Leadership Tips to Get into Management


After years of hard work in your field, the next step for your career path is getting into a managerial role. The thought of managing can be exciting and daunting at the same time. It’s important to do well and look after your team and it takes certain skills to do that. 

Prepare beforehand – you’ll have learnt the skills of the trade but take the time to work on your people skills. Learn from current managers and previous managers – see what they do right and wrong. And never stop learning. You may be a manager but even managers don’t always know the answers.

Don’t try to get everything done yourself – it may be tempting to complete everything yourself. Instead, learn how to assign projects and tasks to the right people. This will make your team work more effectively and your staff will feel valued. 

Be decisive – make decisions and stick to them, even the difficult ones. This builds on trust and shows your leadership skills.

Learn from experienced managers – take classes or take advantage of leadership development services that will help you understand how you can implement the right leadership models and develop important management skills. 

Lead by example – this is probably one of the most important leadership tips on this list. Demonstrate the skills that you ask from others yourself. Your team will respect this and will feel inspired to work harder. 

Learn how to address difficult situations – conflict isn’t everyone’s strong suit and many of us try and avoid it as much as we can. Actively listen and practice empathy. When a member of your team approaches you, never interrupt them and confirm what they have told you by repeating it back to them.

Ask for feedback – from your directors, from your team. Assess your strengths and weaknesses to help yourself grow in the role overtime. No one is perfect from the go. 

Plan strategically – while it can be inspiring for your team to hear about your goals and visions, make sure to back it up with a plan. How will you accomplish this goal? Which steps will have to be taken and how can you and your staff get this done together as a team? 

Find your own style – there is a reason why entire articles have been written on the amount of sleep that Jeff Bezos gets and why Steve Jobs meditated. Every successful manager has their own leadership style and approach. Don’t feel obliged to follow someone else’s example if it doesn’t make sense to you. After all, you were given the leadership role for a good reason – because you can drive your business to success. 

Reward good performance – in a high-performing work environment successful employees will set their goals higher. Not only will they feel valued by being able to secure bonuses, increase their income or gain other benefits, but they themselves likely enjoy challenging themselves and being a part of a successful and growing team. Create that environment for them and allow them to keep growing. 

High-performance leadership comes with many challenges but just as many rewards. Focus on the positive and keep learning from successful leaders. Remember that you are in this position because of your skills and talents and that you can help your company achieve growth.  


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