Learning the Art of Tea Blending | Tips You Need To Know

Tea blending

Love trying out different tea herbs online in Australia? Love herbal teas but wondering if you can create a concoction that’s perfect for your preference? Here’s your guide to learning the art of tea blending. 

Tea Blending Instruments

A few tools are required to begin blending tea at home.

  • a scale 
  • a teaspoon
  • tea and additional ingredients/components
  • small mixing bowl
  • 2-3 equal-sized cups, white inside (you’ll be doing side-by-side tastings, so you’ll need more than one)
  • infuser/filters for tea
  • a timer
  • a notebook and a writing instrument

Tea Blending: How to Make Your Own

It’s time to try your hand at tea blending at home! Here’s what you should do:

Choose between a simple and a complex blend

Simple tea blends are a little easier to understand. They are made up of 1-3 ingredients and can be as simple as a combination of pure teas (i.e., Irish Breakfast).

Complex tea blends may have three or more components, as well as additional flavors.

It’s easier to start with a simple blend and work your way up to a more sophisticated one. Simple tea blends are typically delicious on their own, but there are occasions when you want to add additional ingredients to enhance the flavor profile.

It’s best to start with something you enjoy and are familiar with. If you prefer pure teas, start with a simple blend if you prefer flavored, floral, or fruity beverages. You can buy bulk organic herbs online at stores that sell organic tea in Australia

Learn about each type of tea and the ingredients that go into it.

Steep and taste each component separately before combining. Basically, anything else you’d like to throw into a mix!

This will assist you in comprehending the flavor profiles and how they may or may not interact.

If you’re using dried best herbal tea, be cautious and look up any potential side effects or cautions before combining.

Weigh the ingredients and create two or more mix variations.

When making a tea blend, aim for a total weight of 2-2.5 grams, or around one teaspoon. As it’s recommended to blend a single serving of tea first, this will be enough to make the tea in one 8 ounces cup/mug for tasting. Not only does this make it easy to make changes to a recipe, but it also means less tea is wasted.

Weigh the tea and ingredients separately, then combine them in a small mixing bowl after the total weight is reached. Toss the ingredients together to combine, then steep as directed.

Cups or mugs with a white interior are recommended for a better view of the infusion’s appearance.

More than one cup or mug is required, as stated in the list of tools required for tea blending. This is because you should make two or more blend variants. Preparing both at the same time is preferable because a side-by-side tasting will allow you to compare the differences more properly.

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