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So are you excited for the year’s NFL season? It’s the most anticipated event for football fans, and if you too are, you sure are attending the games this season. Of course, instead of watching the match from the TV screen, being there in person and witnessing it live is a lifetime experience. If you’re planning to watch the Chiefs game this season, ensure that your Kansas City Chiefs parking is reserved prior to the event. Whether you’re attending the home or away games, having a booked parking space for the event can help you save a lot of time and money. In saying this, upon arrival, you will be required to show your valid Kansas City Chiefs parking pass, but without one, you’ll be directed offsite, and that’s the worst thing that could happen, which can ruin the fun. Also, searching for available parking lots around the stadium on game day is far from easy as parking spaces are mostly reserved in advance. So to find and book the best parking lots close to the stadium, it’s best to book one online at a reasonable price.

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Several Kansas City Chiefs parking is available online at varying price points depending on whether you’re looking for VIP parking, general paring, open-air parking, or others. There’s ample parking space, and finding one for the game you wish to attend is easy. But if you’re aiming for the best parking lot, it’s crucial that you book your space ahead of time. You’ll also find several Kansas City Chiefs garage parking around the stadium, but ensure that your parking is reserved ahead of time as garage parking is mainly sought after. The advantage of purchasing and booking your parking online is that there are always exciting deals, and you can easily secure your parking at a great deal. So do yourself a big favor by purchasing your Kansas City Chiefs parking ahead of time for seamless parking on the game day. Why make it hard for yourself when you can quickly book your parking space from the comfort of your home at a great price! Upon reaching the venue, you can conveniently drive straight to your designated parking lot and park your car. It’s highly recommended that fans book their lots prior to the event to avoid inconveniences and parking hassles on the game day. 

The American professional football team from Kansas City, Kansas City Chiefs, was established in 1959 and is a member of the AFC West division. Initially, the team was based in Dallas, Texas, and was named Dallas Texans, where they played for three seasons and won their first AFL championship in 1962. In 1963, the team moved to Kansas and was renamed the Kansas City chiefs. They quickly became one of the strongest teams in the AFL, with multiple playoff appearances during the championship games. In 1966, the Chiefs won the AFL Championship Game defeating the AFL Champion Buffalo Bills. The following year, they played with NFL’s champion Green Bay Packers, making it the first AFL-NFL World Championship Game. Though the Chiefs lost to the Packers, they made a name for themselves and earned respect. In 1969, the team bounced back and defeated the Minnesota Vikings during the AFL-NFL World Championship Game, becoming the second AFL team to beat the NFL team. Not only that, but the Chiefs appeared twice during the championship games for two decades, making them the first AFL team to do so. The Chiefs won 87 games from 1961 to 1969, marking the most win in the 10-year history of the American Football League. 

By 1970 the Chiefs joined the NFL, winning only 7 games during the first season and missing the playoffs. Despite the early success of winning several postseason games, the team didn’t advance to the playoffs for decades. Between 1993 to 2017, the Chiefs lost 10 out of 11 playoff matches, marking an eight-game losing streak. Since winning the Super Bowl IV in 1969, the Chiefs failed to maintain their Championship status for decades and have won only 6 playoff games. However, in 2020, the team finally bought home its championship trophy in 50 years during Super Bowl LIV, defeating the San Francisco 49ers. Though they made it to Super Bowl LV in 2021, the team lost to the Buccaneers. Rivalry matches make the games interesting, and tickets for these types of matches are highly prized. The Chiefs vs. the Raiders is one of the most extreme rivalries in the NFL that attracts attention from the fans, including their game with the Broncos. 

You’re lucky if you’re waiting to see the Chiefs vs. the Raiders and the Broncos this season! The Chiefs will be facing both the teams in its home games, including other teams such as Buffalo Bills, Los Angeles Rams and Seattle Seahawks. So if you’re all ready with your game tickets, ensure that your Kansas City Chiefs parking is also ready to get to sit for the game on time. Also, for individuals looking for a convenient space for parking, Kansas City Chiefs club parking will be available. Whichever parking you’re booking, it’s recommended that you plan to reach the venue before the game begins so that you can park comfortably park your car without any rush.

Kansas City Chiefs VIP Parking 

So you’re looking for the best space for parking? In that case, you should get yourself a Kansas City Chiefs VIP parking pass! Being a VIP always comes with perks, and you can enter the venue from a dedicated VIP entry on the day of the game. The advantage of being a VIP is that you not only get to park in the stadium’s best parking area but may also include valet parking. 

How Much Does Kansas City Chiefs VIP Parking Cost?

On average, Kansas City Chiefs VIP parking costs just $44, but prices are subject to change depending on the matchups, day of the week, or opponents and could go up to $120.

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