Karndean Flooring Prices In UK: A Complete Cost Guide 2022

Karndean Flooring

Karndean flooring is one of the most popular products in the UK. The company has been in business for over 60 years and has become known for its high-quality vinyl flooring products.

The product is very durable. It has a lifespan of between five and ten years and will look new for many years after installation.

It comes in various colours and patterns that appeal to almost every customer’s taste buds, making it easy to find something that will work well with your home decorating scheme.

At first glance, Karndean might not seem like a desirable option for someone who wants to install new flooring in their home. But if you take a closer look at the company behind Karndean—a company called Wenzel—you’ll see that there’s more to this company than meets the eye.

Karndean Flooring Installation Costs UK

Now comes the question of how much will Karndean flooring installation cost in 2022. Well, the prices differ for different brands. However, the best choice you can have now is bark.com, and the company will give you a great package at minimum cost. 

Here’s a tip. Before going for the brand, you can estimate your flooring cost through simple steps.

Karndean flooring costs depend on many factors, including the type of flooring, its finish, and even the design. As a result, before calculating your Karndean flooring costs, you need to know the exact area you want to cover.

The type of flooring has an impact on its overall cost. For example, carpet tile is more expensive than vinyl plank but less expensive than hardwood or laminate. The price per meter also impacts the total cost of your Karndean flooring project. For example, carpet tile is more costly per square foot than vinyl plank but less expensive than hardwood floors or laminate flooring. Finally, if you want a design element on your floors, such as a patterned finish or colour scheme, this will also affect the overall cost of your Karndean flooring project.

Karndean Range Minimum Cost/M2 Time Taken (Days) Labor Day Rate Minimum Cost For Entire Floor Minimum Total Fitting Cost
Opus £25 1-5 £150 £500 £650 – £1250
Da Vinci £32 1-5 £150 £620 £770 – £1370
Palio Clic £33 1-5 £150 £660 £810 – £1410
Korlok £40 1-5 £150 £800 £950 – £1550

Room Cost Calculations

For the room cost calculations, you need to be extremely precise. The Karndean floor tiles are not made to absorb water. So, make sure you are not using it for outside purposes. 

If your floor is in good condition and relatively flat, you can skip the preparation phase of installing tile. You won’t need to lay the plywood on top of the existing flooring or screw it down—you should be able to just put the tiles directly on top of the floor.

Another thing that you will want to do is make sure that you have a good base for tiling. It means that you should prepare the floor well before tiling it, so there are no problems when installing new tiles on top of an existing base.

You might consider these factors to calculate the estimated cost for your room or the entire house. 

Living room – The typical size of the living room is 20 m. So, you can expect an average of $50 – $60, along with the labour cost. 

Bedroom –  Bedrooms cover a relatively smaller area. Hence, you can get your bedroom flooring done for a minimum of £280. Moreover, the cost also depends upon the style of Vinyl you select. 

Bathroom and Kitchen – The kitchen floor and bathrooms are places that use the Vinyl floor. It is because both the places can get easily wet. Hence, you can get your Karndean Vinyl flooring for £130. However, charges might increase according to labour.

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Installation Of Karndean Flooring

Installation of the Karndean floor needs a professional hand, but you can do it merely by watching videos on the internet. However, it is better to get skilled labour for this work. The project is not small, and it is time-consuming and complex. 

Here is the step-by-step procedure for the installation of the Karndean floor. 

  • Preparation

You need to know that all of our Karndean products are manufactured following a strict quality control process that ensures each piece meets our high standards. It includes an extensive testing regimen to ensure they’re safe for use on your flooring project – so you can be confident that your room will look beautiful when Karndean is finished!

So, the first step you should take is allowing the pieces to adjust to the surrounding conditions after taking them out of the packaging. The room temperature should be average during this procedure, and you can keep it between 20 degrees Celsius to 26 degrees Celsius. 

If your room has wooden flooring, ensure all the planks are firmly fixed. If your existing wooden floor needs any fixation, do it before the Karndean flooring. Make sure your foundation has no gaps or creaks.

Concrete floors only need to be level and smooth if they are made of concrete. Seal the surface with diluted PVA to prevent dust from coming loose. Dried PVA should be allowed to cure for a few days. To remove all unevenness, use a smoothing compound. It is typical to have a thickness of 3mm.

When all the concrete is cleaned and smoothened, it’s time to take the next step. 

