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Trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were very difficult at the time of their invention. At this time, crypto trading was full of complexities, such as field-relevant graphs, charts, and pictures that were too difficult to understand. In those days, the benefits of crypto trading were only limited to expert traders who had expertise in this field. It was a dark era for young and inexperienced traders in the crypto market.

After a few years, time took a 360° degree turn when expert software engineers and programmers introduced Bitcode Prime in the crypto market. Bitcode Prime revolutionized the Crypto market by ensuring easy trading of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for each and every person. Its simple trading interface allows everyone to invest and lay the foundation for its bright future. Let’s go into detail about Bitcode Prime to know what it is in actuality, how it works, its features, and its legitimacy.

What is Bitcode Prime?

Bitcode Prime is an Ai-based trading platform that allows everyone to invest and earn passive income. Many expert software engineers, programmers, and crypto traders have built it efficiently for people’s ease. It is powered by an advanced algorithm to analyze the ups and downs in the prices of different cryptocurrencies in the market. Moreover, believing in its AI technology, it claims to trade faster than human traders millions of times.

Amazingly, Bitcode Prime deals with the seven most emerging and fastest growing cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Ripple, EOS, IOTA, and NEO. This feature creates more trading opportunities for traders to earn more. It is free to use the platform and doesn’t demand its user to pay the registration fee or other hidden charges. What you gain with Bitcode Prime is your own without paying a commission of a single penny. 

Bitcoin offers both manual and automated trading modes to its users. One common thing between them is that it generates the most beneficial trading signals for both.  For automated trading mode, it doesn’t require any manual attention from its users. It executes trades on their behalf whenever it finds the most profitable trading opportunity.

Pros and Cons of Bitcode Prime


  • Free-to-use trading platform
  • Web-based platform(can be accessed anytime and anywhere)
  • Trades seven popular cryptocurrencies
  • Offers both automated and manual trading modes
  • Offers free demo account
  • Free Registration
  • Free instant Withdrawals
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Works 24/7
  • Legit Platform


  • Requires minimum 250$

How does Bitcode Prime work?

Bitcode Prime uses its sophisticated algorithm based on artificial intelligence to identify price movements in the market. In manual trading mode, it analyzes the market trends and sends signals of the most profitable trading to traders to take action. This way, it helps the trader to trade manually in efficient way.

In automated trading mode, Bitcode Prime doesn’t demand you to stay active all the time. You need to set up your account and trading strategies and deposit 250$ to start trading. After setting up, Bitcode Prime will begin to implement your trading strategies on your behalf.

When it finds the most profitable trading opportunities, it opens trades on your behalf using your funds.  At the end of every trading session, it transfers all the funds, including your profits, into your account, which you can withdraw anytime.

Is Bitcode Prime a Legit Trading Platform?

The presence of many scammers in the crypto market gives you the right to ask questions about the credibility of Bitcode Prime. The same question also came to our mind. So, to verify this platform’s legitimacy, our teams of expert traders have used it many times to test its claims. It proved a legit and trustworthy platform in all our tests.

Our team of experts has analyzed different social media platforms to check people’s reviews about their credibility. Its users have reviewed it positively and recommend the other as the best trading platform. However, it offers a free demo account to its users. You can evaluate  its performance using free demo account before putting your real money at risk. 

Key Features of Bitcode Prime

Bitcode Prime has outstanding features that make it unique among all the other crypto trading platforms. Let’s discuss these features in detail.

24/7 Customer Support

Bitcode Prime has hired a team of experts and active persons who are always available to you in case of any issue. You can approach them through live chat or email to solve your problems. Moreover, you can also optimize your trading experience by taking useful tips from them.

Full-time Work

Unlike human traders who cannot trade all the time, Bitcode Prime executes trades 24/7 for its user. It is powered by artificial intelligence that allows it to work all the time to execute profitable trading on behalf of its users. 

Not Require any Special Skill

Bitcode Prime has made it possible for every person to trade cryptocurrencies efficiently. Its user-friendly interface doesn’t require users to learn any special skill t. Moreover, there is no need to have the crypto trading experience to start trading with it.

Free to Use

Bitcode Prime is free of cost trading platform. It doesn’t charge any registration or hidden charges on the name of the commission to its users. What you earn with this trading robot will be your own.

Free and Instant Withdrawals

Bitcode Prime offers free and instant unlimited Withdrawals to its users. All you need to do is to submit your Withdrawal form, which will be processed within less than 24 hours.

How can you use Bitcode Prime?

If you have decided to invest money in Bitcode Prime and change your life, you need to follow a few steps.

  1. Go on Google and visit the official website of Bitcode Prime. Find the registration form and enter the required information, such as your name, mobile number, and email address. Then, click on the Register icon to sign up.
  2. After the verification of registration, deposits funds minimum of 250$.You can deposit through Debit Card, Credit card, or bank transfers.
  3. When you deposit funds into your account, Bitcode Prime will offer you a free demo account that you can use to optimize your trading strategies. After learning the working style of software, you can go for live trading. 


Bitcode Prime is a legit trading platform that uses an advanced algorithm to find the best crypto trading opportunity in the market. All the claims that it makes are 100% genuine, and our team has verified them. In the end, we will like to suggest that you must start trading with a demo account before going for live trading.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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