Learn more about bitcoin and other important cryptocurrencies (2021)

other important cryptocurrencies (2021)

Along with fiat currencies a different kind of world is being developed daily. The world of cryptocurrencies is that world and is getting famous with every passing day. The world is self-evolving and much advanced as compared to the physical world though it has no tangible existence. It has become the best intangible source of assets and profits. Rightly said, it is commonly referred to as digital gold.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is considered next to Bitcoin. The place of Ethereum is just after bitcoin and it is a global cryptocurrency. In recent times it has become much famous among the people due to its constant rising rates of profit. Many beginners are now trying to invest in this currency. It was invented in 2013 and till then it has marked its place in the market.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

This is not exactly bitcoin but almost similar to it. It was invented due to the limitation of bitcoin that is its non-reversible nature. When the programmers found the limitation much annoying it led to the invention of Bitcoin cash. So, if you are planning to trade or mine Bitcoin, then you may visit Bitcoin Bank


Google engineers have contributed to the digital market in the form of Litecoin. Google guarantees security, efficiency, and regularity of the coins from their brand end and people found this currency quite useful to them. The prices are fluctuating but the promising nature is good for the market.


Better than Ethereum this currency is making rounds in the digital market. The digital supporters are seeing a keen interest in this currency that is leading its way to the path of popularity. Other common features include its global nature and accessible front of it.

Ripple (XRP)

Invented in 2012, Ripple is getting famous with every passing day. The coins are efficient and the technology used is just similar to other cryptocurrencies. The methods associated with ripple are fast, secure, and efficient. The currency is very much similar to bitcoin. It also has the facility of an intersystem coin making it an extra self-sufficient currency.

Cardano (ADA)

It is the ultimate supporter of Ethereum. The blockchain technology associated with it is the best in class and is considered third in its ranking. Apart from the ranking, it is equally efficient, fast, and secure. It is not very popular but is an option for long-term investment.

Stellar (XLM)

Stellar was invented by the founder of ripple. The sole purpose of inventing this currency was to make payments easier and more efficient. The security of ripple and efficiency of the same comes as the inbuilt nature of this currency.


It uses a quite new protocol called Tangle and it is considered an unusual cryptocurrency. Though the technology used is novel in its nature but still it is popular due to its long-term investing benefits. The prices are less fluctuating and it adds to its popularity.


The digital currency followed and used by maximum programmers around the world is known by the name NEO. It is famous among programmers due to its flexible nature and secure, efficient platform. The future of NEO is also bright just like other crypto assets.


Chainlink is based on an Oracle network and is one of the most famous crypto-assets around the globe. The reason for it getting famous is that it is an open-source type of currency that helps the developers to experiment with the source code involved in the algorithm thereby making it more useful to them. This flexible nature of chainlink makes it more famous and other features include security, reliability, functionality, and efficiency.

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