  • Plywood Subfloor

If you require a plywood subfloor, your flooring installers will advise you on its thickness. You should follow the guideline based on the condition of the existing floor. Your fitter or labour will cut and reshape the plywood to fit it on your original floor. After this, the fitter will use a Karndean skim coat. Professional workers already know about these precautionary instructions. However, you can guide them further to make your floor look even and smooth. 

Your existing floor can be made up of any material, and there are different ways to prepare beds made up of other materials. This is when you will genuinely need professional labour or a handyperson; you can not learn to prepare different types of floors on your own. 

  • Laying The Karndean Floor

Now, it’s time for the next step. It would help if you had the essential tools to complete this step. Firstly, you need an Epoxy resin. After this, you will need a high-temperature and pressure-sensitive adhesive. At last, you might need Acrylic, and your flooring installers will know what is best for this step. 

Following the manufacturer’s instructions, the fitter now applies the recommended adhesive to the subfloor. Afterwards, arrange each tile or plank in the cement according to its style and pattern. Be careful when cutting the flooring around corners and doorways, as the adhesive manufacturer specifies a time limit. 

The best roller for rolling in an ample room weighs 68kg. Make sure your handyperson is using the same. The weight might differ according to the area. 

Now comes the conclusion. Keenly ensure that no one walks or runs on the floor for at least the next 24 hours. Unnecessary traffic may cause wear and tear to the bed, and you can use the surface after 24 hours or more. 

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Different Ranges Of Karndean Floor

You have a good choice when it comes to Karndean flooring. Karndean products come in a variety of styles, colours, and materials. Here are a few flooring types in Karndean. 

  • Opus Karndean Flooring

If you want something inexpensive, you can go for this one. Opus flooring is new in the market. Despite being unique, it took the Karndean flooring industry by storm. The chic designs come in wood and stone, and the texture and colours are vibrant. Hence, you can get the best Karndean flooring at a minimum rate. 

  • Palio Clic 

This is another style of Karndean floors. This range comes in stone and wood designs. Again, the colour and texture are so lovely that the flooring looks natural, and the wood design is carefully designed to make it an extremely natural look. 

Other than this, the stone texture is also very authentic. No one can tell if it is flooring or actual stones in your room, and the fascinating look makes it impossible to ignore. 

The pricing factor is not problematic at all. The flooring is, undoubtedly, not cheap, yet also not too expensive. 

You can get Palio Clic for an average amount. After this, you can negotiate with the fitter and call your flooring done. 

  • Da Vinci 

Da Vinci flooring is similar to Palio Clic, and the flooring comes in stone and wood designs. Again, this design is not too expensive, and you can easily afford it. 

However, the difference between Da Vinci and Palio Clic flooring lies in its strength, and Da Vinci flooring can easily bear wear and tear. 

It is usually used in kitchens and bathrooms. As it can absorb moisture and resist viruses, it is best for these places. 

So, if you are trying to give your bathroom or kitchen a stylish look, go for Da Vinci Karndean flooring. 

  • Korlok Karndean Flooring

If you want to do something expensive for your house, Korlok Karndean flooring is the right choice. It does not come at inexpensive rates. However, the style and texture are worth the money. 

The flooring comes in stone and wood designs. However, the texture and quality are far better than the abovementioned flooring types. 

Korlok flooring is best for fancy interior decoration. If you are trying to give your bedroom, drawing room, or living room a luxurious look, go for Korlok flooring. 

The best part is that it is 100% waterproof. You can spill a whole bottle of water on the floor, and it will not cause wear and tear. 

Moreover, most people use it in offices and rooms because it is also noise-proof, and the acoustic foaming minimizes the noise transfer. 

The flooring works best in winter, and the foaming absorbs the heat and keeps your space warm. Hence, foam insulation is best for noise reduction and heat-retaining. 

Korlok Karndean flooring is as easy to install as any other flooring. 

All you need is professional labour for installation. You might find Korlok flooring expensive, but you won’t regret it once you get it installed. The fast installation and other benefits make it highly worthy. 

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Alternatives To Karndean Flooring

There are multiple alternatives to Karndean flooring, which are designed to give an exact look of Karndean flooring. 

Karndean flooring can be expensive, and a lot of labour is required for its installation. Hence, many people avoid it in their homes; moreover, it can not be used outside the house. 

Hence, people look for alternatives that can provide the same beautiful look and style but at lower rates. 

If you are looking for something other than Karndean, you still have multiple options. Let us explain each one by one.

