boxes might be available with single tickets ranging in price from $157 to $789. On average, luxury suites have a price range between $8999 to $30999.

How Many Guests Can Fit In A Levi’s Stadium VIP Box Or Suite?

Find the best Levi’s Stadium VIP Box Or Suite to fit your group. The Cisco Lounge Suite and the Cisco Lounge Double Suite come with 16 to 20 tickets and 32 to 40 tickets, respectively. The SAP Tower Suite includes 16 to 20 tickets, the NRG Solar Terrace offers 25 tickets, while the exclusive Citrix Owners Club Suite comes with 20 tickets.

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