Judge, Jury And Executioner: Why Your Reputation Matters Even More In 2022

Judge, Jury And Executioner

In 2022, we are living in a digital age where anything we say or do can be recorded and spread through the means of social media. In this way, social media itself has become an important tool in the context of marketing. Whereas traditional marketing techniques have been the norm for the last few decades, online marketing has picked up steam and can now lead to hugely beneficial results in your company’s awareness and reputation. 

The latter of these beneficiaries is especially important. The reputation of a company can be the difference between success and failure, as hardly any customers will want to engage with a company who has a negative reputation. But the online world we live in can be a double-edged sword. Whilst social media can be utilised to grow a business, so too can it be utilised to take a business down.

So Why Is Your Reputation So Important?

Reputation is important to any business. With a good reputation, earned through positive customer feedback, controlled narratives such as Percepto online reputation management, or SEO strategies that can help in building awareness; a company can go from being small to becoming recognised at the very top of its respective field.

Reputation can build a strong trust in your brand. Trust is important to gain more customers and therefore increase your profitability. Not only this, but a good reputation can also help with retaining and attracting employees. Everyone wants to work for a company which is well respected. If you have taken the time to consider and build your reputation, then employees and customers will similarly take the time to invest in you and feel safe with the services you are offering.

Why Does Your Reputation Matter Even More In 2022?

As mentioned earlier, social media is at the forefront of marketing today. Many brands and companies will utilise this field to up their engagement, awareness and communication. But in the same way, a large online presence can lead to some issues. With a new emphasis on cancel culture, social media is just as good at cutting down a company as it is in building it up. Let’s say a customer has had a negative experience, or an employee has conducted themselves in an improper manner, this can easily be spread across the internet, even in some cases becoming a viral video which is a detriment to your brand and values.  In many ways, social media can take up the role of judge, jury and executioner. It confirms the negative situation, deliberates on it, and then decides upon your own future.

This is why reputation is more important than ever in 2022. If you have a poor reputation, then situations like this are all the harder to squeeze your way out of. If customers and employees have already been aware of your good reputation, however, then the jury will consider this, allowing the negative press to be taken with a pinch of salt. It is important to remember that negative situations can happen to even the very best companies, so building your reputation and attaining customer trust before they happen is all the more crucial in making them go away.

How Can You Use Your Reputation To Help With Negativity?

As mentioned before, companies such as Percepto are well adept at managing any negative situations that may occur during your company’s lifespan. They can build your reputation and similarly use it to stop negative, viral situations spreading like wildfire. Even the very simplest of responses, however, can be effective if you have a good reputation. An immediate apology and recognition of any mistakes can stop the negativity dead in its tracks. It is important to remember that customers appreciate honesty and transparency inside your company, so being transparent with viral negativity will help the customer retain that trust and understanding.

Remember that customers will know that you are not perfect. If you utilise your social media pages to highlight the good in your company, then you can similarly acknowledge the bad and pledge to work on it. This will show to your customers that you take them seriously and are committed to constantly improving.


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