  • Quick-Step Livyn

It is one of the most acceptable alternatives to Karndean flooring, and it is a strong flooring option that does not quickly go under wear and tear. Moreover, you can expect stainless and scratch-free flooring in your room. 

It is a good option because it is less expensive than Karndean. However, the look and finishing are the same.

The scratch guard technology of Quick-step Livyn ensures a rugged look. Moreover, the flooring does not cause problems for years. 

Choosing between wood and stone effects is possible when purchasing Quick-Step floors. Their softness and comfort make them extremely comfortable to walk on. They are designed with sound-absorption properties, which reduce noise from unwanted sources.

Easy installation is one of the benefits of Quick-Step floors that support Uniclic Multifit. 

  • Lifestyle

The range of colours in lifestyle flooring is remarkable. You can choose a wide variety of styles for this type of flooring. The vibrant yet decent colours make it irresistible. Once the flooring is done, your house will have a unique look. 

The design of the Lifestyle flooring is wood and stone. But this wood and stone design differs from others because of its unique texture and stunning properties. 

Lifestyle flooring is typically done in kitchens and bathrooms. The places where there is a danger of constant wear and tear, Lifestyle flooring is the best. 

Lifestyle floors are straightforward to install. Hence, the labour won’t cost much. You can learn the installation and help yourself as well. 

  • Parador

The beauty of natural materials combined with the practicality of vinyl flooring makes Parador. 

Parador’s vinyl floors are perfect for any modern interior, thanks to their wood and stone design. They come in various contemporary designs and are suitable for heavy-duty residential and commercial uses.

Parador’s vinyl floors are long-lasting, challenging, and easy to install. With a low sheen surface, they are ideal for heavy-duty residential and commercial applications. The floor design has moisture-resistant core boards — the floors are extremely stable as a result. 

Parador vinyl floors have the look and feel of natural materials, but they are stable enough for heavy-duty commercial areas thanks to their moisture-resistant core boards. The click system makes installation quick and easy.

  • Bentley

Bentley vinyl floors are the perfect choice for your next flooring project. Made from multiple layers of Vinyl, this flooring boasts exceptional strength and stability. It comes in various colours and materials to suit residential, light commercial, and heavy commercial applications. Bentley vinyl is also available with an easy and fast interlocking installation system. This material is highly noise-absorbent, which makes it extremely stable and silent.

Bentley vinyl floors are some of the most sought-after options for residential, light commercial, and heavy commercial applications. These floors feature a durable wear layer that protects them from everyday wear and tear, and they also have a polyurethane wear layer, which makes them highly durable.

Bentley floors come in different patterns, colours, and styles to suit your needs. You can choose from multiple thicknesses of Vinyl to suit your flooring needs. If you’re looking for an easy installation process or an interlocking system that makes it easier for you to install your flooring, look no further than Bentley vinyl floors!

  • Amtico

Amtico is a UK-based flooring company that has been around for over 20 years. The company supplies high-quality products at affordable prices, and the designs and textures include many realistic wood, abstract, and stone flooring products. Their methods include many different textures and materials, including wood, stone, and concrete.

When you’re looking for a new flooring option, Amtico is a good choice. 

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FAQs Regarding Karndean Flooring

1. Does Karndean look cheap?

Karndean flooring is one of the best floorings you can do in your house or office. If you think it will look cheap, you are wrong. 

Karndean flooring is one the most refined floorings, and it is expensive and worth its money. 

Most people avoid Karndean flooring because it is expensive and needs a lot of care-taking. Usually, Karndean flooring is not waterproof; hence, it can not be used in washrooms, bathrooms, or kitchens. As it is fancy and delicate, it can quickly wear and tear. These are some purposes people go for Karndean flooring alternatives. 

Karndean flooring comes in standard designs. Mostly you can find wood and stone designs. However, the texture and quality differ from other floorings, which are more chic and glossy. Anyone can get attracted to the look. 

People often compare engineered wood with Karndean wood designs. Most people get confused about what to choose. If you have any doubts, you can read the comparison in detail. 

However, the primary difference is between looks, delicacy, and strength. Firstly, the Karndean floor is made up of Vinyl, which gives a glimpse of the original wood. Karndean flooring is not complex to install but is time-taking and needs pre-conditions. Once it is installed, it is exceptionally durable. 

On the other hand, the engineered floor has more strength. Unlike Karndean flooring, it is not delicate, and the stability makes it long-lasting. Also, it can bear heavy traffic. For better results, you should consider layering at least 4 mm depth, increasing the floor’s durability.

