Kratom May Have Therapeutic Effects And Relatively Low Potential For Abuse, According To A User Survey

Herbs have always been paramount for human life because they can add a great deal of positivity to it. However, there are many that continue to be in the news for all the wrong reasons. One such herb, which is often hounded by the media and continues to be scrutinized every day, is none other than kratom. If you don’t know, it is a tropical plant that is native to Southeast Asia and continues to grow there. If you sift through Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, China, and India, you will find this herb being sold in abundance in these countries.

Traditionally, people were only exposed to their recreational purposes, but now, with much evolution of technology and scientific research, people are using it for medicinal reasons as well. Today, kratom is infused in food items, edibles, snacks, desserts, and beverages. This herb is so popular that its net worth is already close to $1 billion. The only proven health benefit of kratom is, it helps in weight loss. This is the main reason why kratom herbal tea is popular in Asian countries.

Kratom is far less researched as compared to its contemporaries, such as CBD, which is why it is hard to say anything about its veracity to be used as a medicine. Using kratom for medicinal reasons is strictly prohibited everywhere in the world because of its side effects. Now, some research has suggested that kratom might be good for its therapeutic effects, but nothing can be said concrete about it. People who actively purchase this plant from online platforms such as kratom crazy, happy hippo herbals and others, claim that it provides relaxation to their mind and body.

Before we swoon over any prospective health benefits of this herb, it is essential to weigh the side effects. People who are fanatic consumers of this plant complain about depression, anxiety issues, panic attacks, hallucinations, nausea, vomiting, bloatedness, heartache, headaches, kidney failure, breathing difficulties, constipation, weight loss, acne, loss of appetite and a lot more. These are some of the reasons that have compelled scientists to give it a thumbs down for medicinal reasons. Contrary to this, people who consume it frequently claim it helps provide relaxation to the brain for an odd number of hours, declutters the mind from stress, can treat depression and cure several health conditions.

Currently, much research is still underway to know the possible health benefits of this plant. Unless scientists don’t come up with something appealing for the world to know, this herb will continue to get scrutinized by critics. The truth be told, from being acknowledged as a life-threatening herb to being used for weight loss medicine, kratom has come a long way. Gone are the days when kratom was used for recreational reasons only, now, people are aware of its weight loss benefits, which is why they drink kratom kava and tea. If you sift through a regular club in the US, you will be offered kratom tea and kava for as low as $7.


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