KeepProductive: Spike is “iMessage For Your Email”


In today’s fast-paced business world, effective communication is critical to success. With remote work becoming more common and teams spread out across different locations, communication tools are becoming increasingly important for staying connected and getting work done efficiently. In 2023, having the right communication tools and reliable email apps will be more important than ever.

KeepProductive, a prominent all-things-tech video content series on YouTube, recently delved into the best-rated email applications in the market that can be useful to users – both for personal and professional use. In the channel’s recent episode, 15+ Email Management Apps For 2023, host and content creator Francesco D’Alessio went down to the nitty gritty of the must-have email management tools for every individual. “Today, we explore this year’s round-up of the best email apps on the market for 2023 and how to get started with them, who they’re most suitable for and more,” he said.

“iMessage for Your Email”

Franceso kick starts his list with Spike, a collaborative email platform that boasts the functionality of an email with the ease, simplicity, and straightforwardness of chat.

“If you’ve not heard of Spike, it’s like a conversational email,” Francesco said. “It’s available on quite a lot of platforms, actually, and it does seem pretty reliable. I have used it in the past as a trial period in my review that we did in-depth here on my channel, and it’s sort of like using iMessage for your email so you can write conversations and send them, but it sends them all in the right format just in much more of a relaxed style, which is nice.”

Francesco also notes Spike’s flexibility as an all-in-one communication platform, from file management to collaboration between fellow Spike users. “And if you have, or you’re communicating with someone using Spike, you can also interact with a lot more multimedia like documents,” he continued.

Boost Productivity, Recover Wasted Hours

The Co-Founders of Spike, CEO Dvir Ben Aroya and CTO Erez Pilosof, acknowledge that the way people work has significantly changed and developed, leading them to create a cutting-edge workspace communication solution. Due to the abundance of productivity apps, employees often waste valuable time managing these tools and constantly switching between them.

Spike, equipped with advanced features like Priority Inbox and Super Search, has established itself as a crucial email, messaging, and productivity tool in various organizations across multiple industries worldwide. Its user-friendly interface and streamlined design help minimize distractions, allowing users to boost their productivity and recover from wasted time.

A Notable “Spike” in Popularity

Due to its versatility, Spike has demonstrated an increasing demand from email users on a global scale. With over 1.5 million users worldwide, including renowned organizations like Philips, Shopify, Fiverr, Zoom, Sephora, and more, Spike is quickly proving to be one of the most sought-after communication tools for employees of all levels.

“Spike is growing in popularity, it’s always being featured by Apple these days,” Francesco concludes. “It’s worth checking out if you want a more fluid email, especially for you and your team.”

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