So, if you want something inexpensive, you can go for engineered floors or any other alternatives like Lifestyle Floors or Bentley Flooring. However, if you are looking for something fancier, go for Karndean flooring, which will not look cheap; instead will provide a superior look. 

2. How long does Karndean flooring last?

Despite being delicate, Karndean flooring does not cause problems for at least 35 years and has a guarantee of 12 years. So, if anything happens in between, it will be the company’s responsibility. 

Karndean flooring is strong. You can use it for daily use for 35 years, and it will not go under any wear and tear. However, a great weight can cause breakage. So, giving an average amount of pressure and weight on the flooring is better. 

Most people get concerned about the shine of flooring getting dimmed over time, and the industry guarantees more than a decade. In short, you can expect continuous glossiness for 10-12 years. 

So, you can expect the vibrancy of colours and design for a long time. Other flooring styles or types may be durable or strong, but their colours fade away in ten years. Hence, if you are looking for something extraordinary for your room or house, Karndean flooring is a good option. 

3. Does Karndean scratch easily?

The most straightforward answer to this question is no. The Kardean flooring does not scratch easily as it is manufactured scratch resistant. The best thing about Karndean flooring is that you can push your furniture over the floor. Even if the furniture scratches, it won’t cause any trouble to the floor. 

Most people worry about their pets scratching the floor, which marks the flooring and makes it unattractive. However, this is not the case for Karndean flooring. 

Industries design Karndean flooring with such a material that it becomes scratch resistant. This ability of flooring makes it long-lasting. 

You can simply mop it if you feel it has dirt or unnecessary scratches over the floor. 

Mopping Karndean flooring does not cause trouble; a little water or cleaning liquid on the mop can wipe the unwanted scratches. 

This ability of Karndean flooring keeps it hygienic and clean for daily use. Moreover, you can also use a soft broom to wipe out the dirt. 

Karndean flooring is unquestionably durable flooring. Hence, you can clean it with a damp mop or broom and wipe out the dirt or scratches. 

4. How frequently should you clean the Karndean flooring?

Karndean flooring does not need frequent cleaning, and its glossy, scratch-free look keeps it clean. To remove dirt, you can mop it daily or whenever you like. Regular sweeping is also recommended.

Karndean flooring needs a deep cleaning session every six months or a year. You need to refresh the flooring after this period, and removing stuck dirt or bugs is essential.

However, the process is not complicated. Cleaning is not a complex task; you can do it independently. 

You can find a Karndean’s Remove product easily in your nearest stores. These products are for preparing your floor before the cleaning session. After this, you can get your Karndean refreshing. 

Karndean refreshing or deep cleaning is an easy process. Although Karndean flooring is scratch-free, the vital will wipe out all minor scratches. Hence, the glossy look will return. 

Moreover, if any damage has been caused to the floor, you can also get it cleaned. 

You can do a daily cleaning session through the simplest things to avoid problems. 

For instance, if you have spilt anything over the floor, wipe it out as soon as possible. Oil or other products can cause stains over the surface. 

One other thing you can do to avoid dirt is using entrance maps. You can use it for protection against grit. Unnecessary moisture often from the feet and shoes causes trouble as well. Also, the mat you use should be fine and coated with natural latex. Rubber sticking can also cause stains. However, these can also be avoided and cleaned by using cleaning liquids. 

Get Quotes From Karndean Floor Fitters

Karndead flooring is one of the best floorings for your houses and offices, and it is fancy, glossy, and looks admirable. 

Karndean floorings are best for multiple reasons. First of all, the cost is worth the design and features. Karndean flooring costs 2022 are affordable, and you can have a good package at an excellent price.

Moreover, the strength and durability of the colour scheme make it very desirable.

Mostly, the cost of floorings gets high when it comes to fitters and labourers. However, Karndean floorings are easy to install; hence, no fitter will charge you a lot for the installation of Karndean flooring. 

Furthermore, you should keep in mind that you will always need a professional fitter for installation. You can not do it for a DIY project; some fittings and cuttings are difficult. Hence, get a fitter who can guide you about the size and costs according to your room size. 

Moreover, get a quotation of three to four handypersons before installation. It will help you understand the cost of Karndean flooring in 2022. There is a high chance of mistakes during installation; multiple people can also fraud you about the price. 

So, always go for good company. Bark.com is a good option for this. 

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