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In the simplest terms, Flowplayer.com is a perfectly scalable HTML5 video streaming platform. In many ways, it is the perfect option for countless entities that need to publish and stream video content in its many forms.

How Did Your Firm Start Out?

Flowplayer began as an idea to solve the problem of versatile and player for video on the web. Flowplayer actually began way back in 2004, even before video streaming giant YouTube hit the scene.

It only took a few months of work by a pair of innovative brothers before the first version was published as an open-source project on code repository SourceForge.

What Are The Future Development Plans For The Platform?

In recent acquisition by AI developer Thirdpresence, as well as another partnership with Ringier Axel Springer Poland Flowplayer dramatically expanded its potential as a media provider and major streaming entity.

The player itself is constantly under revision, employing a beautifully minimalist design while incorporating incredibly powerful video display capabilities. We are working constantly to improve the performance and the overall power of our platform.

What Sort Of Clientele Is This Platform Best For?

We have solutions for those in the publishing industry to provide a wider variety of content to their readers, as well as other value-added media. We also provide streaming solutions for broadcasting companies and other media-intensive companies like HBO and NASA.

While we do work with international corporations and networks, such as IBM, Universal, Disney, Egmont, Mercedes-Benz, and more, we are certainly not limited to them. We offer robust streaming and video solutions to individuals and small businesses as well. We have an incredibly wide product and service offering, with options for everyone that needs to play video via the web.

Video Is All About Monetization

It’s no longer a question of “if” you should monetize your video content, it is vital to growing your brand. To help you meet that goal, Flowplayer is compatible with most major ad platforms, servers, or networks. We can help you successfully leverage ad services like Google IMA, Google DFP, FreeWheel, AdX, and more.

By helping you achieve higher fill rates, and using powerful ad scheduling tools, Flowplayer makes your ad configuration incredibly simple and flexible. Additionally, while there are a number of video monetization and ad solutions on the market, Flowplayer is one of the few that let you keep 100% of the revenue from those ads. This puts more money back into your pocket.

Once your ads have been running, you can also enjoy the use of our advanced ad analytics. This can not only highlight your strengths, but it can illuminate your weaknesses and allow you to fine-tune your ad content. This way you can reap the biggest rewards and the most growth, with the lowest degree of input and effort.

Drive Your Business Decisions With Solid, Reliable Analytics & Insights

In addition to our impressive ad analytics, Flowplayer has unmatched video analytics. Our AI-powered analytics help to show you the most relevant info in the most intuitive way so that you have a simple dashboard of all your important metrics.

Not only will Flowplayer provide you with invaluable insight and data relating to your content, but it will help you understand what it all means, in the context of your business. This lets you drill down into the measurements that are important to you, putting your energy and resources where they will give you the biggest return on your investment.

You will know what videos are doing well, and which ones aren’t. You’ll be able to see who’s watching, who’s tuning out, and when so that you can adapt.


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