Latest Statistics On the UK Gambling Industry

The UK gambling industry is one of the few worldwide that see a continuous year-on-year revenue boost. This should, however, not come as a surprise. With multiple ways to win, as well as different odds and potential winnings, there are virtually limitless opportunities to have fun. Players can bet on a sports game, a horse race, or a game of cards and enjoy the thrill of getting massive potential returns and bragging rights. In recent years, the gambling industry has grown in leaps and bounds in the UK. How much, you ask? Well, in 2018-2019, Great Britain generated a GGY of £14.26 billion

When most people think of gambling, the idea of a glamorous land-based casino is what pops into their heads. But believe it or not, brick and mortar casinos aren’t the most sought-after form of gambling in the UK. 

The real emerging market is the online one, and its offer is always growing. Just look at how many sites are listed on comparison portals such as to understand how much players are increasingly inclined to play via smartphone and tablet. Needless to say, online gambling is on the rise. As you read further into this article, you’ll learn why this trend will not be slowing down anytime soon. 

Breaking the Numbers Down To the Average Player

The £14.2 billion GGY is significantly bigger than the GDP of a lot of countries. It is, however, vital to realise that these numbers don’t indicate an uncontrollable urge to gamble by the Brits. The average UK online casino player spends an infinitesimal fraction of the gross gambling yield. Be that as it may, the love and excitement that goes into every bet is reflected in the massive figures. Not only are the searches 

The UK gambling industry is fuelled by approximately 24 million adult gamblers. Of all these bettors, 10.5 million, which is close to half, bet online. Recent statistics indicate that just over 45% of UK residents gamble in some way each month. 

The average player bets £2.57 per week or just over £133 annually. These statistics indicate that for most players, gambling is more of an infrequent pastime than a daily habit. But on which games exactly do players spend their money? 

What Are British Players Betting On?

If you’re like most people, you like a bit of variety in life. Not everyone likes to eat the same food daily. Similarly, bettors have a wide range of choice on the type of games they can bet on. There are far more ways to bet than on just a sports game or online casino. If you’d like to explore your options a bit more, we’ve laid out several different ways along with the percentage of bets that each one accumulates.

The National Lottery: With 27.6% of the UK’s gambling community taking part in the national lottery, this is easily the most wagered-on game.

Scratch Cards: Closely following at 11.2%, scratch cards are the second-most gambled-on game by players who’d like to take a quick shot at winning.

Other Lotteries: The national lottery may be the biggest, but it’s not the only lottery in town. 10% of UK bettors enjoy putting their stake on other lotteries. 

Sports Betting: Whether you enjoy wagering on the next football, tennis, or hockey match, if you enjoy betting on sports, you’re part of the 6.6% who do so.

Horse Racing: Since there are a lot of races throughout the year, horse racing is a prime opportunity for betting. 3.8% of gamblers in the UK bet on horse races. 

Slot Machines: You would be tempted to think that slot machines attract a lot more gambling traffic, but they follow horse racing closely at 3.7%. The enticing lights and sounds, as well as huge potential wins, make for a fun gambling experience. Online slot machine technology has also advanced a lot over the past few years, producing more immersive and interactive gameplay.

Bingo: Land-based bingo rooms may have passed their prime period of popularity, but the game is making a huge comeback online. Currently, bingo takes up 2.6% of UK gambling traffic.

Other Games: The gambling world is filled with virtually endless possibilities. Other games may not be as popular, but they collectively take up 1.6% of the gambling community’s attention. 

The UK gambling industry is always coming up with new products to add a bit of fun to players’ lives. Whether you hope to pick a winning horse, win the lottery jackpot, or line up an online slot winning combination, have fun, and most importantly, bet responsibly.

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