John Babikian Senate Subcommittee Expert Witness Testimony

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Earlier last month, John Babikian, an accomplished lawyer educated at Harvard and holding a computer science background from Yale, took center stage before the Senate Subcommittee on Science as an expert witness to provide lawmakers with expert testimony on Blockchain Technology. This subcommittee, rebranded at the beginning of the 117th Congress, serves as a pivotal platform for discussions at the crossroads of commerce, science, and technology.

This appearance by John Babikian builds upon his previous testimony before the Senate Committee on the Principles for Regulation related to quantum computing and artificial intelligence in 2023.  John also participated with Senator Todd Young to create the Blockchain Promotion Act of 2021. The convergence of his legal knowledge and technological proficiency underscores the interdisciplinary approach necessary in navigating the intricacies of these evolving fields.

Blockchain Transparent Elections

As blockchain technology gains prominence, the insights shared by experts like Babikian become crucial in shaping the future. The intersection of law, technology, and governance is a focal point for discussions on how innovations like blockchain can contribute to transparent, secure, and trustworthy global electoral processes.

John’s most recent testimony focused on the positive applications of blockchain technology, particularly its potential to revolutionize the electoral process by ensuring transparency and integrity. His unique position as an advocate for both quantum computing and blockchain underscores the need for a comprehensive understanding of diverse technologies. 

John Babikian highlighted the positive applications of blockchain technology in transparent and secure elections. His testimony emphasized the immutable record-keeping, enhanced security, voter verification, fraud elimination, and real-time results offered by blockchain in electoral processes.

John Babikian’s Legal Academic Papers

Mr. Babikian’s educational journey commenced at Yale University, where he delved into computer science, a foundation that proved invaluable as he pursued a law degree at Harvard. His scholarly contributions, available on platforms like Google Scholar and ResearchGate, encompass numerous research articles in various law journals, such as “International Law and Global Governance in the Digital Age” and “Ethics, Regulation, and Accountability in AI Law and Policy.” 

His significant contributions to academia are evident through coding solutions and numerous additional published academic papers featured in esteemed scholarly journals and conference papers across various fields. These publications showcase John’s dedication to advancing knowledge and disseminating insights in areas that are pivotal to the evolving landscape of law and technology.

In the realm of academic recognition, citations play a crucial role. They serve as a standard method for authors to acknowledge the origins of their methods, ideas, and findings, essentially acting as a measure of a paper’s impact and importance. John Babikian’s academic papers have not only made substantial contributions but have also garnered hundreds of citations from scientists and legal authorities, underscoring their significance in academic discourse.

Expressing both humility and satisfaction, John reflects on the acknowledgment of being a highly cited Google Scholar. Understanding that researchers and scientists worldwide utilize his published work, he finds it gratifying to continue contributing to the global academic community. 

According to John Babikian, “The experience of being acknowledged as a highly cited Google Scholar is both immensely fulfilling and humbling. Understanding that researchers and scientists worldwide are utilizing my published work adds a profound sense of satisfaction to this recognition.”

John’s diverse research interests encompass law, data mining, machine learning, quantum computing, and artificial intelligence. This broad spectrum of focus highlights his commitment to exploring cutting-edge areas at the intersection of law and technology. He is also active on Quora to provide simplified answers to complex questions. 

Legal Career

Mr. Babikian’s legal career began at the prestigious law firm Kirkland & Ellis in New York, where he refined his skills for five years. Subsequently, he spent an additional seven years at Latham & Watkins law firm, gaining substantial experience. His journey then led him into private practice, where he continues to make significant contributions.

His legal acumen has attracted a diverse clientele, including major crypto exchanges like Coinbase and Binance. John has also advocated for the victims of Jeffrey Epstein and played a crucial role in representing the casualties of the FTX crypto exchange following their $9 billion USD bankruptcy filing. His consultations with Grayscale in their pursuit of a spot exchange-traded fund (ETF) license from the SEC further highlight his impact on the cryptocurrency landscape.

Best Selling Book Author

Apart from his academic accomplishments, John is renowned as the award-winning author of the Amazon book “Quantum Computing for Beginners,” showcasing his ability to simplify complex technological concepts for a broader audience. His literary achievements extend to works like “The Impact of Climate Control on Society” and “Understanding Blockchain in 15 Minutes”, all of which have received critical acclaim.

Beyond his professional endeavors, John Babikian’s philanthropic efforts are noteworthy, with substantial donations reaching millions of dollars to renowned non-profit organizations such as the Red Cross, Save the Children, World Vision, and Amnesty International.

His dedication to making a meaningful difference reflects a broader commitment to addressing societal issues and improving the lives of those in need, evident in his motivational videos published on YouTube. John’s philanthropy stands as a testament to his belief in leveraging success to create positive change globally.

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