Learn How to Do Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning Like A Pro!

Taking good care of the commercial dryer vents doesn’t only mean that the person will be getting clean and fresh laundry but, it also refers to the surety of getting the best out of it for a longer time period. Though, there are a few people who are reluctant to keep their dryers clean and healthy which eventually costs them in terms of spending on their dryer vent repair. Not taking proper care of the vents causes residues to deposit on the walls of the vent, which leads to clogging, damage, or even life-threatening hazards like fire.

In case of having residue buildup in the commercial vent or the lint traps, there would be higher chances of hire whereas, if there is clogging, then there would be excessive heat followed by lesser airflow. This would increase the chances of catching fire. So, it’s crucial to keep an eye on the condition and performance of dryer vents so that it would be easy to go for commercial dryer vent cleaning at the right time.

Cleaning the Commercial Dryer Vents

When it comes to commercial dryer vent cleaning, the following parts need special attention:

For Internal Cleansing

  • Lint Filters

The first and foremost thing to clean is the lint filter that should remain clean for every wash. Users are required to clean lint filters after every wash so that there would be no bacteria, germs or dirt present before the next wash. This cleaning is a bit difficult in a Laundromat or laundry facility but it’s not impossible. All owners have to do is to be particular with the rule, no matter how much crowd they have on a regular basis.

They should instruct employees to always check the lint filters and leave a note for the public or users to always wash the filters before and after every wash. If someone uses fabric softener sheets, the mesh screen has to be cleaned because it would have a lawyer of film. Just wash the screen with soapy water to remove the residues. However, if the layer is thick, then it can be removed with scrubbing only. 

  • Inside Drum

After the lint filter, the inside drum comes next in the cleaning process. It doesn’t require that much cleaning until and unless it was asked to wash dirty and messy clothes. If there are residues stuck on its interior, warm up the dryer by letting it run for a few minutes. After that, scrape everything out with an edge tool or a rubber spatula and then wipe that area to make sure that it is properly cleaned. 

  • Dryer Vent

The next step is to clean the commercial dryer vent which is present along with the flammable lint. If there is clogging for a long time period, it might end up catching fire due to heating over time. Keep an eye on its drying ability; if it doesn’t dries clothes in the way it used to, then chances are high that the dryer vent is clogged. So, being the owner, the person has to make sure that all the commercial dryer vents are clean and safe. 

For External Cleaning

Mix white vinegar in half warm water and start wiping down the whole machine. This mixture is intended to remove stains or spills and kill bacteria. In case of having a scuff mark, use a magic eraser sponge and there will be no black marks on the unit. However, do a cleaning test on an area that is not that visible- make sure that it doesn’t cause any damage to the finish. 

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